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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

9-16-02 thru 11-13-17
What's become of Danny Kennedy?
- In Fall 2000, former porno book store manager Danny Kennedy called this writer to tell a shocking story.
Steve is off this week
Jan Jones' Deliverance
- Winning a small moral victory can be bittersweet.
Holiday Shenanigans?
- At a time like this when our minds are full of good cheer, its always easier to slip one by on us.
Steve is off this week
Second Binion case goes to the jury. - Judge's objectivity more in question now than ever
Rats Deserting a Sinking Ship?
- In a town like Vegas, there might be a smidgen of justice remaining
Were bar patrons drugged, then rolled? - Indictments may be delayed pending new evidence.
Oscar Goodman's Las Vegas
- Mayor and University President clash over Vegas' new image.
There's a book in all of us -
Often times I'm asked, "Why don't you write a book?" I usually answer that I wouldn't know how to write the final chapter because my Las Vegas experience is still unfolding.
Did Ted Binion overdose, or was he murdered?

- As you read this, the retrial of Sandy Murphy and Rick Tabish will be underway.
Steve is off this week
"Parking lot fetish"
- ...topless bar owner Rick Rizzolo has been trying to make his neighbor move out so he can expand his bar.
Like Father, Like Son -
I filed a super-secret complaint with the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline in April 2002 against the actions of Clark County District Court Judge Joe Bonaventure, and last week the story surprisingly was leaked to the mainstream press.
Paid Off Vegas Politicians Celebrate
- Treasures closed.  Building may go up for grabs
Vegas Mayor Embroiled in Another Controversy -
Elder Abuse Being Alleged, Ethics Complaint To Be Filed, State Bar Complaint Being Considered Against Mayor's Son.
Judge Issues Court Order Against Rizzolos
- For several years, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman has been accused of doing favors for his former law firm's clients who are now associated with the Crazy Horse Too topless bar.
Politics -- Las Vegas Style -
The anatomy of an all-too-typical Sin City election including triple double crosses, hypocrisy and deceit.
TAM Laws Ignored by Protected Topless Bar, Police, and City Officials
- Even "STOP DUI" is afraid to act!
DATELINE NBC Finally Tells of Brutality at Crazy Horse Too
- Vegas Mayor & DA's Inaction Inspires National TV Exposé
What others have to say
- I believe that others should be given credit for also telling Rizzolo's sordid story.
Vegas police discourage couple from filing crime report against protected topless bar
- Hapless tourist accidentally dissed a "made man" - then met our city's finest
Rizzolo's attorney admits "vandalism," makes offer of settlement, but avoids admitting his client's culpability
Why some folks just don't trust Steve Wynn
- After destroying the historic Desert Inn Country Club Estates and displacing hundreds of pioneer Las Vegans to make way for another hotel, Steve Wynn is now eyeing another well established golf course community, the Las Vegas Country Club.
The "Godfather" spares a wannabe
- "A man�s life is drastically changed forever after entering a world of sex, violence and intimidation in LasVegas."
Dateline NBC
Steve is off this week
Two Lousy Lawyers, a Conflicted Judge, and a Silent Mayor
- If I've ever seen a set up in the works, this is it!
Federal indictments and forfeiture loom while
- Rizzolo stays obsessed with next door neighbor
Steve is off this week
Build It and They Will Come...
- But you'll be surprised who "They" are!
Like Swatting a Fly in the Middle of a Buffalo Stampede
- After losing costly appeal, Rizzolo finally pays $238 judgment
"Chronic inebriate"
- Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman suffered one more self-inflicted humiliation, being publicly referred to as a "chronic inebriate" by the Vice Chairwoman of the state Ethics Commission.
Taxpayers defend Vegas mayor for saying, "I'd like to whack the guy!"
The Implosion of Oscar Goodman
- Goodman, since being elected mayor, has raised eyebrows by hosting members of the notorious Black Book at his personal residence, and at City Hall.
The Pettiness Hits the Roof!
- After a judge ruled a topless bar must pay for harassing its neighbor, new problems arise.
Steve is off this week
Americans training terrorists
- Immediately following the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973, my school began receiving inquiries from prospective students in Middle Eastern countries.
Until late last week, no evil deed went un-rewarded in the new Las Vegas
- These pictures tell it all.
Another Embarrassing Day in Court for Rizzolo
- Long-time feud escalates after third legal defeat
Steve is off this week
So long old friend...
- Governor Mike O'Callaghan, 1929-2004
Escaping Steve Wynn�s legal ax
- He's no Donald Trump!
Steve is off this week.
"Voodoo shrine" leads to alleged death threat [of Buffalo Jim Barrier]
- "He'll be dead in seven days"
Goodman may be doing Cusumano's bidding
- Oscar, don't you see the "Conflict of Interest?"
Names of others surface as possible killers.
- New corroborating evidence to be presented in re-trial of Binion case
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
- Pictures worth a thousand words....
Friendship with "criminal elements" jeopardizes new Golden Nugget gaming license and funding.
Fau murder case to be revisited
- Federal Grand Jury reportedly reexamining cause of death.
Holiday at Alcatraz...
- Shades of Al Capone? The Mob no longer runs Vegas? With all that was happening in Sin City, it was fitting I chose Alcatraz to spend my holiday.
Steve is off this week.
Vegas mayor accused of helping mob associate as payback for past (and present) client referrals
Scamming Vegas bus system brought to knees by wheelchair bound man
Others yet unnamed...
- The retrial of Sandra Murphy and Rick Tabish.
Vegas judge should recuse from Binion retrial
Steve is off this week
Talking Cars
- what happens when the OnStar "live Advisors" are agents for federal law enforcement agencies
The Big Squeeze
- unnatural political control of local government is one of our state�s most appalling problems.
What a way to run a business!
- Former mob lawyer-turned-Mayor suspected of collusion
Vegas Mayor suspected of doing favors for alleged mob associate
Mayor Wants Brothels Downtown
- while his wife promotes "self, family, and community" in the burbs
Sex-Slave Trade Flourishes under Sin City Mayor Oscar Goodman
Timing is Everything!
- Opportunity knocks, but Rick Rizzolo is too preoccupied to respond
Rizzolo sues police and the FBI
Rizzolo and his mouthpiece complain in vain.
No Inside Vegas, Steve is off this week.
"Everybody does it!"
- generous contributions before or after an election are perfectly legal as long as they are reported
San Diego's shame is
- Vegas' standard game.
Rizzolo's only response
Juice - Vegas Style
- "You're a shyster lawyer; a two faced phony shyster lawyer.
Ousted Vegas officials may be indicted in organized crime probe
Top Cop calls Rizzolo person of "ill repute," and "suspect"
- 23 year veteran Las Vegas Police Officer, Metro Sgt. Tom Keller
Can Las Vegas be Embarrassed?
- Sin City's Standards Skewed
The Carefully Crafted Image of Janet
- Sin City's newest Councilwoman, Janet Moncrief
Binion murder convictions overturned.
No Inside Vegas, Steve is off this week.
The inmates are running the asylum - people who would be considered outcasts in any other city.
The assault on the Stupaks at Piero�s
New Vegas Councilwoman Sells Out 3 Days After Election
Clark County (Las Vegas) District Court Judge should be sanctioned
No Inside Vegas, Steve is on vacation this week.
18 Year Old Strippers in Vegas Bars
Another Sin City Scam - Misuse of Eminent Domain
Mike's Rolex Ticks Off His Final Minutes In Government - a humble 33 year old police officer, elected to the City Council with a $25,000 Rolex
Scammed Again! - On Friday May 9, I received an E-mail asking me not to be identified because he feared "bodily injury."
The House of Holy Hooters - how did "sacred ground" get involved in a scheme to stop the zoning of a topless joint?
Witness Tampering Suspected - Affidavits accuse Crazy Horse Too of prostitution and drug sales
No Inside Vegas, Steve is off this week.
Mob Connections May End Vegas Councilman's Career
New evidence may surface in Binion case
Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places
- Mayor Oscar Goodman's refusal to disassociate from his past mob clients
Hypocrisy - Sin City Style **Connecting the Dots**
The Little Train That Couldn't
- Las Vegas and the Transrapid high speed train
Conflicting Opinions
Bad Judgment - Judge Joseph Bonaventure autographs book about a case that's still active in his court
Feds Raid Mobbed Up Boob Bar
$5,000 Horseshoe chip may be a clue if new trial is ordered in the Ted Binion case
All Roads Will Lead To Mobbed-Up Boob Bar
Vegas' Newest Racket
What has Vegas become?
Justice � Vegas Style
Mobbed-up Vegas Bar Hits Barrier
The New Vegas Mob?
Another Example of Nevada�s Double Standard
Vegas markers are never forgotten
Las Vegas TV News Exposes Rizzolo's Mob Connections
Tit for Tat
An Open Letter to Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman
Rizzolo Explains What Happened
Judge Saitta Holds Key to Justice in the Fau Wrongful Death Trial - January 6
300 Pound Bouncer to be Tried for Battery
Sgro Complains About Miller's "Inaccuracies"
The New - Old Racket
Attorneys for Tabish file Motion for Writ of Mandamus
Rapuano Granted Liquor License
Rizzolo's Trials Loom
When Suspicions First Arose
Las Vegas' Seamy Underside
The Perfect Crime
 – Hundreds of millions of dollars legally stolen from wealthy Las Vegas retirees and disabled residents
 – All Complaints Against Jared Shafer Dropped No Further Charges Pending - LVMPD
Steve was off these weeks
Speculation On Why Jared Shafer Has Not Yet Been Indicted
 – "Adam Woodrum, an estate lawyer in Las Vegas, (worked with) several wards and their families who have brought their complaints to the police. 'They can’t even get their foot in the door,' he said."
The New Yorker Magazine, Oct. 9, 2017
Steve was off these weeks
Jason Hanson Goes To Court
 – Federal Court Judge Rules In Favor Of Guardianship Abuse Victim
 – Overrules defendants 15 times, and remands case back to state court for an expedited trial
"You could feel the oxygen leave the room the moment Hanson rolled into court to take his place at the plaintiff's table."
Steve was off these weeks
Jason Hanson Sues Jared Shafer And Others For Civil Racketeering, Fraud, And Embezzlement
 – Majority of Inheritance Stolen Under False Guardianship
"This has to stop." "I want justice."
   - Jason Vaughn Hanson
Steve was off these weeks
 – Three Secrets Behind The Ongoing Stories Of Guardianship Fraud In Nevada And The Political Corruption That Enables The Scams To Continue Unabated
Steve was off these weeks
Jason Hanson's Case May Have Been Compromised
 – Requests made to move investigation from local police to FBI after
mysterious visit by LVMPD Abuse and Neglect Detail officer
Steve is off this week
Vegas Law Rounds Up Second Crooked Guardian
 – April Parks and her lawyer indicted, but the biggest fish remain uncharged
Steve was off these weeks
Ghost Of Old Soldier Takes Revenge On Politician, And Private Guardian
 – From his grave, a 95 year old WW2 hero exposes ex-Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and her ties to embattled for-hire guardian Jared Shafer
Steve was off these weeks
Par For The Course - Part Two
 – Professional gambler and golf course developer Billy Walters arrested for insider trading
Steve was off these weeks
Private Guardian Jared Shafer et al. Stole Cerebral Palsy Victim's Inheritance Under The Color Of Law
 – The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members.
Steve was off these weeks
A Vegas Urban Legend
 – While doing a recent Internet search, I found this posting on Facebook submitted by my old friend Delilah Jones.
Steve is off this week
Embattled Private Guardian April Parks Censured For Exploiting The Elderly, Mastermind Jared Shafer Stays Under The Radar - For Now
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Out Trumping Trump
 – "Councilman Steve Miller is a megalomaniac"
Brian Greenspun, Publisher, Las Vegas SUN
Steve was off these weeks
Elyse Tyrell, Jared Shafer's lawyer, appears on verge of tears after being confronted at Nevada Supreme Court hearing
 – Facing State Bar of Nevada complaint from family of exploited elder
Steve was off these weeks
Shafer Crashes Guardianship Panel Hearing
 – Explosive Episode Filmed By KTNV TV Contact 13
Steve is off this week
Jared Shafer's Cronies Elyse Tyrell And William Voy Appointed To Nevada State Panel To Oversee Guardianship Abuse Cases Involving Shafer
 – After accepting a $3,700 retainer and obtaining confidential information, Elyse Tyrell told her client, "I represent Jared E. Shafer as your father's guardian and I do not represent you."
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
New Family Court Judge Puts Immediate Stop To Elder Abuse And Exploitation By For-Hire "Guardians" Jared Shafer And April Parks
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Jared Shafer's Clark County Family Court Lackeys Removed From All Guardianship Cases

