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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

Daughter Of Rescued Senior Sued For Libel
Defamation suit solely based on what Plaintiffs refer
to as "the common and reoccurring themes
among the Defamatory Statements"

93 year old WW II hero Guadalupe Olvera honored in 2013 Independence Day Parade three years
after escaping Jared E. Shafer's custody, and after $300,000 was bled from Olvera's trust account

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
July 8, 2013

LAS VEGAS - An important feature of Umbrella Insurance policies is to pay for legal protection in a lawsuit for slander or defamation of character, and to protect your assets from a litigious individual who believes you've damaged their reputation, or just wants to bully you. This protection cost several hundred dollars per year and can be added to any homeowner's policy. If there were ever a person who should be thankful for such protection, that person is Rebecca Schultz, the subject of an unfounded libel lawsuit that in the absence of Umbrella Insurance would have required her to pay tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to defend - the suspected reason the lawsuit was filed in the first place.

JARED E. SHAFER; an individual;
a Nevada professional limited partnership;
ALAN D. FREER, an individual; ROBERT
D. SIMPSON; an individual; PATIENCE
BRISTOL; an individual; AMY DEITTRICK,
an individual; PROFESSIONAL
INC., a Nevada corporation; AVID
a Nevada corporation; SHAWN KING, an
individual; GAMETT & KING, a Nevada


REBECCA SCHULTZ, an individual; and
DOES I through 20, inclusive;


COMES NOW the Defendant, REBECCA SCHULTZ, by and through her attorneys, D. Brian Boggess, Esq. and Boggess & Harker, pursuant to NRCP 55(c), 60(b) and 11, and hereby moves this Honorable Court for its Order setting aside the Default against Rebecca Schultz entered on or about February 27, 2013.

Statement of Facts

This case involves Plaintiffs' unsubstantiated attempt to bully the Defendant for defamatory statements allegedly made by Defendant on public forums, blogs and newspaper articles (emphasis added). Guadalupe Mena Olvera is a now 93 year old Veteran who served in the United States Army from August 15, 1941 through October 4,1945. He also served in the United States Air Force between August 29, 1946 and August 28, 1949. Mr. Olvera is not a party to this litigation, but his guardianship proceedings lie at the heart of the instant action. The Plaintiff, Rebecca Schultz, is Mr. Olvera's only child. Ms. Schultz has never been a resident of Nevada. Between his appointment on December 2, 2009 and the date of termination of his guardianship, April 25, 2013, Mr. Shafer had caused at least $300,000.00 to be charged to and paid out of Mr. Olvera's estate.

The guardianship proceedings became quite rancorous, as Ms. Schultz was fighting for the life and freedom of her father. At one point, Mr. Olvera expressed a desire to move from Nevada to be with his daughter, and Ms. Schultz risked her own safety to honor her father's wishes.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Shafer sought a bench warrant to be issued for Ms. Schultz, precluding her ability to travel to Nevada. Plaintiffs filed their Complaint November 2, 2012, while the bench warrant was allegedly pending, and thereafter claimed to this Court that they had served the Complaint upon the Defendant. In fact. the Complaint has never been served upon the Defendant, who only learned of the action against her when a Las Vegas reporter conducted a search, learned of the instant action and notified Ms. Schultz.

According to Schultz: "On November 2, 2009, my mother Carmela Olvera, died in Henderson, Nevada.  When my father disappeared following my mother's death, I contacted various Clark County agencies to seek help. I was ultimately referred by Guardianship Commissioner Jon Norheim's office to Plaintiff Jared Shafer, who agreed to assist me in serving as 'temporary' guardian over my father's person and assets. Assured by Mr. Shafer that his involvement was 'temporary,' I retained Elyse M. Tyrell, Esq., and paid Ms. Tyrell to prepare the documentation making Mr. Shafer temporary guardian over my father who was now being legally referred to as "the ward."

I did not know that Ms. Tyrell represented Mr. Shafer as well. Between his appointment on December 2, 2009 and the date of termination of his guardianship, April 25, 2013, Mr. Shafer caused at least $300,000.00 to be charged to and paid out of my father's estate. In March, 2010, when it became apparent that Mr. Shafer had absolutely no intention of honoring the 'temporary' nature of his assistance to me or my father, I and my Co-Petitioner retained counsel and commenced proceedings to remove Mr. Shafer as guardian. But with the help of Judge Norheim, Shafer wouldn't budge while offensively claiming I was exploiting 'the ward' as Shafer continued bleeding dad's bank account.

