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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

Judge ends 4 year long trial
Feds "approve" questionable Crazy Horse buyer

"Mr. Rizzolo has a good name in the community." - Clark County District Court Judge Nancy M. Saitta, 03/15/2001

“I've been deeply troubled by the drift in court decisions which favor the powerful over the rights of ordinary citizens,” - Nevada Supreme Court Justice Nancy M. Saitta,  02/04/2007

"This is a prime venue grossing millions a year. We got selected by U.S. Marshalls (sp) to take over after 3 months of review. Comes with Liquor License." - The Mortgage Broker, Inc., 10/17/2007

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
October 22, 2007

LAS VEGAS - This is the eleventh hour for the blood soaked Crazy Horse Too. We'll know the fate of the now shuttered strip joint by January 1, 2008, but in the meantime several unusual documents have surfaced that pique my curiosity as to whether the bar is destined to again fall into the hands of La Cosa Nostra interests with the help of a compromised judge and exhausted federal officials.

Judge finally opens 4 year old wrongful death lawsuit file

After four years of being falsely listed as "Jury trial in progress - access denied;" after four years of my prodding to get the judge to open the case for public scrutiny; and after the filing of a WRIT OF MANDAMUS by an attorney who is taking over the case for the plaintiff, the complete court file in the beating death case of Scott David Fau was finally opened on October 4, 2007 - four years after the jury rendered its verdict.        

District Court On-Line Case Inquiry as it appeared from January 14, 2003
until October 3, 2007:

Last Name Fau First Name Camille MI  
Case Number Filed Date Case Name Status
97-A-376484-C 07/30/1997 Jury Trial in progress - Access Denied CLOSED

The denial of access to this file may have been by design. The case history of the highly questioned wrongful death case involving the death of a long haul trucker at the hands of four Crazy Horse Too bouncers had been unavailable before and after the presiding judge's successful campaign for a seat on the Nevada Supreme Court. The election occurred several years after the controversial verdict, a verdict that if scrutinized could have ruined Nancy M. Saitta's chances of winning the coveted seat on our state's highest court.
Why would a trial that ended in 2003 be listed as "TRIAL ENDS" four years later on 10/04/07? What did the judge have to hide by denying reporters and attorneys access to her court's records?

                        District Court On-Line Case Inquiry, 10/04/2007:
Case 97-A-376484-C   Status CLOSED
Plaintiff Fau, Camille Attorney Pike, Randall H.
Defendant Crazy Horse Too Attorney Stephenson, Marsha L.
Judge Saitta, Nancy M Dept. 18  
Filed Date Description Performed
10/04/2007 TRIAL ENDS 10/04/2007
  For Fau, Camille  
  Filed By State of Nevada 1 page
To see the court history of this tragic case in which a too-friendly judge granted the Crazy Horse's every motion to suppress evidence and omit and limit witnesses, go to:
type "Fau" in "Last Name," type "Camille" in "First Name.
There you'll read how all of Rizzolo's "MOTIONS IN LIMINE" or "on the door step" were arbitrarily granted at the last minute by Judge Saitta thereby raising the question of whether she was being influenced by her close friendship and social ties to the Defendant?
To prove my point, before and after the Fau case she attended parties at Rizzolo's Canyon Gate estate and was seen hugging and kissing her host. She also fought numerous preemptory challenges to remove her from other cases involving Rizzolo. She eventually accepted four simultaneous cases in which he was a party, and again fought preemptory challenges until a newspaper finally challenged her. Only after that occurred did she reassign four cases, but tragically kept the Fau case in her court.
In the Motions in Limine listed below, notice how Judge Saitta would not let the jury hear testimony about the cause of Mr. Fau's death, or about the criminal records of the men who killed him. Also note that Judge Saitta limited the jury from hearing of hundreds of other beatings and confrontations, and from hearing the taped testimony of eye witness Dan Kennedy, or seeing a Declaration filed with the court by pathologist Griffith Thomas, M.D. who stated Fau's cause of death was "blunt force trauma consistent with a severe beating and/or positional asphyxiation."

She also denied the jury any information about the attempted murder of Kirk Henry, and gave the jury instructions to disregard blunt force trauma as the cause of death because Fau died two hours after the beating. (Mrs. Fau could not afford to hire an expert witness.)

