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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

Rizzolo forced to reveal secret financial transactions
Judge orders him to start paying Kirk Henry

"Mr. Rizzolo shall provide to the probation officer the financial
information requested and shall commence paying the
restitution obligations at a rate to be approved
by the Court." - U.S. Judge Philip Pro, 04/26/2010

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
May 3, 2010

LAS VEGAS - If there was ever a good reason to seize someone's passport, this is it!

Racketeer Rick Rizzolo's world is crashing in around him, and as each day passes until his September trial, he becomes a bigger flight risk.

With last week's Federal Court Order to require the former Vegas Crazy Horse Too topless bar owner to start paying payments on the $9 million Rizzolo still owes beating victim Kirk Henry, few would be surprised if Rizzolo decided to expatriate to a nation that does not have an extradition treaty with the United States. He certainly can afford to do so!

After ignoring three Federal Court Orders to produce information regarding his current financial condition, Rizzolo on April 26 coughed up an eight page partial listing of transactions he completed since stashing his fortune in the Cook Islands out of the reach of Kirk Henry and the IRS..

The document reveals that Rizzolo has completed undisclosed transactions totaling at least  $3,278,265,50 between 2006 and 2008.

But even with this information known, Rizzolo continues to plead poverty, but is often seen gambling in Strip casinos where he was once known as a whale (million dollar player).

On February 5, 2010, Rizzolo even informed the court; "I've got a watch and a few items of jewelry I may have to sell to a pawn shop for living expenses." (More on this later.)

But few knew then how he was wheeling and dealing in millions of dollars cash outside the eyes and ears of United States Judge Philip Pro, or his parole officer Eric Christiansen.

In the Sunday, May 2, 2010 Las Vegas Review-Journal, veteran columnist John L. Smith wrote: "It's not because he's short of funds. He's flush with big green. Yet, like crime, Rizzolo doesn't pay. But that could be changing."

"He was back in U.S. District Court last week to deny the undeniable: Rizzolo owes Kirk and Amy Henry millions. The arguments of Rizzolo's attorneys, Kenneth Frizzell and Mark Hafer, fell to a murmur before U.S. District Judge Philip Pro, who unequivocally ordered Rizzolo to turn over financial documents and set a payment schedule to the Henrys for a sum that, with interest, now exceeds $12 million. In September 2001, Kirk Henry nearly had his head wrenched from his neck by Crazy Horse Too shift manager Bobby D'Apice following a dispute over an $88 bar tab."

Smith continues: "Now they'll have no choice. Henry attorneys Donald Campbell and Stan Hunterton have submitted documents that appear to show Rizzolo's undeniable parole violations."

"He also is prohibited from 'incurring new credit charges or negotiating or consummating any financial contracts without the approval of the probation officer.' Decide for yourself whether he has done that."

Smith goes on: "On April 3, 2008, evidence shows he received $990,000 from the sale of a Philadelphia topless club. The money was transferred into the Lion Limited Partnership and then wired to RLR Trust, his confidential offshore account in the Cook Islands. Rizzolo then ordered $600,000 to be transferred into ex-wife Lisa Rizzolo's Cook Islands trust account. His father, Bart Rizzolo, was sent $200,000, and $100,000 was transferred to the law offices of Patti Sgro & Lewis."

"Then there's the disclosure in January that Rizzolo sold his personal jewelry collection to 'unnamed family members' for $500,000. How convenient."

Smith concludes: "As the Cook Islands trust accounts were supposedly secret, none of this was disclosed to Rizzolo's parole officer."

