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Mob Hits ...
The Prince has done an outstanding job of putting together what must be the only list available anywhere that covers so many events of murder, attempted murder and other situations that allegedly involve the Mafia. We wanted to recognize The Prince's tireless effort by presenting his compelation to you.

Originally Posted by The Prince on Thursday, 20 May 1999, at 11:49 a.m. on AmericanMafia.com Forum
updated by The Prince January 2004

A Look At Mob Hits, Misses, Disappearances, and Deaths In America

1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Year Unknown
Key       Notes

Name Nickname Condition Family Suspected Reason Alleged Rank/Occupation/Tie
1-Frank Signorino   Dead Lucchese To Avoid Paying Loan Associate, Loanshark
2-Pasquale Parello, Jr.   Dead Gambino/Genovese Beef With Tory LoCascio Associate, Genovese Soldier Parello's Son
3-Joseph Scopo Joey Dead Colombo Closing Salvo in Mob War Underboss to "Little Vic" Orena
3b-Dominick LoGazzo   Wounded Colombo Closing Salvo in Mob War Soldier or Associate, Orena Faction
3c-Angelo Marrone   Not Hit Colombo Closing Salvo in Mob War Soldier or Associate, Orena Faction
4-Anthony Latanzi Sonny Dead (possibly in 1992) Lucchese Drug Dispute Associate, Drug Gang Member
5-Paul Gulino Paulie Brass Dead Bonnano Put Hands on Consigliere Associate, Drug Dealer
6-Judith Shemtov   Dead Bonnano Home Invasion Robbery Bystander, Staten Island House Wife
7-Thomas Sajn   Dead Bonnano   Associate
NJ1-James Randazzo Jimmy Ran Dead New Jersey Colombo Suspected Informer Soldier
NJ2-Michael Falzone   Wounded Gambino/ Philadelphia Gambling Debt Dispute Gambino Enforcer
NJ3-Billy Shear   Dead Philadelphia: NJ Crew Suspected Informer North Jersey Associate
NJ4-Giancarlo Ravasi   Dead New Jersey Genovese Failure to Repay Debt Associate, Brooklyn Butcher
NJ5a-Antonio Pavone   Dead New Jersey Genovese Was with Marmora Associate
NJ5b-Joseph Marmora   Dead New Jersey Genovese   Associate
P1-Joseph Ciancaglini Joey Chang Wounded Philadelphia Center of Mob War Underboss to John Stanfa
P2-Mario Riccobene Sonny Dead Philadelphia Testified vs. Philly Mob Mob Turncoat Released From Protection
P3-Rod Colombo   Dead Philadelphia Skimming Profits Associate,Strong Arm
P4-Biaggio Adornetto Biag Not Hit, Gun Misfired Philadelphia Stanfa Daughter Dispute Soldier or Associate
P5-Fernando Vincenti   Unharmed Philadelphia Find Out Adornetto Associate, Waiter
P6-Michael Ciancaglini Chickie, Mikey Chang Dead Philadelphia Center of Mob War "Young Turk" Boss, Made Member
P7-Joseph Merlino Skinny Joey Wounded Philadelphia Center of Mob War "Young Turk" Boss, Made Member
P8-Joseph Stanfa Joey Wounded Philadelphia Stanfa-Merlino War Boss' Son, Made Member
P8b-John Stanfa   Not Hit Philadelphia Center of Mob War Boss of Philadelphia Family
P9-Frank Baldino Frankie Dead Philadelphia Stanfa-Merlino War Associate, Merlino Faction
P10-Leon Lanzilotta Yonnie Wounded Philadelphia Stanfa-Merlino War Associate, Stanfa Faction
P10b-Michael Forte   Broke Nose In Escape Philadelphia Stanfa-Merlino War Associate, Stanfa Faction
P11-James Pirollo* J.P. Dead Philadelphia Money Dispute Bookmaker/ Government Informant
P12-Gigi Capello Gigi Dead Philadelphia Defiance of Street Tax Noted Philadelphia Bookmaker
P13-Joseph Pugliese   Wounded Philadelphia To Prevent Cooperation Connected Drug Dealer
P14-Gaetano Scafidi Tommy Horsehead Not Hit (Car Fired On) Philadelphia Stanfa-Merlino War Soldier, Switched from Merlino to Stanfa
NE1-Christopher Moscatiello   Dead Boston Drug Dealing Key Associate
NE2-Penrod Lashod   Dead Boston Refusal to Pay "Rent" Associate of Michael Romano, Sr.
NE3-Steven A. DiSarro   Missing, Presumed Dead Boston/Patriarca   Salemme Associate, Ran Channel Nightclub
NE4-Adolfo Bruno Al Not Hit (Shot At) Genovese: Springfield Debt Dispute w/ Local Top Boss in Springfield Crew of Genoveses
CA1-Adolfo Bresciano Dino Bravo Dead Montreal/Cotroni Cigarette Smuggling Beef Ex-WWF Wrestler, Ex-Driver of Vic Cotroni
UNY1-Patrick Ball *   Dead Gambino Robbery Interuption Ex-Associate of "Sammy The Bull" Gravano
UNY2-Able Miguel   Wounded Genovese Fishing Turf Duspute Top Long Island Lobsterman
UNY2b-Luis Mendez   Not Hit Genovese Fishing Turf Dispute Lobsterman
RNJ1-John Redman   Slain In '90, Found '93 New Jersey Lucchese Prevent Cooperation Loansharking Associate
D1-Carlos Marcello Little Man Dead Marcello Natural Causes Retired Patriarch of New Orleans Family
D2-Ralph Scopo Little Ralphie Dead Colombo Natural Causes, In Prison Gennaro Langella's Consigliere
D3-Samuel Rusotti Red Dead Rochester Natural Causes Boss of Rochester Family
D4-Aladena Frattiano Jimmy the Weasel Dead L.A./Outfit Natural Causes Ex-Boss Turned Government Witness
D5-Luciano Liggio Don Luciano Dead Corleonese (Sicily) Natural Causes Ex-Capo Di Tutti Capi of Sicilian Mafia
D6-Dominic Blasi Butch Dead The Outfit (Chicago) Natural Causes Top Aide to Many Bosses
D7-Carl Thomas   Dead The Outfit (Chicago) Natural Causes Key Associate, LV Skim Kingpin, Informant
D8-Frank Balistrieri Frankie Bal Dead Balistrieri Natural Causes Patriarch of Milwaukee Family
D9-James LaPietra   Dead The Outfit Natural Causes Capo
D10-Pasquale Marcy Pat Dead The Outfit Natural Causes Political Power Broker, Mob Link to City Hall
D11-Carlo Caputo   Dead Madison/ Milwaukee Natural Causes Boss of Madison Family

