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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

Federal Court approves locating
Lisa Rizzolo's hidden assets

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
September 1, 2008
LAS VEGAS - The following ORDER filed on August 13, begins the long delayed process for attorneys representing beating victim Kirk Henry to force Lisa Rizzolo to disclose the whereabouts of her and her convicted racketeer husband Rick Rizzolo's hidden assets.
Rick, the former owner of the now-defunct Crazy Horse Too strip club, has been recently observed at Strip casinos squandering hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash on a nightly basis.
The ORDER is based on a federal Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act lawsuit filed in June. If their hidden assets are not located, it could result in the indictment of Lisa, and the return of Rick to federal prison. Their court ordered debts total over $28 million dollars!
In order to secure a reduced sentence and to save his father, brother, and sister from prosecution, Rick agreed in his 2006 Plea Agreement to pay these debts.
He also agreed to not declare bankruptcy.

The ORDER comes on the heals of the twice-postponed ARRAIGNMENT of Rick and Lisa's 26 year old son Dominic who is charged with stabbing a man during a botched extortion attempt.

What is most disturbing about Dominic's ARRAIGNMENT being postponed, not once, but twice, is the fact that the Clark County District Attorney, David Roger, among other high level local public officials, has been the recipient of Rick Rizzolo's largesse.

Not only did Roger receive, then purport to return, over $50,000 in campaign contributions generated by Rick and Lisa Rizzolo, he also accepted free campaign office space in a building owned by Dominic's criminal defense attorney Tony Sgro.

Now, seven months after the alleged stabbing occurred, the DA did not object when Dominic's attorney requested a second CONTINUANCE. 

Dominic's presence in the court was waived on August 26, 2008 when the CONTINUANCE was granted. Now alleged victim Billy Moyer will be forced to wait an additional seven weeks to seek justice.

The judge presiding over the case, Douglas Herndon, has been on the bench since 2006, and I can find no reports of him receiving campaign contributions from Rizzolo, et. al.

By coincidence, the length of time it has taken for Kirk Henry's attorneys to gain a COURT ORDER  to open DISCOVERY has also been problematic. I penned an story on September 9, 2007 about the brother of a federal court judge signing on to create a program of asset protection to help protect and then hide the Rizzolo's vast personal fortune from forfeiture.

I may have hit a nerve because until recently it seemed impossible for Henry's attorneys to get a judge to allow the examination of the Rizzolo assets. It seemed that someone -- maybe the asset protection attorney's federal judge brother -- might find egg on his face if it were known his next of kin was helping the Rizzolos hide their assets at the same time he, the judge, was doling out light sentences to 15 of Rizzolo's ex-employees.

And the judge failed to disclose this little tid bit during the trials and sentencing. (Federal court judges are appointed for life, and only the president can remove one before they die if they don't retire voluntarily.)

In this case, the judge who sentenced the "Crazy Horse 15" was appointed by U.S. Senator for Nevada Harry Reid who is the business partner of Jay Brown who is one of the Crazy Horse Too's former attorneys. Brown is also the business and law partner of current LV Mayor Oscar Goodman who was once Rick Rizzolo's attorney and corporate agent.

No wonder it's taken so long to open DISCOVERY in KIRK HENRY v. RICK RIZZOLO, and we won't know the whereabouts of Rick and Lisa's assets until May 13, 2009.

And, no wonder Dominic Rizzolo will still be running the streets nine months after stabbing Billy Moyer.

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