                          District Court On-Line Case Inquiry, 10/04/2007:
1   Saitta, Nancy M  
GRANTED All Parties
  Power Co Inc
1   Saitta, Nancy M  
GRANTED All Parties
  Power Co Inc
1   Saitta, Nancy M  
GRANTED All Parties
  Power Co Inc
1   Saitta, Nancy M  
GRANTED All Parties
  Power Co Inc
1   Saitta, Nancy M  
  Power Co Inc
1   Saitta, Nancy M  
  Power Co Inc
1   Saitta, Nancy M  
GRANTED All Parties
  Power Co Inc
1   Saitta, Nancy M  
GRANTED All Parties
  Power Co Inc
1   Saitta, Nancy M  
MOOT All Parties
  Power Co Inc

In other words, Saitta obviously skewed the case so her friend and campaign contributor could win an easy verdict. This after she issued 9 Summary Judgments in favor of Rizzolo and dismissed the case 12 times to only reinstate it after Fau's attorney appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court.

She then illegally sealed the record until after she won higher office.

Who is Nancy M. Saitta?

She was virtually unknown in Las Vegas until a close friend and Newport Beach neighbor of Rick Rizzolo appointed her to the Las Vegas Municipal Court in 1996.

Shown in this 2006 photo from Saitta's Nevada Supreme Court campaign literature is ex-Mayor Jan Jones swearing in the fledgling judge to her first judicial position.

In 1999, Jones was discovered doing Rizzolo favors such as allowing him to build a 6,000 square foot addition to the Crazy Horse without additional parking, building permits, or proper zoning.

Saitta went on to sit on five consecutive cases involving Rizzolo, and rendered judgments in his favor at every turn. He returned the favor with campaign fund raising events at his favorite bistro, Piero's.

During the "Operation G-Sting" trial, Michael Galardi testified that Rick Rizzolo had "taken care of Saitta." Even though he was convicted of bribing other politicians, Galardi was considered a credible witness against the public officials he bribed. He did not admit to bribing Saitta however, and she was never charged with a crime though on June 8, 2006, the Los Angeles Times took her to task for allegedly doing favors for powerful litigants appearing in her court.

Jones retired from office in 1999. She was replaced as Mayor by Rizzolo's former criminal defense attorney Oscar Goodman who to this day is suspected of protecting his former client from behind the scenes at City Hall.

Above all others, the Fau case deserves to be reviewed by the Nevada Supreme Court (Saitta must abstain), then reversed and remanded back for re-trial before an impartial judge.


Fau murder case illegally sealed

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Feds "approve" questionable buyer

U.S. Federal Court Chief Judge Philip M. Pro on August 16, 2007 DENIED the following MOTION TO SEAL the names of three "approved buyers" of the Crazy Horse Too. This MOTION also asked that imprisoned Rick Rizzolo be allowed to select the buyer. Now one of the "approved" buyers turns up at the last minute on Oct. 17 looking for a hard money loan and saying he has a liquor license in the bag.

One of the "approved" buyers was “The Mortgage Broker, Inc” from Rick Rizzolo's home town of Anaheim in Orange County, California, the location of Newport and Laguna Beach where Vegas mobsters, politicians, and hotel owners have second homes.

To be "Approved," the buyers were purportedly pre qualified by the U.S. Department of Justice and found to be financially able to close the deal. 

The Mortgage Broker's offer was an amazing $31.5 million dollars for a broken down warehouse without a liquor license that's valued around $5.5 million.

Now, three months after this "approved" buyer made his secret bid, the buyer is soliciting hard money saying the Crazy Horse is worth "$120 million" and he has the city liquor license "taken care of."

A local lender saw this Oct. 17 posting on "LoopNet," a commercial real estate website, and sent the following note.

Great article, Steve
A supposed buyer of the Crazy Horse Too is looking for capital. Take a look: 
I checked the ad out and found it was placed by “The Mortgage Broker, Inc.” It sounded a little far-fetched so I decided to let you know. I think you're right on track in your Oct. 15 article. They told me that the business was worth $120 million and assured me the liquor license is taken care of. People like that need to be exposed. Stay on them.
Name withheld by request

#1 in Commercial Real Estate Online

Posted Oct 17, 2007 in Looking for Capital/Investors

Need Capital for a World Famous Entertainment Club that was just taken over by government Featured

This is a prime venue grossing millions a year. We got selected by U.S. Marshalls to take over after 3 months of review. Comes with Liquor License. Any real investor in Las Vegas knows this Jewel once they contact me will love it. This venue has shot over 9 movies there is the prime location for a Club. Also comes with an Extra strip mall fully occupied and extra land to build and adjacent night club with L.A. and Las Vegas top club promoters in the contract. Please contact us for more info.
Contact Me

This ad clearly indicates this "approved" buyer may be fooling the Federal Government into thinking he already had the financial wherewithal to close a deal. If the Feds are fooled this easily, so much so that they call such a bidder "approved" without doing their due diligence, will they also be as easily fooled into letting the mob reopen the Crazy Horse Too?

