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Fat Ange's weight-loss plan interrupted. He's back in solitary confinement.

By KITTY CAPARELLA, Philadelphia Daily News

Angelo Lutz is well acquainted with the "hole" at the Federal Detention Center.He's been there three or four times in the last five months, and he was just sent there again, according to sources.

The roly-poly convicted racketeer, who became a figure of fun in the city because of his sense of humor during a brief spell of freedom on bail last year, was supposed to be on a weight-loss program aided by the notorious Traitz brothers, of Roofers Union fame.

But if there was such a regimen, it was interrupted by his retun to solitary.How the man known as "Fat Ange" wound up back in the hole depends on who's telling the story.

Lutz says he was blamed for snitching on a guy in the kitchen, according to sources. But Lutz denied it.

Guards then discovered betting slips among his medical supplies, which Lutz contends were planted by others, a! source said.

When the guards discovered the contraband betting slips, Lutz was shipped off to the hole - or to the sixth floor, depending on who is talking.

When the guards wanted to send him back to his original cell on the fourth floor, he refused to go because he didn't want to tangle with his accusers, the source said. "This guy just doesn't let up," said a law enforcement source. "The saga continues."

A spokesman for the detention center did not return calls."If what you're saying is true, and they did find betting slips, it goes to what I argued at his sentencing," said Lutz's attorney, Christopher Warren.

"Angelo has a terrible addiction over which he has no control."

Lutz had promised to lose weight in prison. He's got nine years to do it, since that was the sentence he got in federal court last month following his July 20 racketeering conviction for gambling, extortion and loan-sharking in the Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino crime family.

Lutz reportedly turned to the Trait! z brothers, Joseph, 41, of Gilbertsville, and Stephen 3rd, of Cherry Hill, who were jailed at the detention center with him, awaiting post-trial motions after convictions for operating a methamphetamine ring.

Not only do the Traitz brothers have great physiques, they trained as boxers as youngsters. Lutz called them his "personal trainers," and is said to have lost about 30 pounds, according to sources familiar with Lutz.

"I wouldn't be surprised everyone loves them," said attorney Dennis Cogan, who represented a co-defendant at the Traitz trial. "I saw Lutz three or four days before his sentencing, and he didn't look like he lost any weight." *

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