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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

Faraci Secretly Applies
for a County Liquor License

"Faraci had a high powered attorney who wanted it on
the consent agenda."
- Spokeswoman, County Business License Dept.

"Most of the Commissioners didn't realize what they voted for.
Someone tried to pull a fast one!" - Commissioner, County Liquor Licensing Board

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
April 30, 2007

LAS VEGAS - Sometimes living in Vegas is like living in the Twilight Zone!  First the City Council goes against the advice of the Special Investigations Unit of Metro Police and the City Attorney to grant a mob straw man a permanent liquor license at the blood soaked Crazy Horse Too. Then last Tuesday, the equally brave Clark County Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board were asked to secretly grant preliminary approval of a key employee liquor license for a twice convicted felon about to go prison.
In a story considered a non event by the callous local media, Vinny Faraci, Federal Inmate Number 18408-053, was quietly given the County's blessing to operate a Vegas topless bar after he gets out of prison..

Faraci and his high powered attorney walked away from the meeting with hope his friends at Metro P.D. will recommend he get the coveted license before he starts his five month sentence on July 1st.

The son of reputed Bonanno crime family captain "Johnny Green" Faraci of New York, the younger Faraci worked with friend Rick Rizzolo, Federal Inmate Number 41390-048, at the Crazy Horse Too as a shift manager during the years patrons were beaten or killed for not signing inflated credit card tabs. He has a felony mail fraud conviction on his record; and was recently convicted of his second felony - tax evasion. Faraci was also part of the Crazy Horse Too management team that last summer pleaded guilty to racketeering.
But that didn't faze the County Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board. Faraci was represented by Mayor Oscar Goodman's law partner David Chesnoff who didn't even have to speak at the 30 sec. long hearing. (Goodman's other law partner Jay Brown represents the Crazy Horse.)
After his release from Taft Federal Prison Camp in December, Faraci wants to become the general manager of a topless bar named "EDEN" located on Valley View Blvd. If he's granted the license, he will be the first club executive to ever go to work wearing a prisoner's ankle bracelet!

Pure inside Caesars PalaceAnd if Faraci is actually granted a license as most around here expect to happen, that proves the inmates are running the asylum! But that's not all. The club Eden may be just the tip of the organized crime iceberg.

One of my most trusted sources just called to say "gaming regulation in Nevada is done." He said Faraci is really just gearing up to get a key employee license at Pure in Caesars Palace
, and he's getting help from the City Council, County Commission, and local courts because he and Rizzolo provide girls for private parties with casino executives, drugs, and "security" for the exclusive clubs frequented by TV and movie stars. In return, the politicians tap the casinos for campaign contributions.

My source said he also predicts that the VIP gambling salons in some hotels will someday be run by colorful felons like Faraci and Rizzolo (himself a Whale), and gaming regulators will either turn their backs or actually grant them licenses because they draw other "Whales."

But that's a few years off. First the O.C. types must get their initial privileged licenses in non-gaming venues like Eden, an off-Strip topless bar, then later sneak through licenses to work at or own the Strip hotel dance clubs. Once that happens and with political opponents paid off, gaming licenses can soon follow. Sound impossible? This is the new Las Vegas!

But it can't easily happen with the public knowing the plan, at least I hope that's the case. Last Tuesday it was supposed to slip under the radar, however, Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith and I were tipped off and now you're reading the story on that's hand delivered to every politician and federal law enforcement official in the city, county, and state.

Remember, it was only last year that four of our esteemed Clark County Commissioners were convicted of taking bribes and two more are currently under investigation; the kind of stuff that's supposed to bring out the best in those still serving in public office like the current members of the
Clark County Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board.

My source said that at no time in Faraci or Rizzolo's trials were the words "organized crime" mentioned, and that was by design after someone
allegedly tampered with the cases at the Dept. of Justice in D.C. My source said the D.O.J. went easy, then fired Nevada U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden to squelch future prosecutions so people like Faraci and Rizzolo can become key license holders and owners in clubs like Pure.

Rizzolo has been banned from the adult entertainment business for the rest of his life, but is not banned from running dance clubs in Strip hotels.

On  April 18, the LV City Council acted like Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod, and disregarded the findings of Metro Police and their own City Attorney who pleaded to deny Mike Signorelli a permanent liquor license to run Rizzolo's Crazy Horse. Signorelli got his license anyway.

Las Vegas CityLife's Andrew Kiraly cleverly described it: "But for all the council cared for good sense, it might as well have followed the vote with a vicious round of your-mama jokes directed at City Attorney Brad Jerbic and Metro police, who had warned city officials that new Crazy Horse Too manager Mike Signorelli is a mere puppet for owner and felon Rick Rizzolo.'"

So what's to make us think the County Liquor Board will do otherwise after the cops complete their useless background investigation of Faraci?

