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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:


District Judge Jackie Glass Resigns In Middle
Of Judicial Discipline Commission Probe

Evidence indicates she squelched criminal charges
against defendants represented by her husband,
then stopped a state probe of her actions by
resigning from the bench and taking a job
on CBS TV as judge on "Swift Justice"

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
May 30, 2011

                     Ex-Clark County District Court Judge Jackie Glass

LAS VEGAS - The producer of the nationally syndicated court program "Swift Justice" may have done the citizens of Clark County an inadvertent favor. He hired one of our town's lowest rated judges (60% retention rating according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal) to replace Nancy Grace on the daily program. His job offer has required Clark County District Court Judge Jackie Glass to relinquish her seat on the state court bench, and some court observers believe the offer came at a most opportune time in the jurist's highly controversial history.

But Glass' sudden resignation last Wednesday to pursue a Hollywood career may have disappointed some of her most ardent local supporters; the Rizzolo crime family; mob lawyers Dean Patti and Tony Sgro; and clients of her husband's criminal defense law firm, some of whom may have had profane influence over her court rulings during her 8 1/2 year tenure.

Glass and her attorney husband Steven Wolfson's criminal friendships may not have singularly led to her demise as a judge. An aggressive ongoing investigation by the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline is thought to contain a smoking gun, and may be the real reason for Jackie Glass' abrupt departure from the bench, i.e., to stop the investigation in its tracks.

INSIDE VEGAS obtained the following COMPLAINT from a reliable source close to the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline.

The Exhibits included with this COMPLAINT (below) purport that then-Judge Glass may have had a conflict of interest that clearly violated the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct, specifically RULE 2.4: External Influences on Judicial Conduct (B): "A judge shall not permit family, social, political, financial, or other interests or relationships to influence the judge's judicial conduct or judgment."
Exhibit 2: District Court Record - Judge Glass' Denial of Overton Warrant
Exhibit 4: LVMPD Declaration of Warrant naming Glass' husband Wolfson as Overton's attorney

The purportedly "confidential" COMPLAINT stems from a lawsuit involving an incident that occurred on June 22, 2007 when a local businessman was severely beaten inside Treasures Gentleman's Club. The 150 lb. victim sued Treasures and four professional martial arts fighters who assaulted him.

Although the criminal aspect of the case was brought by the DA to Justice of the Peace Joe Bonaventure Jr., Judge Glass, a District Court Judge, somehow ended up making the ruling in Bonaventure's Justice Court; a ruling to deny any criminal charges against her husband's clients.

After making her lone ruling in the lower court, she returned to her duties in the District Court section of the Clark County Justice Center.

(More information on this case:

According to sources at Treasures, beating victim Michael Grasso's lawsuit was recently settled out of court for over $1 million dollars. Criminal charges against his four assailants identified in the above complaint were never filed due to the ruling  by Judge Glass who failed to disclose that her husband was their attorney.  According to Judge Bonaventure's assistant's best recollection, this is the only case Judge Glass ruled on from Judge Bonaventure's docket that day.

Based on overwhelming evidence including court records of Glass's denial of Warrants, and the LVMPD Declaration of Warrant that clearly showed the judge's husband represented the Defendants she denied prosecution, the Judicial Discipline Commission's future decision seemed cut and dry, but now is in limbo based on the judge's sudden resignation and the Commission's lack of jurisdiction over a private citizen TV judge.

Based on the above case, and several other cases on her docket that contained obvious conflicts of interest (see links below), CBS TV producer John Terenzio should have looked deeper into Jackie Glass' background before he hired her.

Now, Glass is in a new ruthless game -- but this one's on a more level playing field without mob attorneys and crooked politicians to protect her. She's about to compete head to head in the same time slot with Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, and Judge Marilyn Milian of People's Court!

Hopefully, "TV Judge" Jackie Glass' checkered judicial past will not surface on "TMZ," "Entertainment Tonight," "Access Hollywood," "Extra," "Inside Edition," or "Hard Copy" to interfere with her lust for fame and fortune.

CBS described Glass as a judge who has a "no-nonsense courtroom style" and hands down long sentences. It looks like the network only looked at one case when she handed down a long sentence, the O.J. Simpson case.

Here's information on two other cases that were "randomly assigned" to Judge Glass. Unlike Simpson's case in which no bodily harm occurred but he was given a life sentence, the cases referenced below (and the Michael Grasso case) involved substantial bodily harm and politically connected defendants. The results speak for themselves.

"Good Riddance Judge Glass!" Our city will be a safer place without you.

Copyright 2011 © Steve Miller

EDITOR'S NOTE: Rizzolo's Parole Violation Hearing Continued Until July 19, 2011
After three days of testimony held on May 9, 10, and 11, U.S. Judge Philip Pro originally scheduled a final hearing for June 14, so attorneys for Rick Rizzolo, and attorneys for the U.S. Department of Justice can argue why Rizzolo's parole should or should not be extended and he be incarcerated for an additional period of time for violations of his terms of supervised release. During the hearings, testimony was taken from Kim Tran Rizzolo, widow of Rick's father Bart Rizzolo, and from John E. Dawson, the Rizzolo's asset protection attorney. On May 23, Judge Pro ordered a five week continuance until July 19, based on a court conflict in scheduling. At that hearing, attorneys for unpaid beating victim Kirk Henry will be allowed to address the court.

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