For years Rizzolo claimed that the money he was court ordered to pay his creditors must come exclusively from the sale of his defunct converted warehouse/topless bar. However, Judge Pro put an end to that false claim on April 26,  when he DENIED Rizzolo's Request for Final Order of Satisfaction:
Full docket text for document 325:
MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS - Motion Hearing as to Power Company, Inc., Frederick John Rizzolo held on 4/26/2010 before Judge Philip M. Pro. Crtrm Administrator: Donna Andrews; AUSA: Eric Johnson; Also Present: Donald Campbell, Philip R. Erwin for Kirk and Amy Henry; James Erbeck for City of Las Vegas; Def Counsel: Kenneth G. Frizzell, III, Mark C. Hafer; USPO: Eric Christiansen (Present Telephonically); Court Reporter/FTR #: Summer Rivera; Time of Hearing: 2:00 p.m. - 3:10 p.m.; Courtroom: 7C; RE: Petition to Modify Conditions of Supervised Release [278]; Defendants Power Company and Frederick John Rizzolo's Request for Final Order of Satisfaction [302]; Defendants Power Company and Frederick John Rizzolo's Motion to Strike Documents 286, 298, 300 and 306 by Kirk and Amy Henry for Lack of Standing [312]. The Court hears the arguments of Mr. Johnson, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Frizzell and Mr. Hafer. IT IS ORDERED the Petition to Modify Conditions of Supervised Release [278] is GRANTED. Mr. Rizzolo shall provide to the probation officer the financial information requested and shall commence paying the restitution obligations at a rate to be approved by the Court. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED Defendants Power Company and Frederick John Rizzolo's Request for Final Order of Satisfaction [302] and Motion to Strike Documents 286, 298, 300 and 306 by Kirk and Amy Henry for Lack of Standing [312] are DENIED. Defendant is continued on present terms of release. (Copies have been distributed pursuant to the NEF - DMA)

In the above COURT ORDER, Rizzolo failed to get the court to agree that all of his financial obligations were met when the Crazy Horse Too was seized by the government. The court rejected his claims that the bar's worth at the time of seizure far exceeded what he owed; that the government was responsible for diminishing the bar's value; and that  the government (tax payers) should pay the balance of Rizzolo's obligations in the event the bar sold for less than he owed.

Here is what Rizzolo owes in the order given by the court.
All of the United States Marshals Service's costs, expenses, and private counsel's attorney fees for the real property transaction related to the care and the sale of the Property and the Trademark and Trade name Crazy Horse Too, including but not limited to the maintenance, the protection, the repair, the service of process, the publication, the utilities, the insurance, the CB Richard Ellis real estate commission, the escrow, the closing costs, the real estate transfer tax, private counsel's attorney fees for the real property transaction, etc.;
The Clark County Taxes owed on the Property with penalties and interest
The City of Las Vegas sewer lien
The Security Pacific Bank ($5 million dollar) loan with attorneys' fees, penalties, and interest
The restitution of US $9,000,000.00 plus interest to Kirk and Amy Henry
The restitution of US $1,734,000.00 plus accruals to the IRS
The assessment of US $500.00 plus interest
The fines of US $750,000.00 plus interest
The forfeiture of US $4,250,000.00 plus interest
The City of Las Vegas judgment lien of US $2,192,000.00 plus interest
The IRS tax lien against Rizzolo for the 2006 individual income taxes of US $1,032,535.26 plus accruals

In the event the Crazy Horse Too is sold to Chicago trucking company owner Chris Condotti for $10.5 million, and if LV Mayor Oscar Goodman keeps his promise to not grant zoning or a liquor license unless he first collects the City's judgment lien of $2,192,000 plus interest, that leaves a scant $8.3 million to pay the rest of Rick and Lisa Rizzolo's first four bills, and nothing for Kirk Henry who is number five on the court's list of creditors.

In other words, the Rizzolos will be upside down for at least $15 million in personal debts including years of interest and penalties!

Sometime in September 2010, Judge Pro will preside over a jury trial to determine if Rick and Lisa Rizzolo are in violation of the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (UFTA) by stashing their fortune in the Cook Islands right in the middle of two court cases.

If the jury finds that the couple participated in a sham divorce right in the middle of Kirk Henry's personal injury lawsuit, and three weeks before Rick began his plea negotiations, the court can order Rick  to "repatriate" his loot, or go to prison until he does.

With all this bad news, another problem is lurking. Seeing the recent writing on the wall, will the Rizzolo's opt to leave the country in order to keep their ill-gotten riches out of the hands of Henry and the IRS?

I sure hope Judge Pro takes this into consideration immediately and seizes Rick's passport.  But if the judge hesitates, I've put together a list of countries Rick can take his cash and escape to that have no U.S. Extradition Treaty:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina (emphasis added), Brunei, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cape Verde, the Central African Republic, Chad, China (People's Republic of China), the Union of the Comoros, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Indonesia, Jordan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Madagascar, the Maldives, Mali, the Marshall Islands, Mauritania, the Federated States of Micronesia, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Niger, Oman, Qatar, the Russian Federation, Rwanda, Samoa, São Tomé & Príncipe, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Vanuatu, Vietnam, Yemen, and Zimba.