At one point, my father expressed his desire in open court to move back to Santa Cruz, California to be with me. Judge Jon Norheim groveled to Shafer's demands and ignored my father's request confining him alone and destitute in his 3,000 sq. ft. Sun City home while limiting visits from family members. I then risked my own safety to honor my father's wishes, and moved him to Santa Cruz in September 2010 where he has lived happily and healthfully ever since. Shortly after my father moved back to California, Mr. Shafer sought a bench warrant be issued for me, precluding my ability to travel to Nevada with my dad to list his house with a realtor, or defend myself against the unsubstantiated libel lawsuit he brought against me which I believe was in retaliation for my removing my father and his remaining assets from Mr. Shafer's control."

On November 2, 2012, Shafer and his crew filed their libel lawsuit against Schultz. Just four months later on February 27, 2013, Shafer obtained a Default Judgment in absentia against Schultz from the court of Clark County District Judge Joanna Kishner (left) for libel and defamation claiming - without evidence - that Schultz authored most of the derogatory information about him and his colleagues published anonymously on the Internet. Because of the arrest warrant, Schultz could not appear at any hearing to defend herself in what clearly appears to be a well orchestrated SLAPP suit.

Jared Shafer's "guardianship" of his "ward" Guadalupe Olvera, and Rebecca Schultz' arrest warrant were finally terminated by a Clark County District Court Judge on April 26, 2013 after Olvera survived far longer than most "wards" could ever be expected live.

In their 160 page complaint, only paragraph 37 struggles to find a reason to connect Schultz to the defamatory Internet posts. Though they admit that the offensive posts were "either published anonymously or under a fictitious name," the Plaintiff's theory of who actually authored the defamation is unclear, based only on what they refer to as "the common and reoccurring themes among the Defamatory Statements," the weakest argument I've ever heard to try to demonstrate who was responsibe for libel.

INSIDE VEGAS reported the Default Judgment against Schultz on March 18, 2013.

On April 30, 2013, I received a conference call placed by three persons who asked that I protect their identities under the Nevada Shield Law. They identified themselves by name and address, and explained that they were the actual authors of the articles Schultz was being sued for writing, and stated they did not want Schultz to take the blame for their (misguided) efforts.

I inquired whether any of them live in Nevada or California, or if they know Rebecca Schultz personally? They stated they all live outside Nevada and California; once had relatives living in Clark County who were under Shafer's guardianship; and have never met Ms. Schultz.

After agreeing to protect their identities, I suggested that the anonymous authors cease and desist submitting more articles because, in my opinion, their submissions are clear examples of libel per se, and are counterproductive to the mission of stopping guardian abuse.

Based on my knowledge and belief of who actually authored the offensive material, I believe Jared Shafer is suing Rebecca Schultz as a form of retaliation for showing the world that a determined family can successfully terminate his form of "guardianship" and stop the exploitation ($300,000) of a loved one when a family sticks to their guns, a subject Guadalupe Olvera and his son-in-law Robert Schultz are very familiar with.

And asked what she believes is the motivation behind the lawsuit, Rebecca Schultz replied; "My dad will be 94 this July 18th, and Shafer must be disappointed that my father outlived his guardianship."

Santa Cruz County's oldest veteran Guadalupe Olvera honored in 4th of July Parade, 2013. Seated
behind Olvera is son-in-law Robert Schultz who helped Olvera escape from Jared Shafer's custody.

Rebecca Schultz' Motion To Set Aside Shafer's Default Judgment will be heard in Judge Kishner's court on August 6, at 9 AM.  INSIDE VEGAS will be there to cover the hearing.


Jared E. Shafer Loses Guardianship.
Looted Senior Citizen Returns To
Claim Home And Possessions
After Winning Termination
In A Bitter Sweet Victory

$300,000 bled from 93-year-old's trust during battle

 Liberated "ward" Guadalupe Olvera reclaims home from "guardianship," and places it on the market
       (L to R: Daughter Rebecca Schultz, Guadalupe Olvera, Robert Schultz, INSIDE VEGAS photo by Peter Christoff)

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
May 20, 2013

"Private Guardian"Jared E. Shafer accused by
Guardianship Commissioner of "bleeding
money" from 93-year-old war hero