 – Shafer and Wells Fargo Bank sued for RICO
 – The goose that laid those golden eggs is COOKED!
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
"Guardian" Jared Shafer's Perfect Crime

 – A Police Lieutenant tells Clark County Commission that Nevada laws do not contain adequate criminal penalties to punish court appointed guardians who financially exploit the elderly or infirm
Steve is off this week
Private "Guardian" Jared E. Shafer's Racket Exposed By Nevada's Largest Newspaper
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Las Vegas Lawyer David Chesnoff's Worst Nightmare
 – "Sealed" Malpractice Complaint is Published on
Steve is off this week
Jared E. Shafer, Las Vegas Private Guardian and His Judges Fall Under Investigation
 – ABC Affiliate Releases Reports of Court Sanctioned Exploitation of the Elderly and Disabled, Sin City's Darkest Secret
Steve was off these weeks
Steve is off this week
Attorney David Chesnoff Admits to Possible Conflict of Interest in Pure Cocktail Server's Strangulation Case
 – The anatomy of a conflict of interest:
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Another Jon Norheim Court Appointed Guardian Charged With Exploitation
 – Family Court Judge Charles Hoskin Issues Letter Replete With Factual Inaccuracies insulting Families of Exploited Elders
Steve is off this week
Politically Connected LV Lawyers Sued For Malpractice POWER AND PRIVILEGE - Part Two
 – LAS VEGAS - On October 24, 2014, Caesars Palace cocktail server Michelle McKenna filed a malpractice lawsuit in U.S. Federal Court against her former attorneys David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld.
Steve is off this week
My most embarrassing moments as a Vegas wheel man
 – LAS VEGAS (long ago) - I am driven to share these two stories. Not because I'm proud of my actions, but because they're both so "Only in Vegas."
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Jared E. Shafer's Bad Laws Legalize the Bilking of Las Vegas Retirees

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Las Vegas "guardian" Jared E. Shafer sued for "embezzling" $420,000.00 from 95 year old former "ward"
 – Federal Racketeering lawsuit filed on August 8
Steve is off this week
Under color of law, exploiter-guardian Jared Shafer had a license to steal the 95th birthday of a WW2 hero
 – A loving family were called "kidnappers" for taking the heroic action of bringing Guadalupe Olvera home
Steve is off this week
Rizzolo Indicted - Again!
 – His alleged daughter says he went back into the strip club business after promising not to
Steve is off this week
Private "guardians" Jared E. Shafer and Patience Bristol sue blind man for libel, now ask taxpayers to pay the bill
 – "You're a blind bastard who should never have married a sighted wife!"

