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Rick Porrello, noted author and host of the Internet�s most popular organized crime website,, has received a death threat. This information was recently confirmed by his spokesperson Thom Basie.

The threat, from a reputed Gambino crime family member, came in the form of an e-mail. The as yet unidentified mobster reportedly wrote in part, �I am going to be the next John Gotti�I will sever your mother f-ing head off!�

Authorities were notified as soon as the e-mail arrived. FBI sources say the bureau is currently following up leads on members who are loyal to their imprisoned for life leader John Gotti. Gotti was once caught on FBI surveillance tapes uttering the same threat. This has investigators believing the threat has been issued by a high-ranking Gambino with very close ties to the imprisoned boss.

Due to the severity of the threat, authorities have contacted the other writers on regarding their e-mail. The popular and effervescent Francesca was quoted as saying, �I only get fan mail. Because I�m SO adorable!� The website�s noted historian, Allan May said �WAHHHH! I never get ANY e-mail, threatening or otherwise!� He then invited all website visitors to e-mail him at The sites two other columnists, Scott D. and JR could not be reached for comment. However, a reliable FBI informant, with close ties to the Gambinos, when questioned about JR, replied �JR who?� Meanwhile insider sources have quoted�s enforcement muscle, Youngstown Charlie the Moose as stating, �It may be time to hit the mattresses.�

What event precipitated this death threat has Mr. Porrello and the FBI baffled. Mr. Porrello�s two best-selling books, �The Rise and Fall of the Cleveland Mafia� and �To Kill the Irishman� are available at These books focus on Cleveland organized crime from several decades ago. FBI agents have reviewed Mr. Porrello�s messages on the popular Forum for anything that might have instigated the contract on his life. This was quickly ruled out, Mr. Porrello�s postings are so infrequent that one forum regular recently remarked, �Rick is just a figment of our imaginations.� When the elusive Mr. Porrello does post a message, it is usually to praise and compliment his favorite writer, Francesca.

Bruce Mouw, former head of the FBI�s �Gambino Squad� has come out of retirement to offer his expertise in the investigation. Mr. Mouw was quoted as saying, �I feel it is my duty to find the perpetrator of this heinous threat. I could not live with myself if he [the mobster] were to threaten Francesca also!�

Authorities have also questioned Jerry Capeci, host of the Internet�s second most popular organized crime website, Gangland. Mr. Capeci has denied receiving any threats. When asked if he could provide a possible motive for the contract on Mr. Porrello, Capeci said, "I�m not surprised that he [Porrello] has received a threat. While may get more �hits� (Internet visitors) than Gangland, it attracts a lower class clientele than my website.�

An anonymous phone caller provided one possible motive for the contract on Mr. Porrello. The caller noted that Mr. Porrello recently posted a message on the forum to Ravenna, former hostess of In his message, Mr. Porrello invited Ravenna to join his writing staff. The caller intimated that this would no doubt incite extreme anger and jealousy in Francesca, who might perceive Ravenna as a threat to her title of Princess. The rumor was immediately discounted. A FBI spokesperson was quoted as saying, �Francesca is NOT a suspect. She is as sweet and ADORABLE as she professes herself to be!�

For now, Mr. Porrello is under tight protection. He has no plans to discontinue the popular website. �Francesca�s fans would whack me for sure!� Mr. Porrello said.


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