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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Steve currently writes a weekly column in the Las Vegas Tribune about organized crime and political corruption. Visit his website at:

Las Vegas’ Seamy Underside

Deputy District Attorney Abbi Silver, candidate for DA, has just become the target of a pathological liar.

Silver's problems began after the May 8, 2002, Las Vegas Tribune Editorial, "The Company He Keeps." The Editorial stated, "Topless bar owner Rick Rizzolo recently kicked in $10,000 and organized a fundraiser for District Attorney candidate David Roger. At an earlier fundraiser held at his Canyon Gate home, Rizzolo introduced the candidate to most of the other adult business owners and their wallets. David Roger seems unconcerned that his chief fundraiser is facing at least three court dates for alleged beatings, robberies, and a wrongful death. He also doesn't seem troubled by the fact that Las Vegas Metro PD has two cases against Rizzolo's business waiting for filing by the DA's office."

Following the Tribune article, Silver, to separate herself from her Republican opponent, declared that she would not accept campaign contributions from the topless trade. That's when Roger's main supporter, Rick Rizzolo, began spreading a false story telling of Silver trying to hit him up for contributions.

This is not the first time Rizzolo has falsely claimed to have been solicited by, or to have donated money to, political candidates. In 1991, he sent unsolicited checks to myself and my mayoral opponent Jan Jones. We both immediately returned the $1,000 donations based on his unsavory reputation. However, that did not stop him from reportedly boasting for years thereafter that I had accepted his contribution - a bold faced lie.

Now, he's at it again, but this time he's hiding behind one of his lawyers, Tony Sgro. Sgro and his law partner Dean Patti have lied on numerous occasions for their boss. Examples: "Steve Miller owns the Las Vegas Tribune," or, "Mr. (Steve) Miller had compelled (witnesses) to sign affidavits." (The affidavits he referred to alleged that drug sales and prostitution were going on at Rizzolo's business.)

Sgro is a slimeball lawyer with many slimeball clients including Rizzolo's lackey on the City Council; Mike McDonald. Now, they and their rather "bitchy" friend, Deputy DA David Roger, are going after an honorable woman, Abbi Silver.

Silver, in a factual statement, told reporters after hearing of Rizzolo's unsubstantiated claim against her, "I want him (Roger) to answer why Rizzolo is taking up for him. Obviously they are running a campaign together."

A confidential source in Sgro's law office told this reporter, "Abbi Silver is Tony Sgro and Rick Rizzolo's worst nightmare." The source went on to say that Rizzolo is concerned that if he loses the upcoming wrongful death and attempted murder lawsuits, he could face prosecution at the hands of Silver in the event she is our next DA. Roger, if elected, would obviously have a conflict of interest because of his initial acceptance, then return, of Rizzolo's largesse - money that could still find its way into Roger's hands through third parties.

On May 9th, after the Tribune Editorial was picked up by several national news outlets, it was anonymously sent to the local media from a fax machine within the DA's office. Several weeks later, David Roger told reporters that he had returned the estimated $50,000 dollars Rizzolo had raised for his campaign at the house party and at a fund raiser at Piero's Restaurant. He did not explain his reasons at the time, but he obviously returned the money in response to the Tribune's stating that he may soon be the DA in charge of prosecuting his biggest campaign contributor!

Several months later, Roger conjured up a reason for having returned the money. He tried to explain that as DA he would be involved in the Lap Dance Ordinance (something that would affect his fund raisers), but most reporters discounted his explanation because he had purportedly returned the money prior to the County enacting the Lap Dance Ordinance on July 31.

The third candidate running for District Attorney is Deputy DA Mike Davidson. He is the Democratic candidate receiving the support of outgoing DA Stu Bell who is running for District Court judge.

"That Black Woman!"

These are the words used by Freddie Glusman to describe Las Vegas City Councilwoman Lynette Boggs McDonald in an October 2000 Las Vegas Metropolitan police report.

Last week, Glusman was named "Las Vegas Citizen of the Month" by the City Council.

Some background:

When detectives went to Glusman's Piero's Restaurant on October 18, 2000, to investigate criminal charges against Councilman Mike McDonald that also involved Rick Rizzolo and his attorney Dean Patti, they were reportedly berated by Glusman.

"He was very angry with us and claimed we were on a 'witch hunt' to get McDonald and Rizzolo because of what 'that black woman' (Councilwoman Lynette Boggs McDonald) said," according to the police report.

Contacted by the Tribune regarding Glusman receiving the prestigious award, Boggs McDonald referred to his racist remark in the police report: "It was definitely within a derogatory context as he was extremely angry. I can tell you this . . . and I have no problem with you attributing it to me, I have not frequented Piero's since that incident and won't even attend fundraisers or other special events that are held there. So it was fortuitous that I was absent from the meeting yesterday," concluded Boggs McDonald.

Glusman's award was sponsored by Councilman Mike McDonald. Piero's is a known hangout for local politicians and organized crime figures.

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