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Mob Hits ...
The Prince has done an outstanding job of putting together what must be the only list available anywhere that covers so many events of murder, attempted murder and other situations that allegedly involve the Mafia. We wanted to recognize The Prince's tireless effort by presenting his compelation to you.


Originally Posted by The Prince on Thursday, 20 May 1999, at 11:49 a.m. on AmericanMafia.com Forum
updated by The Prince January 2004

A Look At Mob Hits, Misses, Disappearances, and Deaths In America

1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Year Unknown
Key          Notes

Name Nickname Condition Family Suspected Reason Alleged Rank/Occupation/Tie
NY/FL1-Martin Bosshart   Dead Gambino/Bonanno (Suspect in D'Angola Hit) Associate, Ran Chop Shop, Kept Apt in Fl.
NY2-Darren D'Amico   Wounded Gambino   Low Level Associate; at Caffe on the Green
NY3-Frank BiFulco* Butch, Bifocals Wounded Buffalo Robbery Attempt Renaissance Man' of Buffalo Family
NY4-Unidentified Landlord   Wounded; Beaten Lucchese Noise Complaint Landlord of Someone Close to Daidone
P1-Raymond Martorano Long John Dead Philadelphia   Legendary Soldier, Close to Angelo Bruno
LV1-Dino Boggino   Wounded Genovese Beef Over Car Repair None; Owner of Lot; Assailant Old Soldier
LV1b-John Pasqualone   Not Hit Genovese   None; Manager of Car Lot
UATL1-Craig DePalma   Wounded; Hanging in Cell Gambino: NY/Atl. Possible Suicide Attempt? Noted Associate; Jailed for Contempt
D1-George Fresolone   Dead Philadelphia/N.J. Natural Causes Soldier turned Informer; Taped Initiation
D2-Fred Harvey Bonadonna   Dead Kansas City Apparent Suicide Associate, Ex-Bar Owner, Turned Informer
D3-Allan D. Sachs Al Dead The Outfit/ Las Vegas Natural Causes Gaming Exec, Owned Stardust, Tied to Dalitz
D4-Joseph Bonanno Joe Bananas Dead Bonnano Natural Causes, At 97 Retired Patriarch of New York Crime Family
D5-Gaspar Ciaccio   Dead Lucchese/Tampa Natural Causes Noted Associate, Debtor of Goodfellas crew
D6-John Gotti Teflon, Dapper Don Dead Gambino Natural Causes, In Prison Post-Castellano Boss of Gambino Family
D7-Peter S. Campisi Petey Black Dead NJ Gambino/Colombo Accident, Choked on Food Top Member of Renegade NJ Mob Group
D8-Samuel Corsaro Little Sammy Dead NJ Gambino Natural Causes Former #2 Man in Gambino NJ Faction
D9-Nicky Agathos The Greek Dead NJ Genovese Natural Causes Ex-Cop, Associate, Turned State's Evidence
D10-Louis Gatto Streaky Dead NJ Genovese Natural Causes Capo
D11-Anthony J. Corrado   Dead Detroit Natural Causes, In Prison Capo, Was Appealing Conviction
D12-Sam Trafficante   Dead Trafficante Natural Causes Brother of Patriarch, Personal Role Unclear
D13-Joseph Blasko Joe Dead Las Vegas/The Outfit Natural Causes Las Vegas Detective, Spilotro Associate
D14-Frank Serpico Farby Dead Genovese Natural Causes, In Prison Capo, One Time Acting Boss
D15-Angela LaPietra   Dead The Outfit/ Las Vegas Natural Causes Capo, Loop 1st Ward, Guilty in LV Skim

1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Year Unknown

NY: New York hit (also listed strictly by number)
NJ: New Jersey hit
NE: Boston, New England hit
P: Philadelphia Hit
UNY: Unclear New York hit
UNJ: Unclear New Jersey hit
UP: Unclear Philadelphia hit
D: Death, not by murder
*: turned out to be non-mob murder
RNJ: Recovered New Jersey hit; body found
Unclear: uncertain if the murder was mob-related, or the body wasn't found
O: Ohio
URNE: Unclear New England hit, bodies recovered
LV: Las Vegas Hit
CA: Canada Hit
UCA: Unclear Canada Hit
FL: Florida/Carribean Hit
CH: Chicago Hit
UCH: Unclear Chicag0o Hit
UFL: Unclear Florida Hit
MI: Michigan Hit
Uatl: Unclear Atlanta Hit

1-Boston, New England, and Patriarca can be used interchangeably many times
2-Incidents are not listed in chronological order outside of the year they occurred
3-While most incidents mentioned here were from the Americas, I felt Liggio and Buscetta were important enough to mention
4-If the family in question is strictly mentioned by the city or the term "mob connected" , then it was unclear who did it (unless the family is known by city)
5-All gaps in spread sheet are facts that are unknown to me about each incident
6-Gregory Scarpa, Sr., Michael Giagregorio, George Lubell, Vito Guzzo, Jr. and Steven Mancusi are all mentioned more than once; they are the same person each time.
7-All information here was gained from books, magazines, web sites, newspapers, and the forum, not from my own information.
8-I am not privy to any inside information. All information gained has been documented (see #7)


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