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Subject:Dear Francesca

Dear Francesca,

I am very frustrated and need your help. My boyfriend, Dominick, is a soldier in a large crew. He puts his life on the line every day, works hard, gets along well with the other soldiers and associates and responds promptly every time he's "called in". He has worked many holidays and missed a number of Friday nights with me.

The problem is Dom has been passed over many times from moving up the ranks because he uses sick days when he's ill. Last year he got the flu twice and I thought his capo was gonna have him whacked! The only reason he got a "pass" was because the doctor wrote a note explaining the severity of his illness.

Francesca, the unspoken rule (you know how these gavones love omerta!) is that you do not miss a day of earning! How much can a man earn if he is shaking with chills and fever? How can he unload the contents of a truck? How can he slap around some stiff who comes up short on his vig payment, if he has a runny nose and cramps?

The family treats all their members this way. I cannot understand why they cling to the "old ways." How should I handle this without jeopardizing Dom's life?

Signed--soldier's worried goomar

Dear worried goomar,

Your boyfriend has the right to take sick days as long as its legit! If his capo needs a doctor's note, Dom must get one. I'm assuming he has his button and therefore cannot refuse an order. But Dom should really try not to get sick! If this continues, he should consider transferring to another crew with a more understanding and less hot-headed capo.

P.S. Make sure the Family he transfers to has a good medical and dental plan.


Dear Francesca,

I live in Staten Island. Two years ago, my capo retired to Florida (Tampa area...lots of goombahs there!). The problem is that he returns to New York, several times a year, and comes to my house, with two or three of his Florida soldiers, and holds sit-downs (I�m not even invited). At first, I accepted this arrangement despite the chance that I might get nailed for a parole violation for associating with known criminals.

My parole is almost done and I don't wanna screw it up so close to the end. I have been honest with my capo and told him that while I enjoy seeing him when he is in town, I suggest he think about another �safe house� to hold his �meets.�

He was furious about my suggestion. He criticized me for not "staying strong," and then he threatened to fit me for a pair of cement shoes!

Was I asking too much of him? Am I being a "girl" as he claims?

Signed ---Sally "boy" in Staten Island

Dear Sally,

Capos can be very emotional. Compromise is difficult for them. On his next visit, encourage your capo and his goombahs to hold their �meet� at a secluded motel. Make the arrangements with a stolen credit card and definitely throw in a few young broads for entertainment! Even if you must rent a Lincoln for their use, your expense will be much less traumatic than a visit with the shoemaker!


Dear Francesca,

My boss recently "made" a new guy. "Guido" (not his real name) was a friend of "his" and an associate from another crew in the neighborhood who did not like his capo, so my boss made him a friend of "ours".

I have had my button for 6 years now and always felt that I could tell my boss things in confidence. Last week, however, Guido conducted a crew meetin' while the boss was not present (he had a court appearance). The next day, the boss axed me how the meetin' went. �I had a few problems with Guido,� I explained to him. The boss said that he would take "care of things".

To my astonishment, Guido convinced him I�m talkin� subversive. Now, neither the boss nor Guido associates with me in the social club. All the other guys on the crew have heard about this and think I'm a rat bastard. There are rumors floatin� around that I'm wearing a wire. I'm worried now and always make sure I sit in the back seat of the Lincoln. Maybe I should get in touch with the feds? What do you think?

Signed --No name, No city

Dear No No,

That's some insecure boss you�ve got! Maybe he's the wired one! The "expresso" in the social club has gone cold, my paesano, and I don't see any way to warm it back up. Get a copy of the real estate section of the Idaho Times immediately!


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