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Subject:Did the feds get me?
Poor feds if they did! axe that cop i had a "tawk" with on the boulevard one evening...just like OC, it doesn't pay... to get my "brooklyn" (temper) up!!!!

The consensus on the forum these days seems to be...yes, francesca, the feds are watching fact, THEY are watching ALL of us at although i am sure they enjoy watching ME the most, cause i'm so ADORABLE!!!! tell you the truth, i don't mind if they are, just as long as they don't snap any photos of me without my make-up on.

What would they find out about me anyway? no ties to OC unless you count the fact that i went to grammar and high school with a profaci, who by the way, coined the concept of a "bad hair day". you would think with all her family money...but hey, that�s another column!

Oh yeah...once i went to a new year�s eve party (1977), with an on again/off again boyfriend, to a beautiful home in the neighborhood. the family's name was magliocco, but it would be a decade later before i made the connection to THOSE maglioccos! yeah, i know...wasted on me... now this was the same boyfriend whose uncle was in the waste management business, but i'm pretty sure the only thing he picked up for his audzee (uncle in slang italian) was garbage!

Around the late 60's, the persico family moved in across the street from me. it was the tawk of the block. unfortunately, i don't remember any godfatherish goings clemenza characters carrying boxes of cannolis, no feds showing up with a welcome wagon. about the only thing exciting that happened occurred one summer night in 1972. some lowlife (who obviously was NOT from the neighborhood) flashed me! right in front of the persico house! Imagine if he had gotten barbara persico instead! his bracciole would have ended up in a pot of gravy! not good enough to be in a pot of sauce! (sorry charlie).

It's been 20 years since i've left the neighborhood...i didn't know anything for the feds then and i don't know anything now. but they're welcome to watch me, even to follow me in their cars. they just better not cut me off�s the curse finger for them, from both hands, that way they get the F--K you in STEREO!!!!! Ay, u can take the girl outta brooklyn, but you can NEVA take brooklyn outta the girl...why would you want to anyway?


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