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
DA may have let "guardian" Patience Bristol take the rap for her ex-boss Jared Shafer
 – Was there a secret quid pro quo contained in Bristol's plea bargain? Was Bristol coerced into not incriminating her ex-boss in exchange for dropping twenty felony charges?
 – "The District Attorney recommended less than maximum sentence" - Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
First of many expected lawsuits just filed against for-hire "guardian" Jared E. Shafer and two of his employees
 – Multiple complaints of stealing from elderly or disabled "wards"

Steve is off this week
BLM Siege At Bunkerville - The Real Story
 – Big profits are being threatened by animals grazing on prime real estate, but the real story has been lost in a haze of inciteful rhetoric
 – A rancher's refusal to sell his land and stop his cattle from grazing nearby may have created a crisis in the real estate industry
 – Senator Harry Reid rides to the rescue!

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
"Who have I bribed? Which Judges? WHAT BULLSHIT!"
 – Private Guardian Jared E. Shafer

It's obvious that no law enforcement agency in Nevada is willing to expose our state to the ridicule it deserves for allowing this insidious form of racketeering to take place under the radar for over thirty years
Las Vegas' Death Watch
The chain of events start at Sun City Anthem and end in private guardian Jared E. Shafer's pocket
Steve is off this week
The Jason Hanson - Jared E. Shafer Story
"Special Administrator" Jared E. Shafer takes house and inheritance from 24 year old man with cerebral palsy
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
 • Bad Judges Vacate Bench After Probes By Nevada Commission On Judicial Discipline

When it comes to bad judges, Las Vegas has had more than its fair share.
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
 • Elder Exploiter Patience Bristol Released
 • DA Drops 19 of 20 Felony Charges
 • Jared Shafer Not Yet Charged

Is the fix in? Or is the hammer about to drop on Bristol's mentor Jared Shafer?
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week

Ex-Vegas Mayor Jan Jones' Son Sued For Strangling Cocktail Waitress In Caesars Palace PURE Nightclub
Ceasars Palace, Pure, and Jan Jones recently added as co-Defendants

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  Nevada Gaming Control Board and US Federal Court send Rick Rizzolo a Christmas Greeting

What a way to start the Holiday Season!
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  Grave Robbery Under Color Of Law!

Did "Guardian" Jared E. Shafer sacrifice Patience Bristol to save himself? Documents show Shafer blew the whistle on his prot�g�' ripping off one of his wealthiest wards
Additional documents show Shafer is still bleeding the assets of a millionaire ward paying himself a total of $432,043.00 in fees five years after ward's death

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  Jailed Exploiter Of The Elderly Suing For Defamation Patience Bristol Jailed - Jared Shafer Still At Large

  Felony Arrest Warrant Issued For "Guardian" Jared E. Shafer's Prot�g� Patience Bristol

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  Against all odds
 •  Daughter of WW2 vet succeeds in terminating Jared E. Shafer's Nevada guardianship and a California conservatorship dictated by Shafer
 • No one has ever terminated a Shafer guardianship without his consent - until now

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
 • Millions in restitution finally paid to beating victim
Steve is off this week
  "Unclean Hands" Suing For Defamation
 • "Who wrote this report? Who have I bribed? What judges? WHAT BULLSHIT!"
- Private Guardian Jared E. Shafer

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  Daughter Of Rescued Senior Sued For Libel
 •  Defamation suit solely based on what Plaintiffs refer to as "the common and reoccurring themes among the Defamatory Statements"
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  Rizzolo's Ex Turns Over Millions To Kirk Henry From Off Shore Stash
 • Lisa Rizzolo dismissed as a Defendant. Racketeer and his stepmother left standing alone while Appeals Court decides destiny of remaining $3 million
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  Jared E. Shafer Loses Guardianship. Looted Senior Citizen Returns To Claim Home And Possessions After Winning Termination In A Bitter Sweet Victory
 • $300,000 bled from 93-year-old's trust during battle
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  "Private Guardian"Jared E. Shafer accused by Guardianship Commissioner of "bleeding money" from 93-year-old war hero
 • "I'm really trying to put an end to this. I get that Mr. Olvera is bleeding money, and I don't want it to continue"
- Guardianship Commissioner Jon Norheim

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  Rick Rizzolo to Fed Court: "The money's on its way"

– An Act of God may relieve Rizzolo of having to pay Kirk Henry and the IRS
Steve is off this week
  For-hire guardian Jared Shafer, and racketeer Rick Rizzolo head to court

– They're both "Pillars of the community," both donate to "the youths," and both have deep pockets, but one operates under the color of law, and the other is a convicted outlaw

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week

– Elder Abuse Likely - Under Color Of Law
– I'm going to go to California no matter what! I'm not going to live here. I don't need that man either. I don't need Jared (Shafer). -Guadalupe Olvera

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  Lisa Rizzolo Nickel And Dimed Into Submission

– Agrees To Partial Settlement

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  "When The Mob Ran Vegas" played to a full house
 • The old mobsters are spinning in their graves over what Vegas has become
  When the Kinder and Gentler Mob Ran Vegas

– It was a time when we really did leave our doors unlocked

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  Suspicions surface over effort to sell infamous Crazy Horse Too

– "I believe that they USED Cushman Wakefield and potential buyers to get an internal valuation while deceiving everyone into believing they were sellers, and now are trying to buy a Certificate of Occupancy on a dilapidated death trap with no parking!"

Steve is off this week
  Diverted Disaster Leads to Renaissance of Downtown Las Vegas - An Untold Story

– Gutsy Mayor orders SECRET removal of boxcars full of rocket fuel parked in the middle of the city

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  Court Puts Lisa Rizzolo On A Budget
 • $22,623.16 per month requested
 • $16,419.63 approved

  Rizzolo's Divorce Judge Indicted
Charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, securities fraud and money laundering. Previous rulings now in question.
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  Federal Court Cripples Rizzolo

– Showdown In Federal Court On Monday, Sept. 10, 2012

  JUST IN: Lisa Rizzolo's Amazing Reasons Why She Should Be Allowed To Spend Kirk Henry's Restitution Money

Steve is off this week
  HENRY vs. RIZZOLO Changes Faces

– Federal Court finally takes action to collect millions stashed in hidden accounts by Rizzolo matriarchs

Steve is off this week
  Kimtran Rizzolo To Face Civil Contempt Charges

– Showdown In Federal Court On Monday, Sept. 10, 2012

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  UPDATE: All Rizzolo Appeals Denied

– Obstacles cleared so HENRY v. RIZZOLO can race forward

  HENRY v. RIZZOLO stalls-IRS backs off
– Kimtran and Lisa Rizzolo appeal all rulings, Dominic Rizzolo's hammer victim vanishes, & Rick Rizzolo moves into new luxury digs.

