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Mob Hits ...
The Prince has done an outstanding job of putting together what must be the only list available anywhere that covers so many events of murder, attempted murder and other situations that allegedly involve the Mafia. We wanted to recognize The Prince's tireless effort by presenting his compelation to you.


Originally Posted by The Prince on Thursday, 20 May 1999, at 11:49 a.m. on AmericanMafia.com Forum
updated by The Prince January 2004

A Look At Mob Hits, Misses, Disappearances, and Deaths In America

1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Year Unknown
Key       Notes

Name Nickname Condition Family Suspected Reason Alleged Rank/Occupation/Tie
1-Joseph Schiro-Scarpa   Dead Gambino/Lucchese Ripoff Of Drug Money Son of Gregory Scarpa, Sr., Drug Dealer
2-John Giordano Handsome Jack Wounded Gambino Beef On Shakedowns Capo, Top Bookmaker
2b-Vincent Conti   Not Hit Gambino Was With Giordano Associate, Giordano's Driver
3-Darin Mazzerella   Wounded (14 Times) Genovese/Lucchese Beef With Gene Gallo Associate, Tanglewood Boys Member
4-Mario Petrullo   Dead New York   Associate, Gambler
4b-Anthony Petrullo   Wounded New York   Associate
5-Jack Cherin   Dead Bonnano Suspected Informer Associate, Involved with Drugs
6-Paul Cicero   Dead Genovese/Lucchese Revenge for Mazzerella 16 Year Old Cousin of Gene Gallo
7-Carmine Polito Carmine Pizza Wounded Genovese Revenge for D'Urso Hit Soldier, Wounded in 1994 Attack
P1-William Veasey Billy Dead Philadelphia Revenge for Ciancaglini John Veasey's Brother, Bookmaker
P3-Frank Russo   Dead Philadelphia Suspected Informant Fringe Associate, Restaurateur
P4-Julius Pickard J.C. Dead Philadelphia Underworld Shoot Out Junior Black Mafia member, Merlino Aide
NE1-Robert Luisi   Dead Boston "Luisi Crew" Drug Turf Dispute Associate, Independent Faction Leader
NE1b-Roman Luisi   Dead Boston Drug Turf Dispute Associate, Luisi's Son
NE1c-Anthony Sarro   Dead Boston Drug Turf Dispute Associate, Luisi's Nephew
NE1d-Anthony Pelosi Sonny Dead Boston Drug Turf Dispute Associate
NE1e-Richard Sarro   Wounded Boston Drug Turf Dispute Associate, Luisi's Cousin
NE2-Charles Pappas   Dead Boston Informer in Low Level Case Low Level Associate
NE3-Gary Marcarelli   Dead Boston/Medford Moving on Gambling Turf Gambler, Low Level Associate
NE4-George Lubell   Wounded Boston/Revere   Associate of Gigi Portalla, Strong Arm
NE5-John J. McNeil*   Dead Springfield/New Eng. Shoot-Out With Cop Associate, Known Hitman
NE6-Peter Kenham   Dead New England/Mass.   Known Sports Bookie, Possible Mello Rival
FL1-Aniello Napolitano Neil Dead Miami Affair With Detective Associate, Involved with Steroids Trade
FL2-Frank Abandando, Jr.   Dead Miami Retribution For Brother Convicted Racketeer, Slain by Napolitano Kin
FL3a-Vincent D'Angola (in Fort Lauderdale) Dead Gambino/Florida Skim from Gambino Crew Associate, Tied to Gambino Robbery Crew
FL3b-Jami Schneider   Dead Gambino/Florida Was With D'Angola Ex-Girlfriend of D'Angola
FL4-Mark Rizzuto (in Boca Raton) Dead (1 Day After D'Angola) Gambino/Florida Skim from Gambino Crew Associate, Tied to Gambino Robbery Crew
UNY1- Keith Merolle   Dead Genovese (?)   Car Thief
UNY2-Steven Aiello Steve Missing, Suspected Dead Gambino/Genovese Retribution For Perjury Associate, Alibi Witness
D1-Louis Raucci   Dead Pittsburgh Natural Causes Key Mob Figure, Cocaine Trafficker
D2-Joseph N. Gallo Joe Dead Gambino Natural Causes Consigliere to Castellano and Gotti
D3-Benjamin Ruggiero Lefty Guns Dead Bonnano Natural Causes Soldier of Donnie Brasco Notoriety
D4-Joseph Zingaro   Dead Gambino Natural Causes Capo
D5-William Camissano Willie, The Rat Dead Kansas City Natural Causes Boss After Nick Civella
D6-Dominic Musitano   Dead Toronto Natural Causes One-Time Boss of Toronto Family
D7-Joseph F. Tocco Buddy Dead The Outfit Natural Causes, In Prison Top Chicago Area Mob Figure, 1 Time leader
D8-Salvatore Lorenzo   Dead Trafficante/Tampa Natural Causes Associate, Drug Smuggler, Bedami Relative
D9-John Rivera Johnny, Scarface Dead Trafficante/Tampa Natural Causes Noted Associate
D10-Frank O'Hehir   Dead Colombo Suicide Associate, Noted Gun Runner
D11-Louis Greco   Dead Patriarca Natural Causes, In Prison Noted Associate, Wrongly Convicted of Hit
D12-Frank Salemme   Dead Patriarca Natural Causes Son of Mob Boss Cadillac Frank Salemme
D13-Conrad Bouchard   Dead Montreal Natural Causes, In Prison Narcotics Trafficker, Luigi Greco Associate

1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Year Unknown

NY: New York hit (also listed strictly by number)
NJ: New Jersey hit
NE: Boston, New England hit
P: Philadelphia Hit
UNY: Unclear New York hit
UNJ: Unclear New Jersey hit
UP: Unclear Philadelphia hit
D: Death, not by murder
*: turned out to be non-mob murder
RNJ: Recovered New Jersey hit; body found
Unclear: uncertain if the murder was mob-related, or the body wasn't found
O: Ohio
URNE: Unclear New England hit, bodies recovered
LV: Las Vegas Hit
CA: Canada Hit
UCA: Unclear Canada Hit
FL: Florida/Carribean Hit
CH: Chicago Hit
UCH: Unclear Chicag0o Hit
UFL: Unclear Florida Hit
MI: Michigan Hit
Uatl: Unclear Atlanta Hit

1-Boston, New England, and Patriarca can be used interchangeably many times
2-Incidents are not listed in chronological order outside of the year they occurred
3-While most incidents mentioned here were from the Americas, I felt Liggio and Buscetta were important enough to mention
4-If the family in question is strictly mentioned by the city or the term "mob connected" , then it was unclear who did it (unless the family is known by city)
5-All gaps in spread sheet are facts that are unknown to me about each incident
6-Gregory Scarpa, Sr., Michael Giagregorio, George Lubell, Vito Guzzo, Jr. and Steven Mancusi are all mentioned more than once; they are the same person each time.
7-All information here was gained from books, magazines, web sites, newspapers, and the forum, not from my own information.
8-I am not privy to any inside information. All information gained has been documented (see #7)


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