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Contains photos of actual murder and death, please view responsibly.

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     Salvatore "Sammy G" Gingello, underboss/acting boss of the Rochester La Cosa Nostra, circa 1973.

     Murder scene of Rochester acting boss Salvatore Gingello outside Ben's Cafe Society on Stillson Street in April of 1978. Gingello died at the hospital. Prior to this hit, a rival faction made five unsuccessful attempts on Gingello's life.

     Louis Buchalter, A.K.A. Louis Lepke.
Foremost labor racketeer during 1930s, becoming a millionaire. Head of Murder, Inc. and associate of Albert Anastasia, Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano and Frank Costello. Executed in 1944 for murder.

     Thomas "Tommy Ryan" Eboli, acting boss and boss of New York's Genovese Mafia clan 1960-1972. Murdered.

     An early rumrunner in the Prohibition Area, Larry Fay made a half a million dollars bringing whiskey into New York from Canada. Was shot 4 times at close range and died instantly on New Years Day, 1933 by a disgruntled doorman.

     Rosario Porrello, oldest of the seven Porrello brothers, Cleveland's second mob family. Killed in 1932 near E. 110th Street and Woodland Avenue, the "bloody corner."


     Joe Porrello, corn sugar baron and leader of the seven Porrello brothers. Second mob boss of Cleveland rackets 1927-1930. Murdered.

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     Page 6

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