If Rick does want to escape his financial obligations, I suggest that he and Lisa repatriate to Sarajevo, the capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, located just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy.

One way first class airfare from Las Vegas to Sarajevo is  $12,064 avg/person ($24,128 total). Lufthansa 9183  / 9269  / 3500 Departs Las Vegas (LAS) at 11:18 am, Connects in Chicago (O'Hare Intl.), and Munich (Franz Josef Strauss Intl.), Arrives Sarajevo (SJJ) 12:25 pm + 1 day. Duration 16hr 7min.

         Quaint sidewalk cafes line the streets in downtown Sarajevo

I recommend that Rick and Lisa begin their new life in Sarajevo at the luxurious Hotel Hollywood.


"The Hollywood is situated in the center of Ilidza, a green oasis of Sarajevo, near the main road and very close to the Sarajevo International Airport and the spring of river Bosna, a unique jewel of genuine nature."

"Guests can choose between bathrooms with sauna or Jacuzzi shower, hair dryers and other elements of the highest standard. For your safety we have controlled entrance, video surveillance and physical security. To make your stay in our hotel unforgettable, we organize excursions, scientific, experts and business trips and visits to cultural and entertainment events, official dinner parties, cocktails, receptions, etc., musical and entertainment events."

"Hollywood hotel has 3 restaurants with 150, 350 and 850 seats, National restaurant with 120 seats, tavern with 80 seats, coffee and cake house and internet cafe."

After flying for 16 hours, and checking into their fabulous Hotel Hollywood penthouse, I'm sure the Rizzolos will be famished. For their first night of expatriation, I suggest one of the following nearby Italian restaurants that are guaranteed to put Piero's in Vegas to shame:

"Fellini Restaurante, located in the centre of Sarajevo, is a restaurant with exceptional history and traditions, serving authentic dishes and fresh Italian cuisine. Opened under the name of AMERICANC in 1934, this restaurant has survived a full 70 years of service and remains one of the most popular local restaurants in the city. In 2004 the restaurant went under an extensive renovation and was decorated in the spirited style of the Italian Renaissance and opened under the new name of Fellini. Original decor, a very high level of service, a wide range of Italian cuisine and a quality wine list made sure that the restaurant Fellini became a worthy member of the prestigious club CD."

"Vinoteka is well known for being one of the most exclusive restaurants in the City of Sarajevo. It is widely acclaimed as the finest Italian restaurant in town, and it is hard to disagree. The restaurant has a great ambiance to it, comfortable and relaxing with top level service. As the name suggests, the restaurant has an excellent choice of wines which definitely deserves a special mention; in fact there is a specific wine bar downstairs which really should not be missed. For many years Vinoteka has been the official restaurant sponsor of the Sarajevo Film Festival and is up there with the best restaurants in Sarajevo."

And here's my personal favorite Sarajevo restaurante; "Slick" (the name befits Rick):

"If you want to enjoy the culinary specialties one of the best chefs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you should definitely visit restaurant Slick. The restaurant offers the best dishes of Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on famous Italian dishes such as various types of pasta and fish specialties. Restaurant is located in the very city center - Titova street, and is convenient for all types of larger or smaller celebrations and gatherings. The warm, intimate atmosphere, beautiful interior on two floors and live music in the evening hours are something that will fascinate you and something that you should not miss."

Raiffeisen Bank in Sarajevo offers Western Union money transfer service from anywhere on the planet including the Capital Security Bank Limited of the Cook Islands.

All Lisa needs to do before she leaves Vegas is place a quick call to her "Protector," John Dawson, Esq. (brother of United States Federal Judge Kent Dawson who presided over the felony trials of 15 former Crazy Horse Too employees without disclosing that his brother was the Rizzolo's "Protector"), and instruct him to wire transfer the Cook Islands cash to Sarajevo. The money will be waiting in Raiffeisen Bank for Rick and Lisa to enjoy upon their arrival. And they need not worry because Kirk Henry and the IRS can't seize it there either, nor can the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners tell Rick he'll go back to prison if he refuses to pay his court ordered debts. With this scheme, they can have their cake and eat it too just like Joe Conforte did in 1991.

