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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

Attention: Clark County Sheriff Bill Young
Seven Las Vegas Metro Police units spent over two hours with their engines
and air conditioners running while officers were inside a topless bar. Why?

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
May 30, 2005

Smiling female officer gets in idling cruiser 3 hours and 40 minutes after arriving on scene
( photo by Mike Christ)
An open letter to Sheriff Young:
At approximately 9:20 AM, Thursday May 26, seven Metro Police units arrived at the Crazy Horse Too on Industrial Road. They were responding to several 911 calls from witnesses who reported a fight taking place in front of the bar.

The first callers were reportedly told by Metro Dispatch that Crazy Horse "security" had the situation under control, and no Metro assistance was requested by club management. When callers insisted, saying the fight was ongoing and visible from the street, units were finally dispatched.

Police stopped the fight that involved two bar patrons and a Crazy Horse bouncer. One of the patrons was hog tied by the police and taken away by ambulance.

A Canadian tourist gave this description of the incident:
"At approx. 9:10 AM Thursday, May 26, 2005, I was inside (Allstate Auto and Marine) when I heard yelling and screaming outside. I went out to see a man yelling and screaming at a waiter and another man. They started fighting and then the waiter or bouncer yelled at me saying 'What the f_ _ _  are you looking at?' I asked if he was talking to me and he answered 'Yea you f _ _ _ ing ass_ _ _ _.' I went back inside (Allstate Auto) and told Jim (Barrier). He stated the bouncer's name was James Stressing. The police and ambulance arrived approx. 9:20 AM and wrestled the man to the ground, handcuffed and hog-tied him. (He was more than drunk, he was in my opinion drugged.) He laid on the ground in the hot sun until he was finally put on a stretcher at 9:50 AM, over 1/2 hour later. To me, nobody was doing anything to help him, only standing around laughing. There was no reason for him (Stressing) to yell or swear at me as I'm 70 years old and no threat to anyone and I was only looking and never said a word to him... There was no reason to leave him (the patron) on the ground in the hot sun for over 1/2 hour with the ambulance drivers standing there. Not a very good picture of Las Vegas as I'm a tourist from Canada. I overheard one of the Metro policemen state on the phone, 'Its not uncommon for someone to slip a drug into a drink.' " -- Notarized statement of B. Murdoch
According to KLAS TV News at noon Thursday, no arrests were made following the incident. James Stressing is reportedly a subject in an ongoing FBI and IRS investigation of the Crazy Horse.

Police officers spot photographer while talking to injured patron - 9:25 AM                                 

Bar patron lies on ground hog tied while police, bar personnel, and
paramedics listen
as bouncer James Stressing gives his statement

Seven Metro Police vehicles remain on scene for over two hours
with their engines and air conditioners running following incident
(Photo taken at 11:30 AM by Buffalo Jim Barrier)

The following marked and unmarked Metro units arrived at the Crazy Horse at approximately 9:20 AM. The time they left the scene is indicated next to their license plate or ID Number. Their arrivals and departures are confirmed by multiple witnesses (I will provide names upon request).


DT1318 (departed - 11:35 AM); DT1322 (departed - 11:50 AM);  DT1101 (departed - 11:50 AM); 072KRU (departed - 12:30 PM); EX47332 (departed - 1 PM); EX42450 (departed -1 PM); DT1137 (departed - 1:05 PM).
Sheriff Young. What were these officers doing in a topless bar for so many hours while their cruiser's engines and air conditioners were left running in 100 degree heat? This is the same bar that is owned by the man you referred to on August 5, 2003, as a "person of ill repute." Should so many officers be spending hours in such a place after no arrests were made? Why did detectives in unmarked units respond to the scene of a simple fist fight? Why did it take multiple calls to Metro Dispatch before police were sent out?

This is not the first time citizens who called 911 were told that "club management" would have to make the request for police assistence before units would be dispatched.

At 9 AM, Friday May 14, 2004, the Metropolitan Police were notified that a semi truck driven by an intoxicated man leaving the Crazy Horse parking lot had crashed into a parked car. After narrowly missing several pedestrians, the giant truck was seen speeding toward an adjacent residential neighborhood.

Minutes after the initial 911 call was made, the citizen who reported the incident said he received a return call from "Kathy in Dispatch." She reportedly told him that Crazy Horse management would be required to call in the complaint before police would respond. No such call was made and police never showed up to investigate the hit and run.

This business has been accused of influencing police officers and paramedics to minimize or skip incident reports during the ongoing federal
racketeering and political corruption investigation, and prior to an upcoming attempted murder civil trial.

Bobby D'Apice (brown jacket) escorts Las Vegas Paramedics into Crazy Horse Too
for coffee and eye candy in 2004. Many recent incidents of violence and DUIs have
gone un
reported by LVMPD and LVFD personnel.                 (Photo by Buffalo Jim Barrier)

Your department is currently asking lawmakers to approve a sales tax hike to fund more officers, something our city certainly needs. For the sake of that request, please look into the above matter immediately since the measure only passed by a 52 percent to 48 percent margin as an advisory question on last November's ballot.

Steve Miller

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