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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

The weak link
INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
March 27, 2006

     Ousted San Francisco DA Terance Hallinan                  Current Clark County DA David Roger

LAS VEGAS - This is the story of two District Attorneys; former San Francisco DA Terance Hallinan, and current Clark County DA David Roger who may be following in his footsteps when it comes to not enforcing laws pertaining to the adult entertainment industry.

On December 2, 1998, a story entitled "Wages of Vice. Police find a way to make money by busting massage parlors"  authored by Renata Huang appeared in the San Francisco Weekly. It stated:

"For the past two years, the vice squad has been quietly collecting tens of thousands of dollars in 'restitution' from women arrested in massage parlor raids. With the blessing of (San Francisco) District Attorney Terrace Hallinan's office, charges against the women are then dropped. Technically, the women agree to enter a diversion program rather than go to court. But unlike other diversion programs -- such as those for drunk drivers or petty drug users -- this program doesn't include anything like mandatory counseling, training, or community service. Instead, the women are simply required to promise they will not stray again. And, it seems, pay several hundred dollars to the vice squad and a nonprofit organization for the favor of having their charges dropped."

Regarding our local District Attorney, on May 8, 2002, an editorial I authored entitled "The company he keeps" was republished on It stated:

"Topless bar owner Rick Rizzolo recently kicked in $10,000 and organized a fundraiser for (Clark County) District Attorney candidate David Roger. At an earlier fundraiser held at his Canyon Gate home, Rizzolo introduced the candidate to most of the other adult business owners and their wallets. David Roger seems unconcerned that his chief fundraiser is facing at least three court dates for alleged beatings, robberies, and a wrongful death. He also doesn't seem troubled by the fact that Las Vegas Metro PD has two cases against Rizzolo's business waiting for filing by the DA's office."
In the case of DA Hallinan, even his city council and mayor were unaware of the secret arrangement he made with massage parlors. Then he went on national TV and declared that prostitution is a "victimless crime," and he would not prosecute pimps, johns, or hookers in his city. In 2004, Hallinan was defeated in a bid for a third term when the restitution arrangement was made public by his opponent.

In the case of DA Roger, immediately after being elected to his first term in 2002, he dropped all cases LV Metro Police had pending against Rizzolo's blood soaked business, the Crazy Horse Too, something that deeply troubled dedicated street cops and victims.

In the meantime, the FBI busted the Crazy Horse and one of its competitors owned by Michael Galardi. In the first of two high profile trials, transcripts of FBI wire taps just surfaced that incriminate Rizzolo in the pay off's of local politicians, cops, and judges. The first trial, coined "Operation G-Sting," is expected to be the opening act for a much bigger court drama later this year entitled "Operation Crazy Horse."

The Sunday, March 26, front page headline of the Las Vegas SUN blares "Galardi dishes up dirt on club rival. Rizzolo fingered in secret FBI reports." This story by SUN investigative reporters Jeff German and Steve Knigher confirms what INSIDE VEGAS has been saying all along; that Rizzolo is about to go down, and go down hard! But not before burying a number of Vegas "Pillars" including District Court Judge Nancy Saitta, and ex-city councilman Mike McDonald

But that's not our only problem. Like in San Francisco during the Hallinan era, Las Vegas is also suffering from an out of control prostitution problem fueled by an ultra liberal or incompetent DA. Over 150 pages are dedicated to hookers in the Sprint Yellow Pages, and hand billers litter the Strip with similar fliers, but DA Roger looks the other way caring less that the public finds this business to be the "Most Embarrassing Thing About Las Vegas" in this year's Review-Journal Reader's Poll.

Its doubtful that Roger, like Hallinan, has struck a deal with the unlicensed "masseuses" to pay "restitution," but the results are the surely same; the uncontrolled spread of HIV and STDs, along with trafficking in human sex slaves brought here from the Orient and Latin America. Because of the lack of prosecution by Roger, Las Vegas is becoming another "City by the bay" when it comes to rampant vice -- just look at the Yellow Page below. The police department is not the culprit. Its the DA who refuses to prosecute those who place these ads, their pimps, and Johns -- along with the thugs who beat and kill people at the Crazy Horse Too.

When all the dust settles on the G-Sting and Crazy Horse trials, and after a few of our town's most promising politicians are hauled off to "Club Fed," the question will finally be asked: "Where were our District Attorneys during all this? Why did the Feds have to step in to clean up our local mess?"

Today: March 26, 2006 at 8:22:8 PST

RICK RIZZOLO testifies before a review board in 2000. Rizzolo is the target of a sweeping FBI racketeering probe.

Since I started writing about the Sin City sex industry scandals back in 1999, I too have wondered where the buck stops? In interviews with good cops, it became crystal clear that no matter how good a job Metro does preparing a case for prosecution, including the locally brought cases against Galardi and Rizzolo, its ultimately up to the District Attorney to decide whether to prosecute. In the case of our current DA, David Roger, and his two predecessors, Stu Bell and Rex Bell (no relation), when it came to Rizzolo and his illicit business, ALL three turned the other way, and the carnage and payoffs were allowed to continue.

Maybe that was their intention?

It wasn't as if the three local DA's didn't know what was going on (no one could be that stupid), its more like they were being paid to not take prosecutory action, just like Hallinan admitted to doing.

Then there's those 150 pages of advertisements for prostitution... Again, big money's at stake, and history has proven time and again that Clark County District Attorneys care more about campaign contributions and running for higher office (and possible cash pay offs) than the well being of those who elected them.

Even with a clown mayor touting the benefits of opening brothels downtown, when it comes to political corruption and the societal damage left in its wake, our weakest links in law enforcement are our District Attorneys. INSIDE VEGAS columns that substantiate Sunday's Las Vegas SUN front page story:

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