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Donnie Brasco' Agent Helping Scotland Yard.

Monday, February 5, 2001



The mob-busting, deep-undercover FBI agent played by Johnny Depp in the hit movie "Donnie Brasco" has joined Scotland Yard. Joe Pistone - whose secret life as a Mafia snitch became law-enforcement legend - is advising the Yard on its undercover operations, London's Sunday Mirror says.

Pistone spent six years posing as a jewel thief to gain the trust of New York's fearsome Bonnano crime family in the 1970s.

Known to the mob as Donnie Brasco, Pistone provided evidence that secured the arrest and conviction of nearly 100 gangsters.

Pistone was forced into hiding in the federal witness-protection program after the Mafia put a $450,000 price on his head.

His duties in Britain include coaching London's elite SO10 officers on infiltration techniques and surveillance.

Pistone - whose family has undergone a change of identity six times to avoid Mafia hit men - last came out of hiding to advise heartthrob Johnny Depp, who played Pistone in "Donnie Brasco," which co-starred Al Pacino.

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