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Past Issues

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    Rick Porrello, noted author and host of the Internet�s most popular organized crime website,, has received a death threat.

  • Joey Merlino - filed 7-19-99
    Here's the "skinny" on one of Philly's most outrageous wiseguys, Joey Merlino.

  • Skinny Joey Merlino - filed 7-5-99
    Just 8 months as Philly's new mob boss, Skinny Joey Merlino's reign may be coming to an end after the Feds pantsed him last week!

  • Junior's Cash Problems - filed 6-28-99
    Get out your violins... Junior Gotti needs a sad tune played for him...seems he's having a cash flow problem these days; hasn't he heard of plastic yet, like the rest of America?

  • �Not So �Wise� Guys� - filed 6-21-99
    How did wiseguys get that nickname? These days, with all the trouble the Mob has with the Feds, these guys seem anything but "wise." Find out just how dumb one wiseguy has been.

  • Fontbonne - filed 5-31-99
    Roll up your uniform skirt and light up a cigarette! Take another stroll down memory lane with francesca as she takes you back to her Catholic High School "daze"

  • Brooklyn - filed 5-17-99
    Put on your best double-breasted suit and gas up your Lincoln. Follow Francesca as she guides you through the streets of Brooklyn. She'll show you the old neighborhood, the must-see sights, packed with details you'd never find in Fodor's!

  • personality quiz - filed 5-3-99
    Ay! Goombahs! Take Francesca's quiz and find out what your favorite wiseguy reveals about you!

  • Dear Francesca - filed 4-26-99
    Hey wiseguys, is your goomar pressuring you to leave your wife? Was your name passed over when they opened the books? Are the feds driving you crazy? This week, "Caio! Francesca" becomes "Dear Francesca," as she dishes out advice as easily as she dishes out a bowl of ziti (with SAUCE!).

  • Yankee Comparisons - filed 4-19-99
    Bet yuz don't know that I love the NY Yankees as much as I love Wiseguys (well, almost as much)!!!!! So imagine how excited I got when I read a New York Times sports article on April 8, 1999 where George Steinbrenner was likened to the "boss of all bosses"!!!!!

  • francesca's movies - filed 4-12-99
    I've been thinking about movies I�d like to see made. Here is my list.

  • Forum Absences - filed 4-5-99
    There have been a few absences from the Forum these days, here are some symptoms we may have experienced from withdrawal

  • francesca the screenwriter... - filed 3-29-99
    no forum regular is left unscathed as Francesca re-writes lines from the Godfather Trilogy.

  • francesca's top ten - filed 3-22-99
    move over letterman...make room for francesca!!!!

  • ODE TO A WISEGUY - filed 3-15-99
    so there i was with cotton between my toes, polish drying, brains cells working, thinking of you...

  • Did the feds get me? - filed 3-8-99
    The consensus on the forum these days seems to be...yes, francesca, the feds are watching you...

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