With their cash at hand, Rick and Lisa can go house hunting.  May I recommend Real Estate Agency "Nemos" Ltd. Sarajevo to find the perfect estate to fit their retirement needs -- that's if Judge Pro does not take away Rick's passport before this pipe dream can come true!

Enough of the foolishness. The sober truth is if Kirk Henry prevails at the UFTA trial in September, and the judge procrastinates about Rick's passport long enough to let the Rizzolos leave the country with their loot,  the United States District Court, District of Nevada will be responsible for allowing itself to be manipulated by the mob for over nine years, and will deserve the title "Laughing Stock."

As a loyal American, I pray that never occurs.

Copyright © Steve Miller


Good break-down. Problem is the FEDS (1) could continue to look the other way for now (2.) FEDS did not take his passport so he can flee (3) Funds are still hidden in Cook account?  He will flee USA before he pays this to Henry's (may start to pay but in the end No way because this money belongs to the know that? if he does not flee and they won't let him work in the business where he can make the millions...he has to return these funds to the boys first. You know he cannot even do that now! maybe they will find him out in the desert someday. Or Guess we can expect an Appeals Court case soon. This will delay again current conditions. - Larry

I'm guessing he will be off probation and then it will be too late to violate him.  I just don't see any justice coming for Kirk Henry and that is a shame.  It seems Rizzolo has successfully gamed the system, albeit with a lot of political help.  What a crooked place we call home. - Mark in Vegas

So does this then mean that two million dollars is the going rate for the City of Las Vegas to waive any zoning for a girlie joint? Can you do one between a school and a church for $4 million? Is there not some lesson in good government involved in all this? - Ray

Steve,  I have always wondered who Rizzolo's protector is?  He killed a cash cow for a couple of Families and you would think with the grief he has caused them, he would be whacked. Also, did you know Faraci was back in New York?  It was in this week. - R,I.

I'm missing something here. If the judge thinks the guy who is to stand trial might run -- they put them in jail or make him put up bail, etc. If Rizzolo might leave to avoid paying --- then SOMEBODY (like Henry) should request the judge to do the same sort of thing. Joe Conforte was going back to jail for crimes/including tax evasion -- and he is safe in Brazil now (with all his money)----- Henry will never see one dime before he dies and his kids have grown up!  Meanwhile Rizzolo is running around LV free as a bird spending money. Something is wrong with this picture. - Sincerely, Audrey in Florida

You missed one...Most go to the Philippines and hide. Hard to get them back. Over 7,000 islands and if you have as much money as the RIZZ does, no one will find him.  This is the case with many criminals who flee to Asia. They will not run after RIZZ if he goes. They did not take his passport so he can flee easy now. I doubt he will follow his conditions and pay another dime to the Henry's. I am sure he knows many Asian stripper ladies who would love to take him back home with them. Good meal ticket. He also sure would live like a king in Viet Nam these days with the money he has available. Many strippers come from there to dance in our clubs. - Billy

You mean they haven't confiscated his passport? I'm not surprised. - Sam in Reno

Vanuatu is supposed to be pretty nice too.  I knew of an old stock swindler that hid his money there and eventually ran away there by most accounts. Montengro is also supposed to be nice and "white" friendly.  I knew a  guy working a casino/ marina deal there a few years back. I say send him to afghanistan and leave him there. One noticeably absent country from the list is Cuba and I guess that is because the US has diplomatic relations with all the countries on the list, just no extradition treaty.  So I guess Cuba is an option too, at least for a few more years. - Rusty

Steve - How long has this turd been out of prison ?  Seems to me that you give a guy a couple months to get a job and then start paying .the victims, that is, not judges and lawyers... Sure hope they haven't moved all their cash out of off shores by now. Too bad govt. cant get eye in the sky tapes from the casinos to get an idea how much cash he DOES have..- Steve in KC

Steve, Google up a guy named Denny Hecker in Minneapolis and see what the bankruptcy judge did to him for hiding assets.  Numerous stories at
- Jack in Toronto

This is good news but the bad part would be the payments if approved. Kirk and his family need money not payments and a f- - -ing promissory note. Steve, go get um. - Mike

Its finally all falling into place. Rizzolo is going down little by little. Thanks Steve for the news. I'm so happy this is coming along. - Vince

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