My main concern is that if the Federal Government is overly anxious to sell the Crazy Horse to the top bidder by the close of bidding at 5 PM this Thursday October 25, and if the City Council (Mayor Goodman) is overly anxious to issue anyone a liquor license to protect Rick Rizzolo's personal assets, the Feds may inadvertently end up selling the Crazy Horse to someone with ties back to Rizzolo, et. al., and the carnage will resume upon the bar's reopening since that was the only way Rizzolo knew to make the business work in such a highly competitive atmosphere.

Furthermore, any new owner will immediately be challenged by hundreds of greedy transportation drivers who get away with shaking down Las Vegas adult businesses $50 for each passenger they deliver, or boycott the businesses that refuse to pay.

And it's also known that the building is sinking into a cavern created by a leaking water main that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair while the business is closed during the repair process.
These serious problems along with the proposed 2009 eminent domain taking of a 23 foot deep swath of the club's entire frontage for a road widening should tip off Judge Pro that there's something really wrong with anyone who bids over three times what the shuttered strip joint is worth.
And how does "The Mortgage Broker" know he will get a liquor license from the City when no public hearing has been held? To know this in advance would indicate the Nevada Open Meeting law is being violated because votes cannot be in committed before a public hearing.

Also, what would happen if
"The Mortgage Broker" puts $31.5 million into the Federal Court's escrow account and is turned down by the City Council? Does he end up with a broken down warehouse worth around $5.5 million with no future chance of obtaining a liquor license because the grand fathered zoning expires on January 1, 2008?

Below are excerpts from The Mortgage Broker's business outline. If you find this Summary of interest, you can get more information by going to their website @

This is a business summary/outline. It does not imply an offering of Securities.

The Mortgage Broker's Executive Summary / Business Outline 

The Crazy Horse Too, Inc / PWR Co. Inc.

Vision / Mission
: In 2007, The Crazy Horse Too Inc. / PWR Co. was formed to continue an already successful and world renowned gentlemen’s club. Through positive and negative publicity The Crazy Horse Too has remained a constant in the mind of the public around the world.

Overall, our company can be characterized as a THE MOST EXCLUSIVE AND HISTORIC gentlemen’s club in the Las Vegas area for over the past 25 years. Our mission is to continue to solidify the foundation of this club in the Las Vegas entertainment industry and further develop the brand name to explore and develop untapped revenue streams.

: The Crazy Horse Too first opened its doors over 25 years ago and from that day to today, has remained the top club in Las Vegas. It has been the innovator of club design from lighting to its sound system.  With its multiple bars, stages and VIP theme rooms, celebrities, sports figures and many “high–rollers” are able to receive the attention and service that has been the foundation of the Las Vegas night life.

The "state of the art"/condition of the industry today is such that this club will be able to complete with the newest nightclubs and cabarets offering the latest in custom lighting, sound and atmosphere.  With over 26,000 square feet of entertainment space PLUS ownership and management of all leases in the adjoining strip mall and warehouse space, the business opportunity comes as a complete package that would normally take over 20 years to develop and bring to the executable stage that this endeavor brings about.

The legal form of Crazy Horse Too Inc. / PWR Co is S-Corporation located just 1 block off of the Las Vegas strip on Industrial Road. The property encompasses over 2.65 acres with space to further develop.

Revenue projected for fiscal year 2008 without external funding is expected to be $35 Million.  Annual growth is projected to be $10 Million per year through 2010.  We feel that within 3 years Crazy Horse Too Inc. / PWR Co will be in a suitable position for further expansion.  Our objective, at this time, is to propel the company into a prominent market position through external sales of merchandise through direct marketing and mail order plus expansion of additional Crazy Horse Too clubs in major metropolitan cities along with franchising rights on additional brand name concepts in smaller regional markets called the Crazy Horse Three where the cliental (sp) can enjoy similar experience in a reduced sized setting.

Capital Requirements: According to the opportunities and requirements for The Crazy Horse Too Inc. / PWR Co described in this business plan and based on what we feel are sound business assumptions, our initial capital requirements are for $40 Million dollars to procure site and business capitalization and remodeling.
To accomplish this goal we have developed a comprehensive plan to intensify and accelerate our marketing and sales activities, product development, services expansion, engineering, distribution and customer service.  To implement our plans we require an investment of $40 Million dollars.          

Develop The Crazy Horse Too name and identity through concept branding.          

Maximize sales with an extensive campaign to promote our products / services.

Add retail outlets, regional marketing / sales offices, print a direct-mail catalog.

Adjacent automotive repair will be replaced with an exclusive dueling piano lounge with additional cost to enter.

Augment company staff to support and sustain prolonged growth under the new marketing plan.

Increase Research and Development to create additional follow-on products as well as to further fine-tune our competitive advantages.

Management Team: Our management team consists of men and women whose backgrounds consist of a multitude of years of marketing various Las Vegas Hotels, Casinos and Nightclubs and years of corporate development with various companies. Our management team also includes men and women with years of hands-on experience with every aspect of the retail business.