Steve is off this week
  Defamation of Sheldon Adelson
• ""...maliciously branding Mr. Adelson as a pimp"

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  Gag Order may squelch discussion of alleged human trafficking of young women for the purpose of prostitution
• "Restraining Defendant GRASSO from intermeddling in Plaintiffs' application process for a permanent liquor license" - Judge Mark R. Denton

  New developments in HENRY vs. RIZZOLO
• Rizzolo women ordered to pay Rick's debts
• Justice served one asset at a time

  Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to hear exaggerated claims about the value of the Crazy Horse Too strip club
• A familiar name is hired to lobby for new zoning to reopen the club

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  Federal Court orders Kimtran Rizzolo's assets seized
• Kimtran and Lisa Rizzolo file appeals with Ninth Circuit Court
• Dominic Rizzolo arrested for assault with a deadly weapon

  UPDATE: Kimtran Rizzolo Defies Federal Court Order
• Tries to stall $1,052,996.03 payment to Kirk Henry that was due on May 19, 2012
• Claims her judgment should not include amounts loaned to Rick Rizzolo and attorney fees paid on his behalf

  Rizzolo's secret offspring await his release
• Rick Rizzolo may have suffered untreated precocious puberty

Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
  The Party's Over For Lisa And Kimtran Rizzolo
• "Rick Rizzolo's share of the community property that was fraudulently transferred to Lisa Rizzolo is also subject to the judgment."

Steve is off this week
  Buffalo Jim Is Smiling Down From Heaven
  Rick Rizzolo Loses Ninth Circuit Court Appeal
• Higher court removes legal obstacles so Kirk Henry and IRS can now recover assets hidden by Kimtran and Lisa Rizzolo

Steve is off this week
• Court of Appeals hears Rick Rizzolo's plea to be relieved of two years parole and obligation to pay creditors
• Rizzolo's Legal Team Quits leaving him vulnerable before appeal court rules
• Kimtran Rizzolo sanctioned for not disclosing where she stashed the proceeds from the sale of the Philadelphia Crazy Horse Too
Steve is off this week
All progress in USA v. Power Company, Inc. et al, and Henry et al v. Rizzolo et al, has stalled pending Ninth Circuit Court appeal

- Rick Rizzolo's alleged corporate personhood is now cited as the latest reason he should be relieved of having to pay his bills and why his conviction should be reversed
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Ghost writer's conviction reversed by Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

- Rick Rizzolo �raises the specter of the debtor�s prison this country long ago outlawed.� Rizzolo's appeal scheduled for March 19
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Veteran Las Vegas investigative reporter Glen Meek just dropped a bombshell in his latest CityLife column.

- Meek provides a 1976 FBI wiretap of then-mob lawyer Oscar Goodman having a confidential conversation with the late Nick Civella, boss of the Kansas City mob.
Steve is off this week
From Me Account? What You Mean?

- Kimtran Rizzolo -October 12, 2011
Nevada Supreme Court Justice Nancy Saitta's mob associations may haunt her re-election bid

- "Mr. Rizzolo has a good name in the community."
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
"Happy endings" banned in Las Vegas

- City passes tough new massage parlor law while state Board of Massage Therapists claims interference with its authority
Steve is off this week
Vince Piazza reveals Lisa Rizzolo's possible complicity to hide the proceeds from the sale of the Philly Crazy Horse Too
Steve is off this week
The Amazing Deposition of Kimtran Rizzolo

- "Don't remember." "What you mean?" "Don't know."
"I need the blanket or something. I'm cold."
"I don't understand really your question."
"I don't have money now." "I spend it."
"This is very uncomfortable chair."
"I don't understand." "Explain it."
Councilman/Cop sponsors an ordinance to require a Nevada State License for all "therapists" seeking jobs in Las Vegas' neighborhood massage parlors

- Is It Too Little...Too Late?
Steve is off this week
The Rizzolos ordered to pay Kirk Henry $2.2 million of $3 million received for the Philly Crazy Horse Too

- "Rick Rizzolo shall not take any action to hinder the payments of the funds."
Rizzolo accuses U.S. Judge of "abuse of discretion" for allowing attorney for unpaid beating victim to say, "send this gangster back to jail"
Rick Rizzolo case update

- Source of payment to attorneys questioned
Two Judge's Orders being appealed
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Rizzolo thrown back into Federal Prison

- Debtors aggressively pursue laundered assets. Ex-wife and stepmother are the next targets. Cafe near prison may become the new social club for the Las Vegas mob
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Vince Piazza cooperates in the Rizzolo Federal Case

- Transfers $465,864 to beating victim Kirk Henry Rizzolo's step mom sued for laundering $789k And Lisa Rizzolo may be left holding the bag
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Kirk Henry's attorneys seize Rick Rizzolo's 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL65 BiTurbo V12

- "Gangster" continues mocking the Federal Court First he threw himself a going to prison party Then he bought himself a $180,000 Benz while debts to Henry and IRS languish
Steve is off this week
Rick Rizzolo Banned From Casinos

- "You shall not enter, frequent, or be involved with any legal or illegal gambling establishment or activity, except for the purpose of employment as approved and directed by the probation officer." - United States Judge Philip Pro
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Information about the new owner of the Crazy Horse Too strip club and how he obtained Security Pacific Bank's loan collateral that Rick and Lisa Rizzolo used to steal $5 million
Federal Court asked to consider nine reasons why Lisa Rizzolo can keep her ex-husband's loot,

- and Rick not be sent back to prison
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Crazy Horse Too Goes On Auction Block

- "With the notorious Crazy Horse Too topless cabaret up for government auction on July 1, speculation is already building about whether some of the club's former associates will be making proxy bids."
- LV Review-Journal
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District Judge Jackie Glass Resigns In Middle Of Judicial Discipline Commission Probe

- Evidence indicates she squelched criminal charges against defendants represented by her husband, then stopped a state probe of her actions by resigning from the bench and taking a job on CBS TV as judge on "Swift Justice"

- Monopoly with the IRS, United States Attorney, U.S. Office of Parole & Probation, and a Federal Court Judge
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Vegas Mayor's Race Could Become Class Warfare

- Union support could be decisive factor.
Rizzolo's Parole Violation Hearing Continued Until May 9 and 10

Steve is off this week
On March 29, will Rick Rizzolo be sent to the Big House in Roma Hills, or to the Slammer in North Las Vegas?

- Racketeer expected to be incarcerated for parole violations.
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Rick Rizzolo's Watch Tells More Than Time

- Racketeer who owes the IRS millions of dollars appears in U. S. Court wearing a $26,000 watch and accompanied by his priest. Government asks judge for three extra years of parole and three months behind bars for violating the conditions of supervised release
Rick Rizzolo's Parole Expires on April Fools' Day!

- With over $11 million still owed the IRS; $2.2 million still owed the City of Las Vegas; and over $9 million still owed to Kirk Henry, will U.S. Judge Philip Pro let a convicted racketeer off this Tuesday at an eleventh hour Parole Violation hearing?
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Rick Rizzolo's 800 Year Payment Schedule

- Racket boss agrees to pay $9 million dollar judgment to beating victim in increments of $1,000 per month. Is this a "Good Faith" effort, or just another sham?
It seems as if the world owes Rick Rizzolo a living

- This is a case that has not "promoted public respect for the law"
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Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Infamous Vegas Topless Bar To Be Auctioned

- Per a 2006 Plea Agreement, Rick and Lisa Rizzolo's off shore hidden fortune may be at risk
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Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
U.S. Government sends the Rizzolos an unexpected Christmas present
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Rizzolo case minutia

- The man who says he's paying Rick Rizzolo's legal bills
"We�re Not Gonna Take It Anymore!"

- Rick Rizzolo's lawyers file new Opposition to EVERYTHING!
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Rizzolos insist that Kirk Henry must sue the brother of a Federal Court Judge

- Defendants argue that a lawyer is solely responsible for hiding their fortune in off shore accounts out of reach of an unpaid beating victim and the IRS.
If court agrees, case may stall indefinitely
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Dad of Major League hitter may hold a key to Rick Rizzolo's future jail cell

- "He who sleeps with dogs, wakes up with fleas"
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Will new information put Rizzolo back in prison?

