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Subject:personality quiz

Select your favorite from the following mobsters and find out what it reveals about you:

Paul Castellano
Roy DeMeo
Joey Gallo
Carlo Gambino
John Gotti
Junior Gotti
Sammy Gravano
Meyer Lansky
Charles Luciano
Angelo Ruggiero

PAUL CASTELLANO � You love to display a vulgar taste in wealth almost as much as you love to ignore the needs of your crime family members. As long as you eat well, it doesn�t matter who starves. You have a problem with your sex life, but after you get a penile implant, it isn�t just your maid who gets the high hard one, it�s every crewmember under your command. If your underboss dies you will probably promote an imbecile. It�s probably best for you to select the restaurant when you are invited out. Also, make sure that you�re the first one to arrive.

ROY DEMEO - You are a sweet and lovable person to be around, but people don't realize that because of your reputation. When there is someone who needs to be whacked, you are the first to offer your services and the services of your crew. No question about it, Roy lovers don't take shit for an answer! It is difficult to dismember, oops I�m sorry, remember all of your hits, but you and your murder machine pals have it down to a science. If someone lets the boss down, you are there to "take care of things." DeMeo lovers are definitely the busiest!

JOEY GALLO � You like attention although most of your acquaintances seem to think you are crazy. When you �go away� it�s rumored that you like to play �hide the sausage� with the other inmates. You have a tendency to take the credit for well-publicized hits (Anastasia and Colombo). Your weakness is wanting to be a celebrity and late night dining. Joey lovers should sit with their backs to the wall in restaurants�.no matter what time of day.

CARLO GAMBINO - You definitely consider yourself wise beyond your years. You are always thinking, but are sure not to share too much with others. Respect is always there for you. Laying low is your specialty. The word indictment is not in your vocabulary and you are adept at avoiding RICO charges. Carlo lovers tend to feign illness when any problems arise and pretend to be on their deathbed.

JOHN GOTTI - You tend to be very bossy and a control freak. You enjoy dressing flashy and are very full of yourself, often imagining your face on the cover of time magazine. You have a general distrust of the justice system and believe that all juries are fixed, or can be. You need to surround yourself with more intelligent people. The ones you have hung around with in the past have been blabbermouths and rat bastards. You express a great loyalty to you chosen profession. John Gotti lovers spend a lot of time thinking about their chosen profession, sometimes 23 hours a day.

JUNIOR GOTTI � You are a child at heart, you love playing with your toy Indians and going on special Christmas Eve shopping sprees. Although family oriented, you still enjoy a night out with the boys. Bar room brawls are a favorite activity and allow you to showcase your muscular physique. You are also very handy around the house, "filling" up holes in the walls and sheet rocking over them. While your friends will do anything for you, the feds will do anything to you. You are always worried that your cell phone won't work, so you make sure you carry a pre-paid phone card. Junior lovers have a tendency to stay strong at first but in the end "cop" out.

SAMMY GRAVANO � You are quite capable of running several businesses at once, in fact, you thrive on acquiring new ones, even if you have to whack someone to get them. You find it hard to get along with family members, especially brothers-in-law. Even though you appear to be the strong silent type, prison life does not agree with you. You have a wonderful voice, can sing like a canary and will do so at the first opportunity. Although you have shied away from the limelight in the past, you have now discovered that you like being in the spotlight. You have always wanted to write a book and do an interview. Diane Sawyer is a real babe compared to Barbara Walters, you are hoping to get her for any book promos you might do. You are vain however, and will want to get plastic surgery before you go on TV, especially if the FEDS are footing the bill.

MEYER LANSKY - You are not Sicilian, nor even Italian! But you are brilliant and make money. People are always talking behind your back but you have Italian friends higher-up who will protect you. Gambling is what you do best. You have a tendency to embellish your efforts and tell people you�re bigger than U S Steel. The feds are constantly trying to "get" you and you find political asylum difficult to achieve. Lansky lovers tend to have longer life spans.

CHARLES �LUCKY� LUCIANO - You are ambitious and like to organize things. You like to draw attention to yourself, but not the kind of attention people like Thomas Dewey and Rudolph Giuliani provide. You like to think of yourself as boss even when you are imprisoned or deported. You will eventually become disgruntled with all of your old friends and consider them greedy bastards. Luciano lovers tend to think a movie about themselves will make everyone happy.

ANGELO �QUACK-QUACK� RUGGIERO--You are loyal to a fault, but you don�t seem to be able to shut up for even a minute. The feds love you because of your big mouth. You make mistakes and think your friends will cover for you. Your greatest weakness is a bugged telephone. You like to have lots of photographs taken of yourself outside of social clubs. Angelo lovers think there is a chance for them to become underboss but the feds are closer than you think!


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