1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Year Unknown

NY: New York hit (also listed strictly by number)
NJ: New Jersey hit
NE: Boston, New England hit
P: Philadelphia Hit
UNY: Unclear New York hit
UNJ: Unclear New Jersey hit
UP: Unclear Philadelphia hit
D: Death, not by murder
*: turned out to be non-mob murder
RNJ: Recovered New Jersey hit; body found
Unclear: uncertain if the murder was mob-related, or the body wasn't found
O: Ohio
URNE: Unclear New England hit, bodies recovered
LV: Las Vegas Hit
CA: Canada Hit
UCA: Unclear Canada Hit
FL: Florida/Carribean Hit
CH: Chicago Hit
UCH: Unclear Chicag0o Hit
UFL: Unclear Florida Hit
MI: Michigan Hit
Uatl: Unclear Atlanta Hit

1-Boston, New England, and Patriarca can be used interchangeably many times
2-Incidents are not listed in chronological order outside of the year they occurred
3-While most incidents mentioned here were from the Americas, I felt Liggio and Buscetta were important enough to mention
4-If the family in question is strictly mentioned by the city or the term "mob connected" , then it was unclear who did it (unless the family is known by city)
5-All gaps in spread sheet are facts that are unknown to me about each incident
6-Gregory Scarpa, Sr., Michael Giagregorio, George Lubell, Vito Guzzo, Jr. and Steven Mancusi are all mentioned more than once; they are the same person each time.
7-All information here was gained from books, magazines, web sites, newspapers, and the forum, not from my own information.
8-I am not privy to any inside information. All information gained has been documented (see #7)


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