"I'm really trying to put an end to this. I get that
Mr. Olvera is bleeding money, and I don't want
it to continue" - Guardianship Commissioner Jon Norheim

November 2009: "Private Guardianship" begins. Funds in trust - $466,186.00
April 2013:  "Guardianship" to be terminated.  Balance in trust  - $149,028.00
Senior citizen's trust fund bled to pay lawyers and friends of "private guardian"

                         "Ward" Guadalupe Olvera after escaping Shafer's custody

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
April 29, 2013

For-hire guardian Jared Shafer, and
racketeer Rick Rizzolo head to court
          Jared Shafer, Ralph Rizzolo, Jon Norheim, and Rick Rizzolo

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
March 18, 2013

Elder Abuse Likely - Under Color Of Law

I'm going to go to California no matter what! I'm not
going to live here. I don't need that man either.
I don't need Jared (Shafer). -Guadalupe Olvera

Ms. Schultz kidnapped Mr. Olvera during the night
and brought him to California. - Jared Shafer

        Click on image to view 2:27 sec. court record of Mr. Olvera's ignored plea

91 year old WW2 hero pleads to be allowed to spend his final days with family in California.
Private Guardian Jared E. Shafer signals his displeasure to Family Court Judge Jon Norheim
who refuses to permit Olvera to leave LV. Family defies court and moves patriarch to
Santa Cruz County while funds continue to be drained from his account in Nevada
to pay lawyers to fight for his return.

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
February 25, 2013

Guardianship Case Highlights Plight of Elderly
WW2 veteran Guadalupe Olvera's right to move in with his daughter in Aptos was disputed by Nevada authorities for three years

by Georgia Perry
Jul 31, 2012
(Photo by Chip Scheuer)

She called Family Court Commissioner Jon Norheim's office for advice. According to Schultz, the woman who answered the phone told her she would need to have a temporary guardian put in place and gave her Shafer's unlisted home telephone number.

Did Ted Binion overdose,
or was he murdered?

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
October 18, 2004

After Binion's body was discovered, Murphy was inexplicably barred from entering the house for over 24 hours. In the meantime, the death scene was allegedly contaminated by persons other than police while the house was apparently being looted.

When Murphy was allowed re-entry the day after the death, she hired a videographer to follow her as she took inventory. On the tape she emotionally pointed out that most of the valuables were missing and it was visible on the tape that the house had been ransacked and looted.  One of the items missing was a ten million dollar check which Binion was believed to have recently received for his share of the proceeds from the sale of a casino game called "Caribbean Stud" to Mikohn Gaming. In addition to the check, cash in excess of $20,000 was reportedly missing.

On the night of Binion's death, TV news showed then-Clark County Public Administrator Jared Shafer entering the house. The Public Administrator is someone who had no apparent business entering the house of a decedent who had an up to date Last Will and Testament, and next of kin. In the case of Ted Binion, he had both. At the time of death, the Clark County Coroner ruled the cause as an overdose of narcotics, so there was little or no reason for Shafer to be there.

Las Vegas Tribune
April 10, 2002

The Public Administrator Must Be Held Accountable

So far, Shafer has sold Mrs. Gaule's home and taken full control of her checking account while paying an undisclosed fee to the Asian-owned rest home for her supposed care and medication - which includes large daily doses of tranquilizers administered by persons who do not speak the English language. The photos of Mrs. Gaule's injuries have also never been adequately explained. Since he made public the photographs of his mother's mysterious head injuries: cuts and bruises described by caregivers as obtained from "falls," Judge Voy has barred Thomas from visiting his mother unsupervised, with guests, or with a camera. He is also not allowed to see her for more than thirty minutes every two weeks. Mr. Shafer and Judge Voy are very aware of everything we have described above and still have taken no official action on Mrs. Gaule's behalf other than to limit Thomas' contact - and spend his mother's money in undisclosed ways.

Las Vegas Tribune
April 24, 2002

New Public Administrator Should Clean House

The April 10, Las Vegas Tribune Editorial "The Public Administrator Must Be Held Accountable" has generated quite a bit of feedback. This was not the first shocking story in this newspaper about Public Administrator Jared Shafer who was first appointed to office in 1978 and is retiring at the end of this year. In 1998, the Tribune reported the alleged mistreatment of Anna Marie Gaul, a wealthy Alzheimer's patient in Shafer's charge who twice suffered blackened eyes and other signs of physical abuse.

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