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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

The House of Holy Hooters
INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
May 5, 2003

Bartholomew Rizzolo,  Ralph Rizzolo, and  the Reverend, Dr. Annette Rizzolo-Patterson
talking to their attorney during February 20, 2003, FBI, IRS raid of the Crazy Horse Too

“The House of Holy Hooters,”  "Churchgate," “St. Frederick of the Holy Stripper,” or even “The Church of Sementology,” one way or the other this issue seems sinfully salacious. The question is, how did "sacred ground" get involved in a scheme to stop the zoning of a topless joint?

We are still confused by the subtleties of this thing, so let's bone up (no pun intended) on the cast of characters. Now pay attention, this get complicated:

Its speculated that the Reverend, Dr. Annette Marie Rizzolo-Patterson, Crazy Horse Too skin joint owner Fred Rizzolo’s sister, with the help of a City Councilman conspired to set up a “pop up Church” next door to Presidential Advisor and former Ambassador to Iceland Sig Rogich’s not-so-sacred ground which is the site of the about-to-open Board Room Gentleman's Club just down the street from the aging Crazy Horse. It is thought that the Reverend and the Councilman conspired to stop a zone change and squelch competition. If that is not correct, we’ll stick to giving spelling lessons....Repeat after me: "Sermon is spelled with an O not an E. Semen is spelled with an E not an O."

If the "pop up Church" materialized with the help of a Councilman just to throw a monkey wrench into the licensing of a competitive topless joint, it was well known that it would have taken Divine Intervention to get a Vegas judge to convict the wayward politician. So, for a while it looked like "All's well that ends well" - at least until the next Council election.

It was thought that Sin City Mayor Oscar Goodman should've called a Special Meeting of the City Council regarding this matter to receive testi-mony, or maybe a long overdue Show Cause Hearing was more in order, but he conveniently stayed out of the fray.

The plan was clear. If the "Universal Church for Life Enhancement" could set up its pews across the street before Sig could get the zoning changed on his land, there would be no zoning changed! HALLELUJAH!

There may be a few REAL clergymen and clergywomen who would like to articulate themselves on this subject to those responsible for the law that made this whole charade possible. Its enough to give religion a bad name!

Well, the "Church" got there first and Sig supposedly got so hot he hightailed it back to Iceland to chill out. Then this notice appeared in a local paper saying that a familiar City Councilman would be preaching on Sunday morning.

We called the number listed for the "Church" and received a recorded "Inspirational Message" in a deep throaty (a little play on words) female voice that said, “Thank you for calling the world famous all new, bigger and better than ever Crazy Horse Too gentlemen's club."

When we asked if Councilman McDonald would be preaching at Sunday's service, the voice asked, "What kind of service would you like?"

         "Preacher" McDonald
Lets see now – #1 - A new “Church” opened just across the street from a larger proposed topless club that's not far from the Crazy Horse on land once owned by Presidential Advisor Sig Rogich.

#2 - Its discovered that the “Reverend” of the "Church" is the bookkeeper at the competition-paranoid Crazy Horse and the sister of the club’s owner.

#3 - This new “Church,” with the help of a mob connected Councilman, takes advantage of an arcane city law prohibiting adult businesses from being located too near a place of worship thus almost killing Sig’s plan to sell the land at millions of dollars more than its worth without the T. & A enhancement.

#4 - Councilman Mike McDonald, known to be real close to Mr. Rizzolo, reportedly preaches at the "Church" one Sunday morning, but is soon found guilty by the city Ethics Board of doing Rizzolo favors away from the pew.

#5 - The feds raid the topless joint and seize a warehouse full of documents, cash registers, ATM machines, and video surveillance tapes.

#6 - The politically powerful “Sig Machine” allegedly goes into action and the Councilman's bid for a third term hits an iceberg.

Then several hapless Crazy Horse patrons end up at the local trauma unit, or the morgue after tangling with club bouncers over allegedly padded bills. But, nobody at the Horse is heard praying.

         Kirk Henry                     Paul Russo                      Eben Kostbar                       Jermaine Simieou                            Scott Fau

Tom Letizia, "Information Minister" for the Crazy place, goes into action to make Fred look Saint like, and McDonald calls Rizzolo a "Pillar of the community" at a Council meeting.

      Smiling Fred Rizzolo
Several assault and battery lawsuits are filed against Rizzolo and his bouncers, and a racketeering lawsuit surfaces accusing the Reverend's brother of  harboring “Acts of prostitution and sales of illegal drugs.” The court document even describes in lurid legal detail “’friction dances' wherein the male customer puts on a condom and the 'dancer' straddles the customer and manipulates her body against the male customer so as to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of the male customer.”

The town's mayor rewards the Reverend's brother with a new law so he can expand (his business) and employ teenage strippers to add more "friction."

A federal grand jury is embodied, criminal indictments are imminent, and the Crazy Horse's "Information Minister" says everything is A-OK. In fact, he even vows to sue the FBI and IRS when its over, and Fred keeps smiling through it all.

Well, we know this does not imply that “friction dances” will occur during Sunday services at Rizzolo-Patterson’s “Church,” but we can guarantee that there will be more than enough “friction” generated by this titillating scam to arouse even the most flaccid local politician after the feds get finished.

Incidentally, is there an opening for an experienced prison chaplain at Club Fed - someone who has spent a lot of time "rehabilitating" felons at her brother's "Half Way House?"

Its believed that if the feds have their way, a 26,000 square foot warehouse will soon be available on Industrial Road to house the biggest new "Church" in Sin City. Then the recorded "Inspirational Message" may say, "Thank you for calling the world famous all new, bigger and better than ever Universal Church for Life Enhancement, formerly the Crazy Horse Too."

Stay tuned. It gets better!

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