We already know the results.
Clark County Ordinance §8.20.010 clearly states: "It is found and declared that the public health, safety, morals and welfare... require the regulation and control of all persons engaged in, associated with, or in control of, the business of liquor sales. (a) In conformity with the policy of this chapter, the following persons are declared not to be qualified to hold a license under the provisions of this chapter: (1) A person who does not possess, or who does not have a reputation for possessing a good moral character; 4) A person who the licensing board determines is not a suitable person to receive or hold a license, after due consideration for the protection of the public health, safety, morals, good order and general welfare...."

Why waste the taxpayer's money on such a frivolous investigation? The police have better things to do. Anyway, after the City Council just set the gold standard by ignoring Metro's findings on Signorelli, so why should the County Commissioners listen to the police report on Faraci?

"Faraci had a high powered attorney who wanted it on the consent agenda"
was the amazing answer given INSIDE VEGAS when we asked a spokeswoman from County Business License why Item 411 was placed on the Consent Agenda where it would not be up for public comment or discussion by the Board.

"Most of the Commissioners didn't realize what they voted for.
Someone tried to pull a fast one," complained one member of the Clark County Liquor Licensing Board after he blessed Faraci. However, he said this after John L. Smith gave the Board an ample heads up in last Tuesday's Review-Journal, so I doubt he was being sincere.

Smith tried to blow the whistle to warn the Commissioners before the hearing by writing; "Now, Faraci is applying for key employee status at Eden, a topless club at 3750 S. Valley View Blvd. He's scheduled to appear with attorney David Chesnoff this morning in the Clark County Commission chambers...  'There's never been an allegation he was ever present when any act of violence occurred at the Crazy Horse over a 20-year career,' Chesnoff said. 'He's well-respected in that industry by club owners and dancers alike. That's what he does...' Not to be a stickler, here, counselor, but there was that one time in the mid-1980s when Faraci's name surfaced on a police report concerning the baseball bat beating of a patron outside the Crazy Horse Too. It's also true the pummeling went nowhere in the courts," wrote Smith.

Mayor Oscar Goodman with protégés Gardy Jolly and David Chesnoff

In the case of baseball bat beating victim Rick Sandlin
referred to in Smith's column, then-criminal defense attorney Oscar Goodman defended Rizzolo; the judge gave Rizzolo a slap on the wrist; and Sandlin died of his injuries three years after the beating.
In the taped interview of Dan Kennedy, an eye witness to another Crazy Horse Too beating that resulted in the 1995 death of Scott David Fau -- Kennedy made reference to Vinny Faraci who was managing the Crazy Horse at the time:
"Yeah, they're the one that beat up this Hawaiian guy out there that was just - - the poor guy wasn't even moving, and they were kicking him, and, um, at that point that's all. They were just kicking him around, jumping on him, stomping on his arm. They stomped his leg. Kicked him in the stomach. They kept - Moe was kicking him in the head, and you just watched his head wiggle around." Kennedy also stated on the tape: "The manager guy would poke his head out the door, but he wouldn't walk out. He'd just - he'd open the door and look out and then step back in. I never seen - he didn't come out." Kennedy identified the manager of the Crazy Horse as "Vinny or Vince."
When the Fau wrongful death case finally went to trial in 2003, then-District Court Judge Nancy M. Saitta (now a Nevada Supreme Court Justice) advised the jury to not consider blunt force trauma as the cause of Fau's death because he died three hours after the beating. Following her orders to the letter, the jury ruled in favor of the Crazy Horse.
<>In his April 24, RJ column, Smith talks about U.S. Federal Court Judge Kent Dawson: "Although the New York Crime Commission confirmed Faraci's mob status, U.S. District Judge Kent Dawson said the defendant's underworld fraternal order had no bearing on his decision to sentence Faraci to just 10 months in jail with five of that to be served in a halfway house. He received a wrist slap and no mob jacket. If, as Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Johnson contended at his January sentencing, Faraci condoned the occasional vicious beating at the club, the judge apparently wasn't much impressed."

Then there was this:
My name is Eddie , and I am from San Diego.  I was visiting Vegas because I turned 21 on the 15th of July 2004.  On 7-17 my girlfriend and I went to the Crazy Horse to have a little fun and it turned into a nightmare.  After my girlfriend paid for a lap dance for me, she decided to sit at the bar until it was over.  While sitting there she was physically removed from her seat and told that she wasn't working tonight. When she explained that she didn't work there, a man that called himself "Vinney" (sp) told her not to "fucking talk back" and physically forced her out of the club.  When my dance ended I went looking for her and one bouncer said she was outside.  I found her out there crying with bruises on her arms from this Vinney guy.  I had left my cell phone in the club by accident and told her I was going to go pick it up and make a complaint to the manager.  When I tried to complain I was told to "go fuck" myself and that my girlfriend was a prostitute, so I loudly demanded that I  needed to speak to Vinney right this second.  The next thing I know I was attacked by at least four bouncers. One stuck his finger into my eye socket and ask me how it felt while the others punched me in the back and sides of my head,  I was knocked unconscious and came to with a bouncer on top of me telling me to stop resisting. I, as calmly as I possibly could, with tears in my eyes, tried to explain that I was not resisting and didn't want any trouble, all I wanted was to complain to Vinney.  When the police arrived a few minutes later, they put me in handcuffs.  My girlfriend who had seen the last part of the beating, couldn't hold back anymore and tried to run to me because my face was bloody and my eyes swollen.  An officer stepped in front of her and she brushed by him trying to get around him.  She was then arrested for assaulting an officer.  So with both of us handcuffed and my face pretty messed up, we were offered by the Sergeant that we would be let go, but if we decided to press charges on the club, my girlfriend would be charged with assaulting an officer.  So we took the offer and got in a cab and went to Sunrise emergency where they gave me a catscan and treated me for multiple small cuts and a sprained knee.  I have a concussion and have a little blurry vision along with a knee injury that is going to prevent me from working for at least a few days.  I also had $300 dollars taken from my pocket while I was being subdued by the bouncers.  I filled out a (police) report after I was released from the hospital at 10 am on saturday the 17th.  I have pictures of my cut and swollen eyes and an abrasion on my back and knee.  Thank you for your time. -- Statement of Eddie Soula similar to his testimony before the Federal Grand Jury

