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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

Philly Crazy Horse Too liquor license questioned

              Rick Rizzolo                                       Philadelphia Mayor John Street

We will wait to hear from the community group and the district Council person, and we'll listen to their concerns very carefully. - Philadelphia mayoral spokesman Joe Grace

By the time we found out about it, they had the liquor license. - Robert Blackburn, president of the Whitman Council Neighborhood Advisory Committee.

Neighbors have concerns about the type of establishment proposed for this location, as well as the character of those in control of the license. - PA State Sen. Vincent Fumo

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
January 23, 2006

LAS VEGAS - Pennsylvania public officials are questioning the events leading up to the sudden granting of a liquor license to the Vegas-based embattled Crazy Horse Too strip club about to open in Philadelphia.

Sources report that Rick Rizzolo, the listed owner of the clubs in Vegas and Philly, is inviting Sin City high rollers and VIP's to join him on a chartered jet bound for PHL later this week to help him celebrate the grand opening of the lavish new "gentleman's club."

The only problem is that the celebration may be bitter sweet for Rizzolo who's business is described as a "racketeering enterprise" in a Department of Justice news release following the indictment of his Sin City club manager for Extortion, Robbery, False Statements, and Tax Evasion.

Rizzolo is also expected to be indicted for these and other charges, but it appears that the Philadelphia Board of Liquor License (BLC) had not heard of his problems prior to their swift granting of his privileged license, or they just looked the other way.

Catherine Lucey of the Philadelphia Daily News reported in her November 5 story, "LOOK OUT, South Philly - Sin City is moving in;" "But the board replied that there were no grounds to re-examine the licensee. There is no ongoing investigation into the license or the club, a spokeswoman said."

It appears that the BLC shares the same nonchalant attitude as Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman -- a Philadelphia native -- who said, "My position really is to believe in the presumption of innocence. So an indictment to me is no different than making a ham sandwich."

However, concerned public officials in Philly didn't consider the problem a "ham sandwich." Fumo's spokesman said the senator was considering his options regarding the club. "He's hopeful that as more information becomes available, the board may choose to reconsider."

A press conference was held in Philadelphia in November to bring forward newly discovered concerns. Concerns that did not include Rizzolo's criminal conviction for beating a club patron almost to death with a baseball bat. The baseball bat beating had not yet been reported prior to the press conference, though his close relationship with Joey "The Clown" Lombardo indicted last April for 18 murders had been widely reported in the Vegas and Chicago press, and should have been known on the East Coast.

However, prior to November and the granting of the liquor license, the Philadelphia Liquor Control Board obviously had no desire to do a simple Google search on the name "Rick Rizzolo" where my Rick Rizzolo Connection website takes top billing and includes reports on the bat beating, Lombardo connections, and much more that would have surely disqualified him for licensure.

Now that takes Juice!

Speaking in opposition to Rizzolo's license at the press conference were Robert Blackburn, president of the Whitman Council Neighborhood Advisory Committee, state Rep. William Keller, William McLaughlin of the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority, and aides to state Sen. Fumo and City Council President Anna Verna.

Senator Fumo has written the Liquor Control Board asking it to reinvestigate the club's liquor license, but the Board's only response was that it planned to refer the case to the state police. This, after conducting their license hearing in the dark without citizen input.

Its probably too late to revoke the license after Pennsylvania and Nevada luminaries gather this week to give Rizzolo and his mob pals high five's. The legal precedent will be set, and the Philly city officials who so willingly granted the controversial license will be defended at taxpayer's expense by their city attorney if action is taken after the fact to shut the place down.

Meanwhile, LV gets another bad rap: "Crazy Horse Too is an import from Las Vegas, and while this type of establishment may be common in Las Vegas and even welcomed in Sin City - it is not welcomed in the Whitman section of South Philadelphia!" wrote Fred Druding, Jr., Board Member of the Whitman Council, December 22, in the Daily News

"Where there's smoke, there's fire..."

It looks like the fix is in in Philly, just as its been for years in Vegas when it comes to Rizzolo, et. al. Now the Feds need to investigate who at Philadelphia City Hall was paid off to allow Sin City's worst disease to silently infect the City of Brotherly Love.