- Or will a racketeer, an ex-parking valet, and a porn star make a U.S. Attorney and Federal Judge look like meat heads?
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Rizzolo Is Getting Special Treatment

- Beating victim's attorneys file Motion to revoke parole, and mobster tries to play the race card
Brother of U.S. Judge may be involved in money laundering
Justice -- Vegas Style

DA will throw the book at heiress, but let a Mafia son off.
TV cameras In the court make all the difference.
Can you see another set up in the works?
This time there's no plea bargaining.
Venue change vitally needed!
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Skim City

- The Strip is packed with tourists, but casinos are pleading poverty
The political timing is ripe for skimming Las Vegas
Rick Rizzolo Stalls U.S. Federal Court

- Indefinitely avoids paying IRS, City of Las Vegas, FDIC, and Kirk Henry
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Land bought from taxpayers in 1999 for $894,000 sold in 2006 for $24.5 million!

- Crony of two LV mayors makes a killing
Nevada Board of Massage Therapy turns its back on neighborhood massage parlor prostitution

- Las Vegas Worst Kept Secret...
"Show Me The Money!"

- Rizzolo hires expensive new criminal defense attorney
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Were District Attorney David Roger and Judge Jackie Glass bribed?

"Defendant Has Stayed Out of Trouble"
"Early Termination From Probation"
"Credit For Time Served"
"Gross Misdemeanor"
Steve is off this week
Dominic Rizzolo Set Free Four Years Early

- Charge dropped from Felony to Gross Misdemeanor with help from Vegas Judge and District Attorney
Steve is off this week
The Weak Link.

- Clark County DA David Roger
City of Las Vegas finally cracks down on neighborhood brothels .

- Clark County District Attorney refuses to cooperate
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Nevada Taxi Authority Corruption.

- Secret Cash Cow Revealed - No Action Taken.
State Taxi Officials Under Scrutiny
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Rizzolo forced to reveal secret financial transactions Judge orders him to start paying Kirk Henry.
Terrible News For Rick Rizzolo!

- U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden is back on the case and the Government says Rizzolo should be required to begin making restitution payments to Kirk Henry

Crazy Horse Too sells for $10 million less than Rizzolo owes Henry and the IRS

Steve is off this week
A Vegas Tale - Secret Neighborhood Brothels.

- I noticed that most of the light bulbs had been removed as we walked through the house to the darkened bedrooms.
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Rizzolo says he don't owe nothin' to nobody!
Steve is off this week
Rick Rizzolo threatened with Contempt of Court - sort of.
Is Lisa Rizzolo trying to coerce Kirk Henry into not attending his September trial?
The s - - t is about to hit the fan!
- Rizzolo's parole officer petitions the court. Related jury trials to start on March 9.
Rizzolo lies to the court - And a judge's hollow words
- "Sorry Judge Foley. My financial records were seized by the government; or accidentally shredded; or destroyed in a flood at my lawyer's office." - Rick Rizzolo, age 51
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Rich Man, Poor Man
- attorneys for unpaid beating victim Kirk Henry have been pleading with United States Federal Judges to force racketeer Rick Rizzolo to divulge the quantity and location of his hidden fortune.
As if things couldn't get any more bizarre...
- Racketeer Rick Rizzolo's lawyers -- one licensed, and one not -- file phony court documents that further stall beating victim Kirk Henry's case.
Did Lisa Rizzolo lie to the IRS?
- 26, U.S.C., 7207, makes it a Federal crime for anyone to willfully file a Federal income tax return knowing it to be false.
Steve is off this week
"Can't Buy Me Love"
- "Tell me that you want the kind of thing that money just can't buy."
- Paul McCartney

