To Kill The Irishman - By Rick Porrello
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Mafia Family Album
The Rise and Fall of the Cleveland Mafia the Preface
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Contains photos of actual murder and death, please view responsibly.

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     James "Whitey" Bulger - a dapper Boston area gangster who has been a fugitive from a federal indictment since 1995. In 1999 Bulger was placed on the F.B.I. Top Ten Most Wanted List. Like his associate Steve Flemmi, a long time informer for the F.B.I., Bulger's relationship with the F.B.I. has generated alot of controversy.

     June 20, 1947 at 10:45 PM in the 810 North Linden Drive Beverly Hills mansion rented in Virgina Hills name, Bugsy Siegel and friend Allan Smiley were talking and reading the newspaper. An assassin standing in the bushes outside the living room window blasted a .30 calibre carbine. One bullet tore through Siegels head ripping out his eye and tossing it accross the room. Four more slugs struck his body and 3 more missed. Smiley dove to the floor and escaped injury.

     John Branco - a associate of the Los Angeles crime family since the 1950s. Branco testified in May 1999 against defendants in the so called Herbie Blitzstein trial in Las Vegas, Nevada.

     James Burke - A New York City area gangster known as "Jimmy the Gent". Burke was the suspected mastermind in the $ 6.8 million robbery at Lufthansa at Kennedy airport in 1978. He was played by actor Robert DeNiro in the movie "GoodFellas". Burke died in prison in April 1996 at age 64.

     Masseria was a slob, but through sheer cunning and cruelty, he became the New York Mafia Boss.

     Carmine Galante - a notorious member of the Bonanno crime family in New York. Galante was believed to be heavily involved in drug trafficking. Known as "Lillo" or "the Cigar", he was murdered with 2 other men in Brooklyn on July 12, 1979.


     Henry Hill - a former associate of Jimmy "the Gent" Burke and members of New York's Lucchese crime family. In the mid 1980s Hill testified against Burke, Paul Vario Sr. and others. He was portrayed in the movie "GoodFellas" and hie life detailed in the book "WiseGuys".

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