Former US Attorney for Nevada Daniel Bogden was hot on the trail of organized crime figures in Las Vegas that could have exposed their sycophants in D.C. He oversaw Operations "G Sting" and "Crazy Horse," and I'm informed was ready to bring down several Las Vegas pols including Oscar Goodman and Mike McDonald along with their bag man. 
Had Bogden been allowed to continue, his efforts may have included Goodman's law partner and Crazy Horse attorney Jay Brown, and Brown's pal Senator Harry Reid. So Bogden was fired.
It's obvious President Bush was not interested in protecting Reid, it's just that Bogden was about to interfere with the "Whale" business on the Strip that attracts many O.C. types and others from unfriendly Middle Eastern and Asian nations who frequent the latest Strip night clubs including "Pure" at Caesars Palace, "Studio 54" at the MGM, and "Tao" at the Venetian -- non-gaming venues owned by independent contractors who relieve the casino licensees of responsibility for what goes on in the clubs, but attract high rollers into the adjacent casinos before and after their club "experience." 
The Strip is a huge campaign contributor during presidential elections, so when casino barons have a problem, Capitol Hill is all ears. Bogden was going after people like future casino nightclub hosts Faraci and Rizzolo; the guys who supply the girls, drugs, and bouncers that fuel this new Strip phenomena, so Bogden had to go.

The first step in the scheme is to get a crime family capo a liquor license -- anywhere -- then let him graduate to a Strip hotel like Caesars. After that, anything goes!

Can you see the pattern?

Will the police find Faraci unfit to hold a privileged liquor license? And if so, will the County Liquor Licensing Board care when it's suspected the casinos want the cast of "Goodfellas" running their private dance clubs because mob guys attract high rollers?

Will Harry Reid be the first disgraced Democrat of the new cycle?


It seems Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid cannot do anything other then peddle power and cash in on questionable deals.

Let's start with the land deal that netted Reid a mere $700,000. Steve Miller has tied Harry Reid to Jay Brown - a close friend of Reid's for more then 35 years. Brown, in turn, has close ties to the Bononno Organized Crime Family and of a Bononno Family Capo, Vinny Faraci, who received the minimum possible sentence from US Federal Judge Kent Dawson. Judge Dawson continues the Reid connection since Reid recommended him to the bench back in 1999. [American Mafia]

 This brings us to last Tuesday's meeting of the Clark County Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board.


CHAIRMAN RORY REID (Yes, Senator Harry Reid's son):

Without discussion from the Board, public comment, or input from the District Attorney or Metro Special Investigations, Consent Items 3 - 430 were approved in one vote including the elusive Item 411.
Liquor Board Chairman Rory Reid stated before the vote that the items were "procedural and administrative in nature and require no approval or notation," so his Board paid little attention to the items they were about to approve -- or maybe they knew exactly what they were about to approve! We'll know by their actions when Item 411 comes back with Metro PD's recommendation.
Based on the City Council's actions two weeks ago regarding Signorelli's application for a permanent liquor license at the Crazy Horse Too, it may again not matter what the police have to say -- this time about Faraci.

So far the City Council, County Liquor Licensing Board, City Attorney, and Metro PD
have been treated like chopped liver when it comes to Goodman Law Firm clients, and each has accepted their unique new status without protest while the media finds more important things to report, and the citizens bask in our Sin City image.

The City Council had a five day opportunity to bring the Crazy Horse permanent liquor license approval back for reconsideration. Not one member had the guts to go against Goodman, Reid, Chesnoff or Brown, so the deadline elapsed last Wednesday.

Now, any of the County Liquor Board members have until 5 PM this Wednesday May 2, to bring Item 411 back for reconsideration, but I won't hold my breath. If they cower as did their wimpy colleagues on the City Council, their negligence will send a clear message to criminals throughout the world that Vegas is a wide open town.

And they say the Mob no longer runs Las Vegas!

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