While all this is going on, the most fitting statement again comes from Amy Henry, wife of the man who in 2001 suffered a broken neck when he disputed an $88 Crazy Horse bar tab: "I can't understand what kind of city or state would allow a place like this to remain in business."

When necks start breaking in Philly, Las Vegas will end up taking the blame for spreading its political corruption nationwide.


Crazy Horse bouncer reported dead

A reliable source reports that long time Crazy Horse Too topless bar bouncer Maurice "Mo" McKenna died on Friday, January 20. At press time, however, this information has not been confirmed from official sources. 
McKenna, 45, was expected to be a witness in the upcoming OPERATION CRAZY HORSE racketeering trial.
The 300-pound, 6' 1" bouncer was named in an Incident Report but not taken into custody on May 30, 2002, for the alleged beating of Scottsdale, Arizona tourist Michael Silverman. This was not the first time McKenna was accused of beating Crazy Horse Too patrons.
McKenna was also identified as the bouncer who allegedly assaulted Glendale, California tourist Chris Johnson on Monday, October 21, 2002. Johnson in a police report stated that a Crazy Horse bouncer pushed him into the street where he fell twisting his ankle. Johnson said the man who pushed him weighed over 300 pounds and matched McKenna's description.
Since his election in 2003, current Clark County District Attorney David Roger has refused to prosecute any employee of the Crazy Horse Too.

On August 4, 1995, California trucker Scott David Fau was found beaten to death next to railroad tracks behind the Crazy Horse Too.  A witness reported seeing Fau being severely beaten by Crazy Horse employees in the parking lot after he was ejected from the bar. According to the witness, one of the men who was reportedly observed kicking Fau in the head was named "Mo."

In a taped statement, the witness described two men who he said worked as bouncers at the club. "Yeah, they're the ones that beat up this Hawaiian guy out there that was just - the poor guy wasn't even moving, and they were kicking him, and um, at that point that's all. They were just kicking him around, jumping on him, stomping on his arm. They stomped his leg. Kicked him in the stomach. They kept - Mo was kicking him in the head, and you just watched his head wiggle around."

Former District Attorney Stu Bell refused to prosecute anyone in the Fau case, so on January 16, 2003, eight years after her husband's death and after three dismissals of her case, Scott Fau's widow Camille sued the Crazy Horse in Clark County District Court. When the purported eyewitness did not show up to testify, Judge Nancy M. Saitta refused to allow his taped testimony to be heard by the jury. Subsequently, Fau lost her case.

According to sources, McKenna checked himself into a local hospital on Wednesday January 18, complaining of a blood clot in his leg. He had been taking blood thinners for some time and reportedly forgot to take them for several days. Consequently he doubled up on the dosage, and reportedly bled to death.

His body was reportedly shipped to New York for burial on Wednesday of this week.

One source told me, "Word around the Crazy Horse is that they are TICKLED PINK he died as they WERE VERY WORRIED that he cut a deal with the Feds and was going to spill the beans all over the place."



SUSPICIOUS TIMING. On April 26, 2005, Mayor Oscar Goodman made a surprise
first-time visit to Steve's home. Coincidentally, just one day earlier, Goodman's
former client, Joey "The Clown" Lombardo, was indicted in connection with 18
murders. Lombardo is a suspected hidden owner of the Crazy Horse Too. In the
street, Steve scolded Goodman for protecting his former clients at the blood
soaked topless bar. Goodman's excuse for not taking action against the bar's
license? "I can't take action in the middle of a federal investigation." However,
one year earlier, on March 4, 2004, the city council fined Crazy Horse competitor
Jack Galardi one-million dollars in the middle of a federal investigation. Could
his stubborn refusal to stop the carnage be the result of concern for his personal
safety, or fear of other retaliation from one or more of his murderous former clients?
Or is Mayor Goodman just paying them back for helping start his criminal defense
attorney career? Meanwhile, since his mysterious visit, bar patrons continue to be
extorted, beaten, and robbed.                             ( photo by Mike Christ)

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