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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

On March 29, will Rick Rizzolo be sent to the Big House
in Roma Hills, or to the Slammer in North Las Vegas?

Racketeer expected to be incarcerated for parole violations

          Rick Rizzolo leaving court on Feb. 22, 2011 ( photo by Mike Christ)

    Roma Hills, Henderson, Nevada                 Federal Detention Facility, North Las Vegas, Nevada

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
March 21, 2011

LAS VEGAS - On March 29, 2011, Federal Judge Philip Pro is scheduled to hear arguments from United States Attorney Daniel Bogden and Federal Parole Officer Eric Christiansen asking that Rick Rizzolo be sent back to prison for three months and his parole extended for three years for repeatedly violating his conditions of supervised release.

This is supposed to shock the former Crazy Horse Too strip club owner into paying over $27 million in court ordered debts.

In 2006, Rizzolo plead guilty to tax evasion, and his corporation plead guilty to racketeering resulting in him receiving an abbreviated one year federal prison sentence in exchange for his agreement to pay debts including his back taxes, penalties, and interest, and to pay beating victim Kirk Henry $9 million dollars in restitution.

The government kept its side of the deal and released Rizzolo from prison on April 4, 2008 with three years of supervised release that's about to expire April 3, 2011. Now on the eve of gaining his freedom, Rizzolo has totally welched on his side of the deal by hiding his fortune off shore, and the government may be about to drop the gavel in order to show sincerity in trying to force him to pay his bills.

How would you like to have a $12 million dollar tax lien hanging over your head since 2007? Could you stall for four years, then walk away with absolutely no consequences like Rick Rizzolo plans to do?

Meanwhile, Kirk Henry (KSNV News 3 photo) who in October 2001 was rendered a quadriplegic at the hands of a Crazy Horse Too manager after refusing to pay a padded $88 bar tab, waits to receive the money Rizzolo pledged to pay his family in exchange for only one year of incarceration in the Los Angeles Federal Detention Center.

Henry was one of many persons who were beaten by Crazy Horse Too employees after complaining of being overcharged.

Since his release from prison, Rizzolo has been living as a guest in the gated Henderson community of Roma Hills. His abode is a posh $2.5 million dollar 6,486 square foot, 5 bedroom mansion with pool and spa owned by Slots of Fun heir Cliff Diamond.

For the past three years, Rizzolo's lavish lifestyle has continued uninterrupted while his debts remain unpaid.

My question is -- if Judge Pro rules per the wishes of the U.S. Attorney and Rizzolo's parole officer -- where will Rizzolo spend his three months of incarceration? The court has several choices including placing him on house arrest in Roma Hills, or sending him to a federal facility such as the North Las Vegas Jail.

At a hearing held on February 22, Kirk Henry's attorney Stan Hunterton told the court, "The only thing this man understands is being locked up. He holds this court and Mr. Henry in utter contempt.  Incarcerate him!"

Seeing Rizzolo in his courtroom on February 22, accompained by a priest, and arrogantly flashing a $25,000 Rolex, I believe Judge Pro is now inspired to heed Hunterton's words.

After making damning headlines for over ten years, Rick Rizzolo still has one loyal fan working in the Las Vegas media, albeit one he provided free meals and cash. The scribe writes for a little read alternative weekly tabloid, and recently opined about commentaries written by Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith.

Contained in his diatribe may be some information Rizzolo didn't want made public:
Most of the writers who attack and bash Rick Rizzolo most likely resent the fact that Rizzolo used to live the kind of life that they wish they could live, and even now has friends who make sure he has what he needs. 

While the media stayed behind picking up all their equipment and, most likely afterward, went to McBurger for a $2.00 hamburger and fries Rizzolo departed the federal courthouse in a shiny brand new Mercedes Benz, perhaps heading over to the famous and exclusive Piero's Restaurant for steak and lobster. 

John Smith is so concerned about the fact that Rick Rizzolo stays at a hotel in Newport Beach, Calif., where his family now lives, but Smith refuses to admit that if by any chance Rizzolo should make the mistake of staying in his family home while visiting there, he (Smith) would be the first person to scream foul and create more chaos for Rizzolo, claiming his (Rizzolo' s) divorce was a fake or that he created the divorce to avoid paying (Kirk Henry and the IRS). 

Rick Rizzolo has done nothing wrong to anyone. For sure, Rick Rizzolo has not done anything wrong to John Smith.

With legitimate journalists also following every detail of this case, Judge Pro's decision on March 29 will certainly set a precedent, though no matter where he sends Rizzolo to spend the next three months, the racketeer is still not expected to be jolted so easily into paying his court ordered debts any time soon.

The next chapter in this ad nauseam saga will most likely involve new criminal charges filed on behalf of the IRS, and may incriminate Rizzolo's ex-wife Lisa who is hiding his ill gained fortune in the Cook Islands.

I believe that Lisa Rizzolo is the Achilles' heel in this case. Those who know Rick say he would not let the mother of his children take his rap, and if she's indicted, would agree to repatriate his fortune back to the U.S., and begrudgingly pay his debts to society.

If you're just tuning in to this decade long case, here's some background information: will be in court on March 29. For immediate information about Judge Pro's ruling, click here now: Steve Miller's Las Vegas E-Briefs, and subscribe to my free updates. Otherwise, don't miss the April 4 edition of INSIDE VEGAS for the full details.

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