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Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

UPDATE: Kimtran Rizzolo Defies Federal Court Order

Tries to stall $1,052,996.03 payment to Kirk Henry
that was due on May 19, 2012

Claims her judgment should not include amounts
loaned to Rick Rizzolo and attorney
fees paid on his behalf

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
May 21, 2012

LAS VEGAS - In a not-so-surprising last minute motion, Herb Sachs, attorney for convicted racketeer Rick Rizzolo's stepmother Kimtran Rizzolo, late last Friday filed a hastily written 446 word MOTION to try to stall his client's payment of over a million dollars owed to beating victim Kirk Henry from Rick's previously unreported sale of his interest in the Philadelphia Crazy Horse Too strip club.

Sachs (left) may have done so to stall payment until Rick Rizzolo is released from federal prison on June 12.

Kimtran now suddenly is claiming that an undisclosed amount of money owed to her late husband from his son along with attorney fees paid to local attorneys on his son's behalf should be credited against what she is court ordered to pay Henry, i.e., Kirk Henry should pay Rick Rizzolo's alleged personal debt to his father, and his exorbitant legal fees from part of his $9 million dollar court ordered settlement!

Ms. Rizzolo's motion is in total defiance of Senior United States Judge Philip M. Pro's April 19, 2012, ORDER stating: "Defendants Rick Rizzolo and Kimtran Rizzolo shall make the necessary arrangements to transfer funds in the amount of $1,052,996.03 to Plaintiffs Kirk Henry and Amy Henry within thirty (30) days."

Judge Pro has also previously addressed Kimtran's claim that Rick owed her late husband money:

"On July 8, 2008, one of Rick Rizzolo’s attorneys faxed to Dawson a 'list of loans made by Bart Rizzolo,' and inquired of (asset protection attorney John) Dawson whether Lions LP could assign the balance due on the sale of the Philadelphia property to Bart Rizzolo 'before somebody else seeks to attach the payments' which were not due to begin until the following February. At his deposition, Rick Rizzolo was questioned about who he anticipated would seek to attach the payments:

Q: Why was your attorney inquiring of yet another one of your attorneys as to whether or not future payments that were expected to be made pursuant to that sale could be transferred to your father?
A: Because I owed him money.
Q: Excuse me?
A: I owed him money.
Q: Well, but that’s not what this document says. It says, Before somebody else seeks to attach the payments.
. . .
Q: Do you see that, sir?
A: Yeah.
Q: Who were you afraid was going to seek to attach those payments?
A: What do you mean, afraid?
Q: Well, who did you anticipate would seek to attach the payments?
A: Well, at that time, the government, the IRS, everybody.
Q: The Henrys?
A: The Henrys, whatever.

Despite being under supervised release in relation to his criminal conviction, Rick Rizzolo did not disclose to his probation officer this assignment of payments. Rick Rizzolo also was not forthcoming in discovery in this action," stated Judge Pro.

Per Kimtran's new claim that she should be credited for her stepson's legal fees, Judge Pro was fully aware of the legal fees when he stated:

"At the close of escrow on the sale of Lions LP’s interest in TEZ (Philadelphia Crazy Horse Too) in April 2008, PFLP sent a check made out to Lions LP in the amount of $999,000 to Rick Rizzolo’s attorney, John Dawson (“Dawson”), which was deposited in Rick Rizzolo’s account in the Cook Islands. Very shortly thereafter, nearly all the funds were distributed, including $600,000 to Lisa Rizzolo; $200,000 to Rick Rizzolo’s father, Bart Rizzolo; $100,000 to the law firm Patti & Sgro; and approximately $80,000 to Dawson."

Based on Rick Rizzolo's failure before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to have his sentence overturned; the lack of new information to support Kimtran's last minute claims; and Kimtran's total defiance of a Federal Court Order, it's now expected that Judge Pro will summarily dismiss Sachs' bizarre eleventh hour motion for a new trial, and immediately issue a bench warrant for Kimtran's arrest for contempt of court.

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