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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

"Who have I bribed? Which Judges? WHAT BULLSHIT!"
Private Guardian Jared E. Shafer

It's obvious that no law enforcement agency in Nevada is willing
to expose our state to the ridicule it deserves for allowing
this insidious form of racketeering to take place
under the radar for over thirty years

 Attorneys Michael Olson, Cynthia  Bell, Brad Richardson, and Noel Simpson question private guardian
 Jared Shafer over missing $500,000. (Click on image to view 1:26 second court video Shafer and his
 Judge never wanted you to see)

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
March 24, 2014

LAS VEGAS - On September 30, 2010, private guardian Jared E. Shafer charged one of his elderly "wards" for 1.5 hours of his time to read Ripoff Reports that he felt disparaged his good name. After reading hundreds of complaints about himself and his crew, he wrote the statement "Who have I bribed? Which Judges? WHAT BULLSHIT!" on his PFSN, Inc. Invoice, and then charged the ward $375.00 for his aggravation.

On May 22, 2013, Shafer answered his own questions; "Who have I bribed? Which Judges?" through his actions as a private citizen ordering Clark County Family Court Judge Jon Norheim to close the public hearing when tough questions began to be asked about a deceased ward's missing $500,000.  Keep in mind that Shafer is not a public official or attorney. He's just a 1961 Las Vegas High School graduate with friends in high places.

In a Family Court video record obtained by INSIDE VEGAS that Shafer and Norheim never wanted the public to see, Shafer stood up in the audience, and as a private citizen business owner, bullied Norheim into throwing the public out of the hearing after four attorneys asked the whereabouts of over $500,000 missing from one of Shafer's deceased ward's accounts. Just before he issued his "order," Shafer can be seen staring at his office manager/secretary/bookkeeper Amy Deittrick who was sitting to Shafer's right in the gallery.

This 1:26 sec. video record, and Judge Jon Norheim's flaccid "Okay" in response to Shafer's demand for privacy, speaks a thousand words.

After viewing the video, most people ask why? This may be the answer:

Jared Shafer illegally commingles funds from a company known as Signs of Nevada, LLC, with funds from his "wards" in his PFSN, Inc. bank account. Commingling of ward's funds is a violation of NRS 159.073 (III) (IV).

Hundreds of A-frame portable billboards are owned by two of Shafer's closest associates, guardianship attorneys Patricia Trent and Elyse Tyrell, who often represent Shafer in Family Court disputes. Shafer's PFSN office manager/secretary/bookkeeper, Amy Deittrick, is listed as their sign company's manager by the Secretary of State.

Sign companies such as theirs have the ability to make or break a judicial campaign by discounting the 8' by 12' movable political signs to certain Judge, DA, and Attorney General candidates during election season. The majority of Trent and Tyrell's signs now appearing during this election season contain ads for Family Court and District Court incumbent Judges, selected candidates seeking to fill court vacancies, or attorneys wanting to replace less cooperative Judges.

Sources say that Shafer is the go-to guy when it comes to cheap political billboards - a sure fire way to endear himself to those with power over the lives and fortunes of his hapless wards and their heirs.

Note that Signs of Nevada Manager Amy Deittrick's PO Box 50790 is the same as Shafer's and Patience Bristol's which verifies that Deittrick runs the sign business out of Shafer/Bristol's office located at 5858 S. Pecos Rd,, Suite 500, in Las Vegas. Coincidentally, Shafer's protégé Bristol plead guilty to exploiting the elderly in October 2013, and is awaiting sentencing on April 28, 2014 in the Clark County District Court of Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez. Shafer has not yet been charged with a crime, and I don't ever recall seeing Judge Gonzalez' name on any billboards owned by Signs of Nevada, LLC, so its expected that Bristol will be treated like the criminal she is.

And why would supposedly successful attorneys like Trent and Tyrell be in such a business? The signs are stored off season in dusty rattle snake and scorpion infested desert lots on the outskirts of town. During political campaigns, they must be towed on flatbed trailers to vacant lots and placed, something I'm sure Patricia and Elyse find joy in doing when they're not in court possibly representing Shafer against one of his wards, or an heir trying to recover a missing inheritance.

Political billboards are better than cash when it comes to judicial elections, and the unlikely people to go to in order to get those billboards on the cheap, also speaks volumes.

The last several months have not fared well for Jared and his crew.

This 5:22 sec. INSIDE VEGAS video by Mike Christ of a 24 year old PFSN, Inc. ward with cerebral palsy talking about Shafer taking his house and inheritance, has gone viral:

Click on image of Jason Hanson to view his heart breaking statement

Each  passing week that Shafer and his ilk are allowed access to the life savings of our elderly is one week too many.  Hopefully the exposure INSIDE VEGAS and the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse give to this "guardian" and his associates will draw the attention of the United States Department of Justice, because it's obvious that no law enforcement agency in Nevada is willing to expose our state to the ridicule it deserves for allowing this insidious form of racketeering to take place under the radar for over thirty years


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