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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

Rich Man, Poor Man

"Rizzolo made $5 million to $6 million a year from the club."
 LV Review-Journal, 9/7/06

"In a deposition that Rizzolo gave in the Henry case in
July 2005, he said the club grossed $800,000 to
$1 million a month, which translates to annual
gross sales of $9.6 million to $12 million."
 LV SUN, 5/21/06

"Rizzolo says his club clears ten million a year."
 LA Times, 5/18/06

"I've got a watch and a few items of jewelry I may
have to sell to a pawn shop for living expenses."
Rick Rizzolo, 2/5/10

Inside Vegas by Steve Miller
February 8, 2010

LAS VEGAS - For the past sixteen months, attorneys for unpaid beating victim Kirk Henry have been pleading with United States Federal Judges Philip Pro and George Foley to force racketeer Rick Rizzolo to divulge the quantity and location of his hidden fortune. Instead, after three MOTIONS TO COMPEL, the Plaintiff's attorneys eventually received answers like this to their questions, and the court does nothing:

Kirk Henry's neck was broken by one of Rizzolo's bar managers after the hapless conventioneer complained about an $88 padded bar tab at Rizzolo's former Crazy Horse Too topless club in Vegas.

That was 2001. It's now 2010 and Mr. Henry, who was rendered a quadriplegic, is still waiting to receive $9 million Rizzolo agreed to pay him as restitution in exchange for a feather light prison sentence and a promise from Federal Prosecutors to not indict his father, brother, and sister who worked at the club.

Since leaving prison and being assigned to Parole Officer Eric Christiansen, Rick Rizzolo has been living a high life (see: Rizzolo parties in a $3,000 per night Body English booth, while beating victim Kirk Henry waits in an electric wheelchair for his $9 million dollar settlement, INSIDE VEGAS, July 14, 2008) while shirking over $17 million dollars in court ordered obligations that included paying Henry, the IRS ($5 million-plus including penalties and interest), and other court ordered debts including $2.2 million in fines to the City of Las Vegas.

In the meantime, while under Christiansen's "supervision," Rizzolo -- according to Christiansen's records -- may have loaned money to Vinny Faraci, another convicted felon. It's a violation of Rizzolo's parole to associate with felons, but Christiansen apparently doesn't care.

This is the third time Henry's attorneys had no choice other than to file another MOTION TO COMPEL with Judges Pro and Foley. This one includes a request for sanctions, but based on past perfomance, I doubt the court will impose any.

Rizzolo has all but ignored the court's previous Orders to produce documents, instead providing only what he wants to provide, and the court has done nothing!

Many are also beginning to question where the IRS stands in this protracted case of income tax evasion? To date, the US Department of the Treasury has not filed one paper with the Federal Court asking for help locating and collecting the millions in taxes Rizzolo owes.

Then there's this:

And what about Rizzolo's lavish abode at 1760 Amarone Way in the posh Roma Hills that features panoramic views of the Las Vegas Valley?

Henry's attorneys would like to know if the parolee is paying rent, and if so, how much?

It would also be interesting to know what Cliff Diamond's mom, former Nevada Assembly woman and local Democratic Party leader Renee Diamond, thinks of her son's living arrangement?

The most intriguing questions come from newly released files of the U.S. Department of Parole and Probation that Rizzolo's parole officer was reluctant to turn over when first requested in this case (see: Is Parole Officer Eric Christiansen shirking his duties? INSIDE VEGAS, December 21, 2009).

Based on last week's revelation from Christiansen's files, there's the nagging new question of what Rizzolo did with the proceeds from the sale of his interest in the Philadelphia Crazy Horse Too?


This up-until-now undisclosed information came from Christiansen's files, which begs the question of whether he ever asked his parolee what he did with the million dollars that was "immediately withdrawn?"

Maybe that was the money Rizzolo loaned to ex-con Faraci, or to someone yet unknown?

And the unanswered questions go on and on.

What about his American Express, Mastercard, and Visa? Rizzolo was asked over a year ago to produce statements from his credit card companies. He also refused.

Meanwhile, Kirk Henry and the IRS have not received a dime!

But what's most troubling is the lack of interest shown by United States Federal Judge Philip Pro and Magistrate Judge George W. Foley in bringing closure to this case.

If the two esteemed jurists wait much longer, Mr. Henry may not be alive to receive what he and his family so rightfully deserve.

How many more "RENEWED" MOTIONS TO COMPEL will Kirk Henry's attorneys have to file before Rizzolo is forced to divulge his secreted assets?

There has never been a clearer example of justice delayed, is justice denied.

To read the entire 27 page PLAINTIFF'S RENEWED MOTION TO COMPEL, click HERE.

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