"How much will it take?"
- Bob Stupak
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Steve is off this week
Is Parole Officer Eric Christiansen shirking his duties?
- Can you imagine you or me getting away with ignoring over $27 million in court ordered debts including over $10 million owed to the IRS, and still be allowed to party like a rock star?
Judge orders Rick Rizzolo's financials be shown to Kirk Henry's attorneys, but taxpayers are excluded from seeing the documents.
- Could someone very important be running interference for Rick and Lisa Rizzolo?
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Confidential INSIDE VEGAS source outs himself
- Kenny "Kenji" Gallo leaves Witness Protection, writes a book, and names names
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I get nervous when it's so quiet in Vegas
- The calm before the storm....
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Rick Rizzolo ordered to pay Kirk Henry's attorneys
- Plaintiffs are awarded their reasonable attorneys fees and costs incurred in preparing their reply to Defendant's opposition to their Motion.
Steve is off this week
Rick Rizzolo's new legal defense team: "Spud," and "The Ticket Fixer."
- Justice delayed, is justice denied. - William Gladstone.
Rizzolo's "Protector" Exposed!
- his "Protector" may not be the kind some people think of when the word is mentioned.
Steve is off this week
Two court systems. Two standards of justice.
- Dominic Rizzolo (26) was just granted a waiver of his twenty hours per month community service requirement by a Clark County District Court Judge nine months after she sentenced him to probation for an attempted murder.
Racketeer shows his outward contempt for Federal Court, a beating victim, and Internal Revenue Service .
"Aggravated Assault. No Intent to Kill"
- Six suspicious new words suddenly appear on a Florida probation document to minimize the impact of a serious crime
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Did the taxpayers bail out Rick and Lisa Rizzolo?
- The Rizzolos may be stalling - waiting for Kirk Henry to die.
Officials Allow Limo/Doorman Extortion Scam To Continue.
Rick Rizzolo's Godson Makes A Video
- The cause is noble, but the messenger isn't.
Steve is off this week
Rick Rizzolo the "lawyer?"
- Convicted racketeer Rick Rizzolo on July 8 and 9, supposedly became his own lawyer and filed two last minute court documents he purported to author.
Steve is off this week
Federal Judge issues Court Orders requiring mob attorneys to produce Lisa Rizzolo's hidden financial records in the Kirk Henry attempted murder case.
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"My Dog Ate My Homework"
- Mob lawyers try to weasel out of complying with a Court Order, then steal $10,000 intended for the daughters of "Las Vegas' Most Colorful Character," the late Buffalo Jim Barrier.
IRS investigates businesses paying extortion to cab and limo drivers
- Last week, the IRS finally made their move. On June 10, all Vegas strip clubs received an official letter from the IRS."
Hiding behind his ex-wife's skirt tails, Rick Rizzolo avoids paying his financial obligations, but will Lisa Rizzolo get stuck paying for his actions?
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Driving away tourists ~ A request to INSIDE VEGAS readers
- I would like to hear from anyone who while visiting Las Vegas ever experienced having a hotel door man, valet, or casino boss try to convince you to take a free limo ride to a certain place of business which they recommend."
Another strip club beating goes unpunished
- Thugs hire City Councilman as their lawyer. Mayor's lawyer-son hired by strip club. Police request prosecution, but DA refuses to cooperate -- again!
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Columnist's home possible target of political pay back
- Eminent Domain disaster narrowly averted, and Steve Miller takes it personally
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Update: Limo/Taxi extortion racket continues unabated
- Citizen's group forms to challenge un-enforced law
Steve is off this week
Judge throws the book at Rick and Lisa Rizzolo, and MGM's partnership with Dubai World inspires questions about how well Nevada governs its casinos?.
Federal Court may order access to Rizzolo's hidden assets sometime this week
- Judge Philip M. Pro mentioned that Rick Rizzolo's criminal investigation was ongoing at the time of his divorce. He then asked, "Does that not show intent?"
The judge who signed Rizzolo's Divorce Decree
- If Rizzolo's divorce was a "sham" as asserted in a Las Vegas Sun Editorial, what kind of judge would have allowed Rick Rizzolo to transfer most of his criminally derived assets to his wife three weeks before he was to begin plea negotiations in a widely reported racketeering case involving his former topless night club, the Crazy Horse Too?.
Steve is off this week
Two faced Vegas mayor maintains his mob roots.
- Goodman has for years made it no secret that he considers Rizzolo one of his best friends, and the mayor's quasi-official actions time and again have proven this to be true.
Rick Rizzolo pleads poverty!.
- Desperate to keep hidden assets and not pay court ordered bills, convicted racketeer tells judge "I can't even afford a new attorney."
Steve is off this week
Two judges rule to further cripple Kirk Henry and let Rick and Lisa Rizzolo keep their hidden assets hidden.
- Adding insult to a quadriplegic's injury.
Rizzolos defy Federal Court with impunity.
- Crime family attempts to quash depositions and hide business partner's names. Two Federal Judges may be trying to avoid embarrassing a fellow judge. And Dominic Rizzolo now works for a time share company in Florida.
Steve is off this week
Public officials who moon their constituents.
- Convicted Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona,
Nevada Supreme Court Justice Nancy Saitta,
Clark County District Attorney David Roger,
Clark County District Judge Jackie Glass,
and Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman
"Prison sentences impacted by the harm done to their victims"
- Dominic Rizzolo to be sentenced Tuesday.
Judge Jackie Glass may be stepping into Judge Nancy Saitta's shoes by taking multiple cases involving members of the Rick Rizzolo crime family .
  Begin 2009
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Rizzolo's Lawyers Squirm!
- they began squirming and immediately filed a MOTION TO WITHDRAW as Rick and Lisa's attorneys.
Steve is off this week
The boys are back in town.
- But things aren't going their way.
Steve is off this week
Vegas financial disaster predicted years ago.
- Then and Now
Unsound bank files MOTION to foreclose on Crazy Horse Too.
- Action inspires the United States Government to apply for a license to open a gentlemen's club.
Steve is off this week
Ralph Rizzolo crashes his Mercedes Benz into the closed down Crazy Horse Too
- Rick Rizzolo's brother narrowly escapes death when his car crashes into the wall of Buffalo Jim's closed garage.
Terrorists Once Trained In Vegas Skies
- Recent political events have inspired me to write about something I'd rather forget.
Steve is off this week
Vegas Voters May Decide the Presidential Election
- The nation can finally relax! The free world is in good hands if an ABC News prediction comes true.
Paying For The Sins of the Father
- Similarities between O.J. Simpson and Rick Rizzolo cases
Steve is off this week
- Mob Museum overshadows U.S. Veterans and clearly shows the difference between a city and a town.
Federal Court approves locating Lisa Rizzolo's hidden assets.
- Their court ordered debts total over $28 million dollars!
Hit your Target Market?
- But what could be a more appropriate slogan and logo for an advertising business after 11 people were killed, and dozens more injured while waiting for a bus in their company's LV bus stop shelter/billboards?
The ghosts of Buffalo Jim and the Crazy Horse Too
- It's a classic case of the baby going down the drain with the bath water.
Steve is off this week
Rizzolo's son facing indictment
- Dominic John Rizzolo, 26, son of convicted racketeer Rick Rizzolo, faces indictment on August 12, for aggravated assault with intent to commit serious bodily injury.
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Rizzolo parties in a $3,000 per night Body English booth
- while beating victim Kirk Henry waits in an electric wheelchair for his $9 million dollar settlement.
Coroner Stymies Homicide Investigation
- The Coroner - who is not a doctor - after refusing to test a urine specimen, said James "Buffalo Jim" Barrier had a "normal" amount of GHB in his blood.  An expert disputes the coroner's finding.
The Anti-Climax - Coroner's Contradictions - and Death Threats
- Judge Pro's ruling causes speculation that this case is far from over!.
New Evidence in "Buffalo Jim" Death Case
- GHB found in blood and urine samples kept secret. Rizzolo Wants Feds to Run Topless Bar.
Steve is off this week
The Ghost of Buffalo Jim.
- MP3 is about to hit the airwaves and can be heard by clicking HERE.
"The weakness of the flesh" - Genesis 2:15-25
- Surveillance video from motel finally released.
A perfect storm?.
- I'm not afraid to speculate as to what may have happened on April 5
Steve is off this week
And they say the mob left Vegas years ago...
Steve is off this week
Police refuse to allow Barrier daughters to identify their father on motel video surveillance tape.
- He stood up to the city's new crime bosses, and he died a mysterious death.
Buffalo Jim buried, but not put to rest - Part Two
- According to Las Vegas Metro police, they viewed a four minute surveillance video tape showing a jovial Buffalo Jim checking in to Motel 6 at 8:20 PM on the night he died. He was never heard from again.
