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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

Dad of Major League hitter may hold
a key to Rick Rizzolo's future jail cell

"He who sleeps with dogs, wakes up with fleas"

       Rick Rizzolo                 Vince Piazza                            Mike Piazza

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
October 18, 2010

LAS VEGAS - While racketeer Rick Rizzolo was serving his prison sentence, he secretly participated in the $3 million dollar sale of his portion of the Philadelphia Crazy Horse Too. Rizzolo did not report the transaction to the IRS or his creditors including unpaid beating victim Kirk Henry.

According to documents discovered in September 2010, Rizzolo was set to receive $3 million from his business partner Vince Piazza, the father of famous baseball player Mike Piazza, for Rizzolo's share of the strip club (photo on left).

In a MOTION (below) filed on October 8, 2010, attorneys for Kirk Henry asked the United States Federal Court to extend the time for Discovery in Henry's personal injury case so his legal team can depose Vince Piazza to ascertain whether Rick or Lisa Rizzolo received at least $2 million of the $3 million dollars under the table.

However, being subpoenaed to talk about his association with a convicted racketeer is the last thing a highly respected Pennsylvania businessman and humanitarian like Vince Piazza needs.

                                                                                             FULL TEXT

Vince Piazza is a pillar of the community, an exemplary father, and highly successful businessman who's Piazza Auto Group operates 11 car dealerships in Pennsylvania.

As I'm sure Vince knows well, his deposition will become a public document in Nevada, and will most likely end up on these and other pages for all to see. Though his association with a criminal was probably inadvertent, a man such as Vince Piazza probably doesn't welcome being tarnished by having his name associated with a convicted felon who in 2006 pleaded guilty to racketeering and was recently accused of perjury for allegedly giving false testimony in a deposition, information that directly correlates to Rizzolo's association with Piazza.

                                                                                      FULL TEXT

On June 18, 2004, Yogi Berra, Carlton Fisk, Gary Carter, and Johnny Bench joined Vince Piazza at Shea Stadium to honor his son on "Mike Piazza Night." The younger Piazza was celebrated for breaking the record for career home runs by a catcher. During the 2005 season, Piazza was the ninth highest paid MLB player at $16,071,429.

Vince Piazza is a very proud man, a man who gives generously to charity; a man who values and protects his reputation; and a man who was once part of a group that offered $115 million for a Major League Baseball team -- but were declined because Vince failed a security check of his background.
Los Angeles Times
Lasorda's Ties to Sale Are Fading

Baseball: Vince Piazza, manager's longtime friend, fails security check and may withdraw from group trying to buy the Giants.


Vince Piazza, a longtime friend of Dodger Manager Tom Lasorda, may withdraw from the group trying to buy the San Francisco Giants and move that club to Florida. That decision could force Lasorda to remain with the Dodgers in 1993, rather than possibly joining his hometown pal in Florida.

Fred Kuhlmann, vice chairman of the St. Louis Cardinals and chairman of the major league ownership committee, said Thursday that Piazza has no choice, that he failed a security check of his background. Kuhlmann would not provide specifics, and Tom Ostertag, baseball's general counsel, refused comment.

In 1993, Piazza sued Major League Baseball.

Vincent Piazza, et al v. Major League Baseball, et al

The narrative of the court case stated: "Case involving investors attempt to purchase the San Francisco Giants and relocate the franchise to Tampa Bay, Florida, which was disapproved by Major League Baseball. Plaintiffs allege that the organizations of professional major league baseball and an affiliated individual frustrated their efforts to purchase the San Francisco Giants baseball club (the "Giants") and relocate it to Tampa Bay, Florida. Plaintiffs charge these defendants with infringing upon the rights under United States Constitution and violation antitrust laws and several state laws in the process."

The lawsuit and its inherent publicity affected plans to build a stadium with public funds.  In the end, Major League Baseball decided to pay Vince Piazza $6 million to avoid a trial which could have weakened its antirust exemption.

Following this skirmish, Vince Piazza felt vindicated, and with his reputation in tact built a series of highly successful businesses that are flourishing to the present day. He also made several more attempts to join groups trying to buy Major League teams including a stab at buying the Florida Marlins from Wayne Huizenga (owner of Republic Silver State Disposal in Las Vegas).

Unfortunately -- for unknown reasons -- all five of Piazza's attempts at MLB ownership failed.

And to make the prospects of owning a Major League team even more distant, in 2005, Piazza got involved with Rick Rizzolo.

Many believe Vince was duped by Rizzolo who at the time had a clean record, and with Rizzolo's help Vince and his partners in 2006 opened a beautiful club in South Philadelphia patterned after Rizzolo's Vegas operation, an operation that -- unbeknownst to Piazza -- was to be closed down by the government in less than two years.

But months before the Philly club opened, the nearby community found out who Vince's new partner was and raised a red flag. Even with the community's strong opposition, a liquor license was issued possibly in respect to Vince Piazza who is a local hero.
Philadelphia Daily News 
LOOK OUT, South Philly - Sin City is moving in 

November 5, 2005 

Called Crazy Horse Too, it's a massive, flashy establishment that has had run-ins with the feds in Vegas. Its owner is reportedly connected to the mob. 

Crazy Horse Too in Vegas is a 24-hour complex staffed by 1,500 women that makes roughly $1 million a month, according to a recent Las Vegas Sun story. 

But not all of that money may be clean. 

Last January, a club manager was indicted and charged with federal racketeering and tax charges. The indictment alleges that club employees extorted money from customers through threats. 

And while Crazy Horse Too's owner, Rick Rizzolo, has not been hit with any charges, he is under investigation for federal racketeering and tax evasion, according to the Las Vegas press. 

Rizzolo has also repeatedly been accused of being linked to the Mafia. A Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist recently reported that Rizzolo had been at an organized-crime dinner in Chicago over the summer, attended by mob boss Joey "the Clown" Lombardo. 

A well respected gentleman like Vince Piazza must have choked when he read about his new business partner in the Philadelphia Daily News because it didn't take long for him to put his topless bar on the market and find a willing buyer. Piazza began his quest to sell the Philly club just after his partner Rizzolo began serving time in the Federal Detention Center in Los Angeles.  That must have been a very embarrassing time for Vince.
New York Post
Father of Slugger Mike Piazza Sells Philadelphia Nightclub
Crazy Horse Too Cabaret to Reopen as Rick's Cabaret

By Paul Snyder
April 22, 2008

FORMER Met Mike Piazza’s millionaire dad, Vince Piazza, is about to become even richer. Vince has signed papers to sell the Crazy Horse Too Cabaret, an upscale topless bar/restaurant in Philadelphia, to publicly traded gentlemen’s club Rick’s Cabaret International for $7.9 million.

However, following the sale to Rick's Cabaret (no connection to Rizzolo), $3 million destined for Rizzolo went unreported, and that's the genesis of Kirk Henry's MOTION to extend Discovery in his lawsuit and give his legal team enough time to depose Mr. Piazza -- something that's sure to put the shy businessman back into the East Coast news at a time when he doesn't need the publicity.

Maybe somebody back in 2005 should have warned Vince; "He who sleeps with dogs, wakes up with fleas."

Will Piazza give a full disclosure and throw Rizzolo under the bus to protect his own reputation? And where is the Internal Revenue Service and Nevada Department of Parole and Probation at this time in the history of this nine year old case?


Philly Crazy Horse Too liquor license questioned

Neighbors have concerns about the type of establishment proposed for this location, as well as the character of those in control of the license. - Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Fumo

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
January 23, 2006

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