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Mob Hits ...
The Prince has done an outstanding job of putting together what must be the only list available anywhere that covers so many events of murder, attempted murder and other situations that allegedly involve the Mafia. We wanted to recognize The Prince's tireless effort by presenting his compelation to you.

Originally Posted by The Prince on Thursday, 20 May 1999, at 11:49 a.m. on AmericanMafia.com Forum.
updated by The Prince January 2004

A Look At Mob Hits, Misses, Disappearances, and Deaths In America

1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Year Unknown
Key       Notes

Name Nickname Condition Family Suspected Reason Alleged Rank/Occupation/Tie
1-Victor J. Orena Little Vic Not Hit (Alluded Attackers) Colombo Refusal to Give Up Power Boss After Carmine Persico Was Imprisoned
2-Peter Chiodo Fat Pete Wounded Lucchese Suspected "Windows" Rat Capo, Turned Informant After Hit
3-Gregory Scarpa, Sr. Greg Not Hit (Shots Fired at Car) Colombo Opening Salvo in Mob War Key Capo, Persico Faction
3b-Linda (last name not clear)   Not Hit Colombo Was With Scarpa Daughter of Gregory Scarpa, Sr.
3c-Unidentified by Name   Not Hit Colombo Was With Scarpa 2 Year Old Grandchild of Gregory Scarpa, Sr.
4-Henry Smurra Hank the Bank Dead Colombo Orena/Persico War Soldier, Persico Faction
5-Larry Sessa   Not Hit Colombo Orena/Persico War Soldier, Persico Faction
5b-Ronald Calder Ron Wounded Colombo Orena/Persico War Associate of Sessa, hit 3 pedestrians in flee
6-Joseph Tolino Joe Wounded Colombo Orena/Persico War Soldier, Orena Faction, Nephew of Grancio
6b-Gaetano Amato Tommy Scar Dead Genovese/Colombo Was With Tolino Genovese Soldier
7-Rosario Nastasi Black Sam Dead Colombo Orena/Persico War Soldier, Persico Faction
7b-Kay Duggan   Wounded Colombo Was With Nastasi Bystander, Nastasi's Girlfriend
8-Vincent Fusaro   Dead Colombo Orena/Persico War Soldier, Orena Faction
9-James Malpiso   Wounded Colombo Orena/Persico War Soldier, Orena Faction
10-Matteo Speranza   Dead Colombo Orena/Persico War Bystander, Persico-Tied Bagel Store Clerk
11-Michael Giangregorio   Wounded Gambino   Associate
11b-George DeCicco Georgie, Butterass Not Hit Gambino   Capo
11c-Robert Scarpaci   Not Hit Gambino   Associate or Soldier
12-Gioachino Leale Jack Dead Colombo To Silence on Ocera Hit Soldier, Was Under Indictment For Ocera
13-Laurence Taylor   Dead Lucchese Fall Out With Leadership Associate, Ex-Driver of Late Bruno Facciola
14-Alfred Visconti   Dead Lucchese Fall Out With Leadership Associate or Soldier
15-Bartholomew Borriello Bobby Dead Gambino/Genovese Revenge for Castellano Soldier, John Gotti's Chaffeur
16-Frank Leone   Dead Lucchese Link to "Windows" Case Business Agent of Lucchese-Tied Union
17-Anthony Farra   Dead Lucchese Money Dispute With Casso Contractor Involved In Building Casso House
18-Ralph DeSimone Cousin Dead Genovese Suspected Informer Associate, Drug Dealer (Appeal raised doubt)
19-Vincent Bickelman   Dead Bonanno Burglary of Spero Daughter Burglar, Broke Into Spero Daughter's House
20-Louis Schiano   Dead Genovese/Colombo   Associate
21-Marc Goldberg   Dead Bonnano Debt Owed to Spero Associate
22-Vito Guzzo, Jr. The Next Gotti Wounded Colombo   Associate
23-Russell Mauro   Dead Bonnano   Soldier
NJ1-Louis LaRasso Fat Lou Dead, Body Not Found DeCavalcante Fall Out with John Riggi Capo, Delegate at Apalachin Convention
NJ2-Unidentified Associate   Dead Philadelphia: NJ Crew Stiffing Mob on Payoff Associate, Bookmaker, Slain by Phil Casale
NE1-Howard Ferrini   Dead New England/Mass.   Associate, Known Gambler
O1-Joseph Naples Joey Dead Pitt-Youngstown Power Move By Strollo Capo, Faction Boss, Lenny Strollo Rival
CH1-Edward Pedote   Dead The Outfit Gangland Vengeance Associate, Ex-Top Police Official
CA1-Frank Roda   Wounded Toronto Mishap with Pipe Bomb Associate, Cousin of Gaetano Panepinto
CA1b-Unidentified Associate   Wounded Toronto Mishap with Pipe Bomb Associate
UCH1-Wallace Lieberman   Dead The Outfit   Liquidator, Auctioneer
RNY1-Thomas Ocera Tommy Killed in '89, Found in '91 Colombo Power Move By Orena Key Capo Under Carmine Persico
RNJ1-John Morrissey Sonny Killed in '89, Found in '91 Lucchese Behest of Vittorio Amuso Associate, Tied to Unions
D1-Carmine Fatico Charlie Wagons Dead Gambino Natural Causes John Gotti's Capo
D2-Phillip Rastelli Rusty Dead Bonnano Natural Causes, In Prison Ex-Boss of Bonnano Family
D3-Armand Courville   Dead Montreal Natural Causes Influential Associate of Vic Controni

1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Year Unknown

NY: New York hit (also listed strictly by number)
NJ: New Jersey hit
NE: Boston, New England hit
P: Philadelphia Hit
UNY: Unclear New York hit
UNJ: Unclear New Jersey hit
UP: Unclear Philadelphia hit
D: Death, not by murder
*: turned out to be non-mob murder
RNJ: Recovered New Jersey hit; body found
Unclear: uncertain if the murder was mob-related, or the body wasn't found
O: Ohio
URNE: Unclear New England hit, bodies recovered
LV: Las Vegas Hit
CA: Canada Hit
UCA: Unclear Canada Hit
FL: Florida/Carribean Hit
CH: Chicago Hit
UCH: Unclear Chicag0o Hit
UFL: Unclear Florida Hit
MI: Michigan Hit
Uatl: Unclear Atlanta Hit

1-Boston, New England, and Patriarca can be used interchangeably many times
2-Incidents are not listed in chronological order outside of the year they occurred
3-While most incidents mentioned here were from the Americas, I felt Liggio and Buscetta were important enough to mention
4-If the family in question is strictly mentioned by the city or the term "mob connected" , then it was unclear who did it (unless the family is known by city)
5-All gaps in spread sheet are facts that are unknown to me about each incident
6-Gregory Scarpa, Sr., Michael Giagregorio, George Lubell, Vito Guzzo, Jr. and Steven Mancusi are all mentioned more than once; they are the same person each time.
7-All information here was gained from books, magazines, web sites, newspapers, and the forum, not from my own information.
8-I am not privy to any inside information. All information gained has been documented (see #7)


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