Buffalo Jim buried, but not put to rest - Part One
- My best friend James "Buffalo Jim" Barrier called me at 5:30, Saturday, April 5, the evening of his death.
Steve is off this week
Rick Rizzolo�s first week out of prison...
- Bada Bing; Break in at Buffalo Jim�s; Dominic Rizzolo may be charged with attempted extortion and attempted murder; and a new Bentley cruises the Crazy Horse parking lot.
Steve is off this week
Sin City Update
- Justice prevails - for now. U.S. Marshals decide to leave Buffalo Jim alone after Rizzolo returned from prison.
U.S. Marshals threaten Buffalo Jim on the same day Rick Rizzolo returns from prison.
- So many coincidences may indicate a government mole.
Steve is off this week
US Attorneys side with bank against beating victim
Forewarned is forearmed
- Bank ignores warning, takes $5 million dollar loss, then shoots the messenger
Rizzolo's legal troubles to resume
after his release from prison. Possible threats continue
Turn the Crazy Horse Too into a church, then tear it down
- Ex-pro wrestler discourages Mob buyers with his Nikon.
Judge cuts short Bart Rizzolo's lawyer's plea to clear his client's name, Vegas brings out the hypocrisy in the Clinton campaign, Councilwoman Tarkanian's favors to Rizzolo, Rick Rizzolo's current and future abodes
Hillary - Judged by the company she keeps
- The Nevada caucus is over, but several issues emerged that help define the woman selected to be the state Democratic Party's nominee.
Taxpayers paying to keep lights and telephones on at defunct topless bar
Inadvertent monkey wrench spoils straw man scheme and starts Mob courthouse war
- embarrassing entanglement of litigation fueled with almost a half million dollars worth of stolen booze.
Steve is Celebrating New Years Eve!
Steve is Christmas Shopping
Chicago "buyer" visits Crazy Horse Too
- "He knew where every light switch was located."
Steve is Christmas Shopping
Judge issues RESTRAINING ORDER against Bart Rizzolo
- The ORDER prohibits the 77 year old father of incarcerated racketeer Rick Rizzolo from coming within 100 ft. of Barrier for at least 30 days. 
The calm before the storm
- The Thanksgiving holiday is a wonderful time to try to slip one over on us.
Crazy Horse reportedly sold
- Buffalo Jim almost run over by Rizzolo's dad minutes after sale was reported on Spanish language TV news.
The latest Crazy Horse Too developments
- On Wednesday, the clock secretly stopped ticking that would have marked the final day the trouble plagued Crazy Horse Too strip club could maintain its adult use zoning.
If it smells like a fish...
- "Defendants will not be able to pay their court ordered creditors and they will be forced into bankruptcy."
My reasons for concern
- two documents were never meant for public view, but I believe the public needs to be familiar with their contents in order to protect the public's safety in regard to who will be allowed to reopen the Crazy Horse Too.
Judge ends 4 year long trial
- Feds "approve" questionable Crazy Horse buyer.
Government taking sealed bids on Crazy Horse Too
- Many debts to go unpaid if bids come up short.
Steve is off this week
Rizzolo throws a technicality at the court
- Dumps Patti & Sgro and hires a Mormon law firm.
The Last Man Standing, Baseball Bats, OJ, the DA, a Kid Judge, and the Fool
- Las Vegas gets a couple of well deserved black eyes, and guess who gets blamed?
Steve is off this week
Federal Judge's brother is Rizzolo's personal lawyer
Why 16 Crazy Horse defendants got off with slaps on the wrist
- Rick and Lisa Rizzolo hide their assets
Bad lawyering
- This has been a bad week for imprisoned racketeer Rick Rizzolo.
Rizzolo's personal assets get exposed, along with Steve Miller's secrets!
- When it rains it pours. Like a late summer monsoon in the neon desert, INSIDE VEGAS this past week was deluged with new information.
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
Mike's journey from the little house to the Big House
- A federal grand jury will convene in several weeks to hear the government's case against McDonald. An Indictment is expected soon thereafter.
A Chip Off the Old Block
- The final paragraphs of last week's INSIDE VEGAS struck a nerve with the son of convicted racketeer Rick Rizzolo.
Requiem for a Strip Joint
- "Pillar of the Community" vs. "Las Vegas Most Colorful Character"
Steve is off this week
The Anticlimax
- A minute after midnight, a half dozen city business license officials led by City Attorney Brad Jerbic entered the building and removed the liquor license while club owner Rick Rizzolo sat in a cell at the Los Angeles Metro Detention Center.
Straw Men On Parade
- "Rick wants to sell to me because I remind him of the young Rick." - Athanasios Karahalios.
Then "the young Rick" welched on a $400 loan!
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
$1 million dollars put in escrow for Buffalo Jim Barrier.
- Crazy Horse Too sale to Mike Signorelli craps out. Judge throws the book at Rick Rizzolo after seeing a CONFIDENTIAL Agreement!
Rizzolo took an unexpected detour on his way to Camp Granada.
- Seize the moment!
Rizzolo's Going Away Party Backfires - Buffalo Jim's Harassment Lawsuit may be reopened
The Sewers of Vegas
- From a blood and semen soaked topless bar, to the sewers of Vegas, this past week two authors bravely exposed the darkest secrets of our town.
Rizzolo Honored at Prison Themed Party in Newport Beach, then a Judge Gives Him a Bon Voyage Present by Throwing Out Buffalo Jim Barrier's Lawsuit!
Faraci Secretly Applies for a County Liquor License
- Last Tuesday, Clark County Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board were asked to secretly grant preliminary approval of a key employee liquor license for a twice convicted felon about to go prison.
The Fix Was In!
- Crazy Horse Too granted permanent liquor license even after police and City Attorney tell Council the mob is still in control.
Rizzolo ducks deposition to avoid questions about straw man while tons of documents get shredded.
Steve is off this week
Letters and advice for Rick, Vinny, and Mike while they're in the slammer"
Galardi checks out before he and Rizzolo get "quality time" together
- Rick Rizzolo and Mike Galardi were expected to spend five months together in the same minimum security prison, but Galardi is probably having second thoughts after reading last week's INSIDE VEGAS
Hello Muddah, hello Fadduh. Here I am at Camp Granada
- On Sunday March 11, I had the opportunity to visit the Federal Prison Camp about to become the temporary home of ex-Las Vegas topless bar moguls Rick Rizzolo, Vinny Faraci, and Mike Galardi - soon to be known to their fellow campers as the "Vegas Three."
Steve is off this week
Coming Soon! Frederick Rizzolo Collection
- Just in time for Spring, the first exclusive Mr. Frederick Collection will soon be available in the finest department stores, fashion boutiques, and Federal Prison commissaries.
Spilotro's nephew defends brother of
the man accused of his uncle's murder - Tony Spilotro's nephew who has a Las Vegas law practice is representing the brother of the guy who allegedly killed his uncle! Go figure that one out!
Steve is off this week
Nevada legalizes extortion
- Now its up to our new Governor, Jim Gibbons, to straighten out this mess before a few cabbies -- through threats -- are able to take over the state any time they see fit by using their boss' equipment to snarl traffic and cripple the tourist economy while leaving many locals walking or taking the bus.
Steve is off this week
Rick Rizzolo gets a year and a day, Vinny Faraci's angel revealed, And the incest continues!
The plot thickens
- Rizzolo's sentencing delayed one week.
With friends like these, we don't need enemies!
- Wynn entices Michael Jackson to move to Sin City.
Is Las Vegas showing them the way?
- Will Al Qaeda be welcome in Vegas if they gamble like Whales?
Steve is off this week
Rizzolo could be in contempt of court.
- New RICO lawsuit claims Rick Rizzolo still runs the Crazy Horse.
Steve is off this week
Rizzolo still too sick to be sentenced while partying at Park Towers.
Rizzolo too ill to testify
- It's not yet known whether Rizzolo will appear in his pajamas
Sin City Turkey Tales.
- Here are a few of this week's local turkeys as presented in my latest INSIDER E-Briefs.
Mutiny at the Crazy Horse Too
- What a difference four years can make!
Steve is off this week
Signorelli tells the City Council he didn't know his general manager, assistant general manager, and bookkeeper's last names�are "Rizzolo"
Steve is off this week
The Crazy Horse Too
- Back to business-as-usual
Like a bad nickel, it just keeps coming back.
- Never before has a Las Vegas scandal kept coming back with such regularity as the ongoing Crazy Horse Too debacle that should have ended six weeks ago when the blood soaked topless bar was permanently shut down.
Steve is off this week
- "Caruso said Signorelli has worked out a $400,000-a-month lease which includes the right to purchase the Crazy Horse
Too from Rizzolo for $45 million."
--  Attorney Steve Caruso
Rizzolo tries every trick to get Crazy Horse re-opened.
- And they said the Mob left Vegas years ago......
Humpty Dumpty - Vegas Style
- Clark County District Court Judge Mark Denton last Tuesday ruled to uphold the unanimous vote of the Las Vegas City Council that permanently revoked Rizzolo's Crazy Horse Too strip bar's liquor license.
The bloodshed finally ends
- On September 6, 2006, the Las Vegas City Council unanimously voted to permanently revoke Rick Rizzolo's liquor license and fine him $2.2 million dollars for condoning twenty years of robberies, beatings, and murders at his Crazy Horse Too.
Steve is on vaction
The showdown
- the biggest showdowns in Vegas history, City Hall, the U.S. Federal Court House, and Clark County District Court.
