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Subject:Yankee Comparisons

Dear Wiseguys,

Bet yuz don't know that I love the NY Yankees as much as I love Wiseguys (well, almost as much)!!!!! So imagine how excited I got when I read a New York Times sports article on April 8, 1999 where George Steinbrenner was likened to the "boss of all bosses"!!!!!

Does this mean New York has a new "family"? The Steinbrenner "family"? NAHHHHHHHHH, doesn't end in a vowel! But the Di Maggio "family"!!!!! Now THERE'S a NAME!!!!! And this season they are all wearing number 5 on their uniforms (otay, so it's NOT a designer sweat suit!!) to honor a guy whose nickname the �Clipper� wasn�t earned by whacking guys out!!!

Now, I'm not implying that the New York Yankees are into anything shady. But there are ALOT of similarities between the Yankees and the other five families!

1) The Yankees had �Murderer�s row� with �Babe� Ruth, and Lou Gehrig. �Big Paulie� had �Murder machine� with Roy DeMeo, Anthony Senter and Joey Testa.

And those nicknames "The Bambino," �the Ironman" and �The Lip�!!! A lot more impressive than "fat tony," "donnie shacks," "the chin" or hey, that REAL TOUGH GUY nickname ... "junior"!!!!!

2) Both the Yankees and Wiseguys hang out in "DA BRONX"!!!

3) Yankees steal (bases)�.Wiseguys steal�.whateva!!!

4) The way the Yankees hang around their dugout...kinda reminds me of some of the "boys" hanging around in front of their social club!

5) Steinbrenner as boss? Kinda like john gotti, isn't he?...loves publicity, can't keep his mouth shut and probably whacked more managers than the �Dapper Don� whacked rat bastards!!!

6) Joe Torre makes for a better boss! He reminds me of Carlo ...quiet, steady, unassuming, and the real brains of the "outfit"!

7) (Hey JR, this one's for you)...The Yankees even have a CUBA connection!!!!!! El Duque!!!!

8) And what about those concession prices at the stadium?? $5.50 for a beer!!!!!! $4 bucks for a lousy hot dog!!!! No one's gonna tell me there ain�t some heavy VIG attached to THOSE prices!!!!!

9) Yankees got balls!!!! AND they know how to catch 'em, how to tro 'em and how to hit 'em!!! Wiseguys got balls, but they just seem to scratch theirs and try to avoid gettin� �em kicked!!!

10) And the things those Yankees can do with baseball bats! It's a good thing they don't keep them under the front seats of their Lincolns!!!!

11) The Yankees wear pinstripes...Wiseguys wear pinstripes, only double breasted and with a few pinky rings.

12) Speaking of rings...I don't know if the Yankees are wearing them on their pinkys, but with all them World Series wins they got more rings than the entire Lucchese famliy!!!!!

13) Frank Sinatra (the singer laureate of Wiseguys) sings over the loudspeaker after every Yankee home game.

14) The Yankees even have a Tino! No, not Santino Corleone...Tino Martinez, only he's on first base not out on the causeway!

15) Yankees go �away� too, BUT not like a Wiseguy crew member, when a Yankee goes �away� it�s usually on the DL!

16) And when a Yankee grabs his crotch (to adjust his cup), doesn't it remind you of a Wiseguy doin� his adjustin� as he says "how yuz doin'� while climbin� out of his Lincoln.

17) Ever been to the stadium when a Yankee hits a homer? BADABING!!!

18) The next time you're watching a Yankees� game, look at Paul O'Neill as he gets up to bat...saying a Hail Mary just like Fredo...but this Big Paulie's BANG is a triple NOT a gun!!!

19) Lastly, the Yankees, just like the Wiseguys, have associates involved in the same racket in Boston, Cleveland, Chicago and Kansas City. These associates just don�t perform as well!!!

So yuz can understand how the Yankees, a team with alot of HIT men could be the 6th New York "family".

Hey, ya think they need a princess?????!!!!!!!


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