In-House Management
[x], President – K. Michael Kinses, [x], Vice President – John Salvador, [x], Executive Manager - TBD, [x], Floor Managers -TBD, [x], Shift Managers - TBD, [x], Bar Manager - TBD, [x], Entertainment Manager - TBD, Outside Management Support [hourly / project basis], [x], Accountant / CPA -TBD, [x], Corporate Attorney – Jones & Vargus. 

Additionally, our outside management advisors provide tremendous support for management decisions and creativity.

Customer Profile: The Crazy Horse Too‘s target market includes high end professionals who are looking receive entertainment value from our clubs many services, from the occasional beverage to private parities and celebrations. The typical customer for our products and services are individuals and groups that are visiting the Las Vegas area for a special event, convention or an weekend get away. 

Competition: Companies that compete in this market are negligible. With the history and reputation The Crazy Horse Too has had in Las Vegas and through out the world, with a top rating nationally and international renown. In light of this, competition with other clubs will not come into play due to the notoriety of this establishment with the Las Vegas nightlife. 

Our strategy for meeting/dominating the competition is development of The Crazy Horse Too brand name and image.  We feel that this history will allow for a future development opportunity never before realize (sp) until now. 

Risk: Due to the nature of this type of business, the exposure is always there but with zero tolerance  policies, top management, closed-circuit surveillance inside and out and an independent third party auditing company, the gross revenue of this club will guarantee investors a safe investment and source of revenue.  Insurance will be approved by investor to show above adequate coverage to all concerned parties.

Marketing Plan: Our plan will consist of television, radio, mass media exchanges (internet, visitor guides, etc.) billboards and exterior signage throughout the city of Las Vegas and all route leading to and from.  Boulevard handbills and club vehicles will help further the company name and logo.

Advertising and Promotion:
Our advertising and promotion strategy is to position The Crazy Horse Too / PWR Co. as the leading gentlemen’s club in the United State (sp) and North America.

The Crazy House Too has an established track-record of excellent (sp) for providing club visitor, guests and VIPs memorable experiences thanks to a carefully crafter (sp) and executed business model maximizing each and every minute of our customer’s experience from the moment they walk into the club to the time they decide to depart.   

The Rizzolo family feels the tangible value of the club including all facets of the business would be worth between $100 Million and $125 Million dollars without land or buildings.

End of Business Outline.

Then there's this highly confidential letter to the Wynn hotel from Rizzolo's lawyer. If true, it indicates that Rizzolo and his lawyers still think they can boss the government around; that Rizzolo still thinks he owns the Crazy Horse Too; and someone at the Wynn -- if they're considering the purchase of the Crazy Horse Too -- definitely needs to have his head examined!

So, if you have $40 million laying around and aren't connected to the mob, here's a great opportunity! But act quickly because you only have until this Thursday to put a deal together.

When you combine the above Business Outline with the context of how they proudly mentioned the Rizzolo family in the last line, and refer to "outside management advisors," it leads me to think that the family is still in the picture somewhere. And after reading this letter from Mark Hafer, I can't help but believe my hunch that Rizzolo is still in charge of the fate of the Crazy Horse Too. Why else would someone care what the Rizzolo’s thought the value of the business was? Remember the methods the Rizzolos used to make the money? Only those methods being used again could bring in that much profit for a new owner, and that includes Steve Wynn!

In conclusion, I've provided this information as a heads up to the United States Attorneys handling this acquisition. The mob has no intention of letting go of their bloody gold mine.

Unless someone with absolutely no ties to Rizzolo turns up at the last minute with a legitimate offer, it would be most prudent and safe for Judge Pro to let the zoning expire on January 1, and return the property to warehouse use. He should do this especially after U.S. Attorneys proved to be less than accurate in their "approval" of purported buyers who who were not financially qualified by any stretch of the imagination.

If Judge Pro lets the zoning expire, He can then go after the Rizzolo's ill-gotten personal assets to pay Kirk Henry, Henry's lawyers, the bank,
and the IRS. We know for sure that the Rizzolos have hidden enough to pay off their debts and probably still have enough to live in luxury for the rest of their lives.

After so much time and money was spent shutting it down, imprisoning its operators and purportedly seizing the property, to now
let Rick Rizzolo make any decisions regarding a buyer and subsequently expose the city to a resumption of the crimes that put him and 16 of his thugs behind bars -- crimes including prostitution, extortion, drug sales, and beating or killing patrons who refused to sign bogus credit card bills -- the end result of the sincere efforts of the men and women of the United States Department of Justice should not be held in vain.

Copyright © Steve Miller

Editor's note: The author is currently writing a book about the mob's
battle to keep the Crazy Horse open.

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