Vegas elections show ignorance and vulnerability of most voters
- Foolish early voters are usually stuck voting for who spent the most on billboards, direct mail, TV, and radio ads.
Steve is off this week
U.S. Dept. of Justice calls the Crazy Horse Too a serious threat to the community, but the Mayor wants to keep the place open
- Mayor Oscar Goodman insists that the crimes are not egregious enough to deserve liquor license revocation.
Rizzolo's lawyers dangle Kirk Henry like a carrot in front of City Council
- Councilwoman punished for challenging Mayor
How to catch corrupted politicians
- Sometimes I just can't contain myself.
Suck my big toe...
- "Tell Steve Miller he can suck my big toe!"
Mayor Oscar Goodman, 07/16/06, LV Review-Journal
Steve is off this week
Be Careful What You Ask For…You might just get it!
- Now, more than ever, it looks like Rizzolo's asking price of $35 - 40 million is hugely inflated, and is based on what the club skims -- not reports.
Crazy Horse Too's worth highly exaggerated
- Skim allowed to continue until eventual sale.
Juiced Judges
- Saitta exposed in LA Times
Steve is off this week
Rizzolo pleads Guilty to Racketeering and Tax Evasion Sentencing scheduled for September 15.
Steve is off this week
Rizzolo is going to prison - but he still got away with murder!
- Vegas strip club owner pleads guilty to tax evasion, and his corporation pleads guilty to racketeering, but the story is far from over
Steve is off this week
Burn the place down?
- A few thugs have successfully redefined the image of our town into a Mob controlled, dangerous, lawless place unfit for families, or the faint of heart.
Vegas slimes a Southern California Sheriff and gets a well deserved black eye
- Rizzolo becomes pal of a Sheriff with access to secret organized crime databases
Steve is off this week
"A cross between Boy's Town, and Sodom and Gomorrah"
- "Sin City's" warped standards finally required the Feds to step in to clean up our mess.
So long, Joe
- From 1960 to 2001, Joe Kludjian owned the most popular restaurant in Vegas, the Golden Steer Steakhouse, located on West Sahara Ave. Joe died Tuesday, April 4. He was 81.
"Innocent" people don't need immunity from prosecution!
- A trial that will validate dozens of INSIDE VEGAS columns describing one of Sin City's biggest disgraces  -- the Crazy Horse Too.
The weak link
- This is the story of two District Attorneys; former San Francisco DA Terance Hallinan, and current Clark County DA David Roger who may be following in his footsteps when it comes to not enforcing laws pertaining to the adult entertainment industry.
Las Vegas is the end of the road in the sex slave trade
- Young Asian women and children unknowingly spirited away from their families to become sex slaves in the back rooms of Sin City massage parlors or clandestine private residences.
Steve is off this week
Mayors caught enriching crony in "Honey pot estates" scam
- Former Vegas Mayor Jan Jones is currently the Senior Vice President of Communications and Government Relations for Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. Last Thursday, Jones' photo appeared on the front page of the Las Vegas Review-Journal for reasons Harrah's would never condone.
When will they ever learn?
- After three judges issued orders to cease and desist, and after thousands of dollars in judgments and lawyer fees, Rick Rizzolo continues illegally towing his neighbor's customer's cars.
Sin City Update
- "Mr. Clean Face;" Missing police report; Buffalo wins another judgment; "Oscar's Speakeasy;" and Mayor obstructs justice.
Steve is off this week
Notarized affidavit tells of aftermath of purported Crazy Horse shooting, but no police report was filed
- This is a story I really don't want to tell. In fact, I'd planned to take the week off -- until I received a fax.
Going away parties held for Rizzolo in Vegas & Philly while his attorney tries to squelch sale of his Sin City club to an outsider.
Philly Crazy Horse Too liquor license questioned
- It appears that the Philadelphia Board of Liquor License (BLC) had not heard of Rizzolo's problems prior to their swift granting of his privileged license, or they just looked the other way..
Lombardo's Vegas connections may soon surface
- On Friday night, about a dozen FBI agents descended on Lombardo in an Elmwood Park alley.
- Chicago Sun-Times 01-14-06
Rizzolo's story becomes tabloid fodder
- Rizzolo has a criminal record for brutal violence.
Steve is off this week
Steve is off this week
The anatomy of a nixed libel lawsuit
- In the news business, its not unusual to receive demands for retraction or correction.
Steve is off this week
Old California money shuns Vegas "neuvo riche"
- Beware of newcomers bearing gifts
Billy Walters' and Fred Glusman's political parties may end soon
- Crooked politicians and stinking deals come together at three posh eateries - two in Vegas - one in Newport Beach - that share the same host.
- Judge Stewart Bell was NOT Rick Rizzolo's defense attorney in baseball bat beating case
Baseball bat attack returns to haunt Vegans in their classy sanctuary
- "Pillar of the community" has a secret criminal record
Steve is off this week
Sin City Cabbie Conspiracy Worsens
- The tail is wagging the dog with government help!
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Stupid is as stupid does
- Rizzolo loses another case in Small Claims Court. This is a very old and very stupid story -- a story that doesn't seem to have an end.
Billy spills the beans
- $50 million dollar windfall hangs in the balance, but old friend may no longer be able to help
Billy Bounces Back
- ...but exposes friend to new round of ethics charges
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The life of the party
- A question I'm repeatedly asked by readers is, "When I'm in Vegas, where should I go to see the mob?"
"I was rolled at the Crazy Horse Too"
- No one wants to kill a goose that lays golden eggs. On August 30, I received the following e-mail......
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Driving while wealthy
- Well-to-do woman ODs on Xanax - falls asleep - runs over and kills four people at a bus stop - DA refuses to prosecute. Five days later, she sings at a karaoke bar.
A judge in their pocket
- "Mr. Rizzolo has a good name in the community.".
- Judge Saitta, on the record
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Glass houses
- Frankly, I'd rather be attacked by a swarm of malaria-crazed mosquitoes than have Miller and Barrier on my case.
- John L. Smith, LV Review-Journal
These Billy's give me the willies!
- Standing up for both these less-than-stand up Billy's is Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman
What happens here, stays here
- Was the popular slogan plagiarized from Alcoholics Anonymous?
Par for the course
- Sweetheart land deal expected to pass under the radar - again
US Supreme Court desecrates Fifth Amendment
- The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that local governments may seize people's homes and businesses
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Vegas is a second chance town
- Its rumored that sullied rock idol Michael Jackson may be considering making his come back in our desert town.
The Ultimate Revenge
- "Dear Mr. Gentlemen" Competitor leases billboard over Crazy Horse Too.
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Attention: Clark County Sheriff Bill Young
- Seven Las Vegas Metro Police units spent over two hours with their engines and air conditioners running while officers were inside a topless bar. Why?
"I can do whatever I want. I'm the Mayor!"
- Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery....
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One "whorehouse" down, two to go
- On Wednesday, May 4, the Las Vegas City Council conducted a Show Cause hearing on the license of the Del Mar Motel on the Strip.
The Wynns, and what they may not want us to know
- "Wynn Las Vegas" opened its $2.7 billion dollar doors at midnight Wednesday to thousands of starry-eyed people.
Another man beaten at the Crazy Horse Too
- "An officer at the scene said that club employees showed restraint."
- If Crazy Horse employees showed "restraint" last Monday, it was for the first time in history!
The Last Hours of the Crazy Horse Too
- On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams -- and Necks.
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The BEST and the WORST of Las Vegas
- Las Vegas Review-Journal "Best of Las Vegas 2005 Awards" just named Buffalo Jim Barrier " Las Vegas' Most Colorful Character." The newspaper's second choice was Sin City's mobbed-up mayor, Oscar Goodman.
Rizzolo's Worst Nightmare
- more concerned about being inducted into the Nevada Gaming Control Board Excluded Person List also known as the "Black Book," than being indicted in the federal racketeering take down.
When will Rizzolo Rat?
- The days of "omerta" are long gone
"Degenerate" mayor endorses booze to eight year olds
- One item he would bring with him ( if stranded on a dessert island ) would be "a bottle of gin."
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City grants Treasures a permanent license.
- The battle of the juice machines...
Don't Mess with the IRS!
- Vinnie Faraci deserts Crazy Horse Too
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The house that Mikey built.
- Another Vegas politico bites the dust, but this time it may not be gold dust.
The Hammer Has Dropped.
- Indictments begin to roll. Who'll be next?
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Vegas' secret city.
- Are politicians plotting demise of low income neighborhood to benefit rich developers? Or is this "progress" Vegas style?
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