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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

Rizzolo's secret offspring
await his release

Rick Rizzolo may have suffered untreated precocious puberty
Definition by Mayo Clinic staff

" father Rick Rizzolo a owner of Badda Bing"
Ericka Lockett - actress

"I always wanted my own club"
Rick Belcastro - owner Badda Bing

 Actress Ericka Lockett       Godson Rick Belcastro             Rick Rizzolo, # 41390-048

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
May 14, 2012

LAS VEGAS -  Convicted racketeer Rick Rizzolo, a.k.a. # 41390-048, is scheduled to be released on June 12 from Taft Federal Prison (sometimes called Camp Granada) in Central California. He was sentenced to nine additional months in prison for violating the conditions of his first supervised release.

         Rick Rizzolo walks with fellow inmates in Taft Federal Prison exercise yard
                                                                         (Photo by Steve Miller)

A number of Rizzolo's friends and extended family members are eager to celebrate his second homecoming from prison, including a 45 year old woman who claims to be his long lost daughter, and the man who persons close to the family say is Rizzolo's beloved godson and protégé.

"The two people that inspire me the most are my dad Rick 'Razzilio' (sic) and Dennis Rodman because he does his own thing and doesn't care and my dad has watched his strip club go down in the dumps because the FBI took it away from him and he rebuilt a new club and its going good from what I understand and what I hear and he's just a great guy."

(Statement about alleged fatherhood at 3:23 into video:

These are the words of adult star, stripper & actress Ericka Lockett who has long claimed that Rick Rizzolo is her father though he would have had to be 9 years old at the time of her birth, a feat that's medically possible but highly improbable. Absent a DNA test, I can't verify whether her claim is true, but her repeated statement about her alleged dad being an owner of another Vegas strip club would be a violation of his 2006 plea agreement and begs investigation along with additional unsubstantiated rumors that he's invested cash in the successor to his shuttered Crazy Horse Too, the Crazy Horse III.

According to the United States Department of Justice: "As part of Rizzolo’s conditions of supervised release and pursuant to his plea agreement, Rizzolo is not permitted to own or operate or have any involvement with any strip clubs or similar businesses involved in pornography or erotic entertainment or media in the United States and its territories for the rest of his life."

However, according to Ms. Lockett's website, Rizzolo is defiantly back in the strip club business: "I was born in the USa Started out as stripper coming from a domestic violence background, abled (sic) to finance my education and provide for my 2 small children. I started model 95, discovered by Hustler Magszine 97 which I of age of 30 made the cover, moved La and became adult film star, this where I would give main stream a dable (sic) and then moved to Vegas in which also finding my father Rick Rizzolo a owner of Badda Bing, formerly owning strip Crazy Horse Too. The money was great , studying Art and Dance at the local University there, would be stalked and have attempted (sic) on my life moving back to La in which adult film bussiness (sic) took me under their wing, giving the armed force a go, unsecceful (sic), moved to London writting (sic) a book of my life 'confession of a Prn (sic) Star', apearing (sic) numerouse (sic) music vidoe (sic)"

(If Ericka was 30 in 1997 as she states, then she's 45 today. Rick Rizzolo is currently 54.)

Rizzolo's godson owns Privilege Gentleman's Club, formerly known as Badda Bing:

Nothing Lockett says about Rick Rizzolo or Bada Bing has been verified, but if her paternity claim is true, at the time of her conception, Rizzolo would have been suffering from (editor's note: "suffering"?) a condition called untreated precocious puberty.

According to the Mayo Clinic: "The process of changing from a child into an adult is known as puberty, and puberty that begins before age 8 for girls and before age 9 for boys is considered precocious puberty. Puberty includes rapid growth of bones and muscles, changes in body shape and size, and development of the body's ability to reproduce," which gives Ericka Lockett's claim a modicum of credence, and could have been the driving force behind Rick's youthful entry into the erotic entertainment business, and his premature gray hair.

That said, Rizzolo will be back in Vegas in less than a month, and an entirely new set of rules will apply regarding his behavior for the next two years while he's on extended parole.

He'll be required to report every transaction in excess of $500, and stay out of casinos according to Untied States Senior Judge Philip Pro: "You shall not enter, frequent, or be involved with any legal or illegal gambling establishment or activity, except for the purpose of employment as approved and directed by the probation officer."

Several weeks before his release, Rick's stepmother Kimtran Rizzolo is court ordered to transfer to beating victim Kirk Henry by April 30, the final payment of $1,052,996.03 she illegally received from the sale of the Philadelphia Crazy Horse Too.

As of May 14, the money has not been paid.

If Kimtran refuses to comply with the order, she's subject to being jailed for contempt which may be the safest place Kimtran can be in the event she still has Kirk Henry's money after Rick is released from prison and comes to collect what he thinks is his.


An organization for families of children with precocious puberty

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