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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

Lisa Rizzolo Nickel And Dimed Into Submission
- Agrees To Partial Settlement

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
February 4, 2013

LAS VEGAS - There was a Settlement Conference held on Friday, January 29, 2013, before U.S. Magistrate Judge George Foley, Jr. between Defendants Rick and Lisa Rizzolo and their attorneys, and Plaintiffs Kirk and Amy Henry and their attorneys. During the ten hour deliberation, the Court heard presentations from counsel and from each of the parties. (Rick's stepmother Kimtran Rizzolo did not participate.) A PARTIAL SETTLEMENT was reached, the terms of which are confidential.

This occurred after the Rizzolos failed in their last ditch effort to have the Henry's attorneys Stan Hunterton (left) and Don Campbell (right) disqualified which was their only hope of keeping their hands on most of Rick's hidden fortune that he derived from racketeering at his former Las Vegas strip club the Crazy Horse Too. It was the Rizzolo's last trick in their bag of tricks.

On October 5, 2012, attorneys for Lisa Rizzolo filed an amazing 15 page OPPOSITION to the then-anticipated Injunction prohibiting her from wasting or squandering the assets from her Cook Islands trust accounts, money that was court ordered to be paid to beating victim Kirk Henry and the IRS, but was fraudulently transferred off shore before it could be seized.

On October 10,  just five days after Lisa's Opposition was filed, Senior U.S. Judge Philip Pro responded with an ORDER stating: "...the Court concludes Plaintiffs have established that they are likely to succeed on the merits, they are likely to suffer irreparable harm in the absence of preliminary injunctive relief, the balance of equities tips in their favor," and soon future withdrawals from Lisa and her ex-husband's off shore accounts were required to be court approved.

The Court's action to require approval of all withdrawals from the Cook Islands bank caused Lisa's highly respected attorneys George Kelisis (left) and Mark Bailus' (right) to be reduced to begging the Court each month for her minimal living expenses and their legal fees, something they most likely didn't anticipate when they agreed to represent her.

In Lisa's Opposition, Kelisis and Bailus underwhelmed the Court with the following plea, a plea that was the precursor to the Partial Settlement reached on January 29.

Case 2:08-cv-00635-PMP-GWF Document 649 Filed 10/05/12 Page 5 of 15

Like many American families, Ms. Rizzolo?s family has been hit hard by the recent economic recession. Over the last year, her daughters and their families have had to move in with Ms. Rizzolo and she has been supporting them. Clearly, this has affected her finances but it certainly does not constitute ?waste.?

In addition to having her daughter Monica and her four grandchildren living with her since February, 2012, Ms. Rizzolo has also had her son, Dominic living with her since August, 2011. Dominic is unmarried and was living out of state when he came home for a visit in August, 2011 and never left. He didn?t give an explanation as to why he came home in the first place, however, in December, 2011, he admitted to his mother that he had nowhere else to turn and nowhere to go. He stated that he had messed up his life and he needed her help.

As his mother, Ms. Rizzolo felt she had no choice but to help her son in his time of need. He is not working at this time and has no plans to move out as of this date. Ms. Rizzolo has fully supported him during the entire 14 months Dominic has lived with her to include, but not limited to, food, clothing, medical insurance, doctor bills, hospital bills, credit card payments, and auto insurance to the tune of approximately $11,727.69.



Based on the fact that Kirk Henry was rendered a quadriplegic in 2001 from a beating by one the Rizzolo's strip club managers after Henry disputed a padded bar tab, and because Henry has not received one penny of restitution from the Rizzolo's personal fortune that Rick Rizzolo agreed to pay him in exchange for a shortened prison sentence, the Court put her on a short financial leash to stop her spendthrift ways.

Here's the disapproved "living expenses" Lisa asked for in January including $10,711.69 she marked "Miscellaneous:"

For the second month since Judge Pro ruled that the Henrys would "suffer irreparable harm in the absence of preliminary injunctive relief," Lisa received a fraction of what her legal team requested. This may have inspired her to try to find a quick way to settle her and her ex-husband's debt to the Henrys before the March 26 Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act (UFTA) jury trial that could result in her being jailed if she loses in court and then refuses to repatriate her off shore funds.

The Cook Islands accounts are in her name only, so Lisa would take the rap for Rick if she refuses to pay. (What a guy!)

And its possible her attorneys were asked to encourage her to settle this drawn out case by unnamed persons in the Federal Court House (more later).

Here's what the Court approved for January.

To many people, $7,793.68 per month seems adequate to pay for personal living expenses. But for Lisa who has long lived in the lap of luxury from the proceeds of her ex-husband's racketeering, that sum is a pittance compared to what it actually cost to support her freeloading adult children and two big houses, one on a golf course in Las Vegas, the other on the beach in Southern California.

For instance, Lisa pays $1,343 monthly in property taxes to the state of California for her 2,880 sq. ft. house on Ocean Front Way in Newport Beach. According to,  the Rizzolos bought the beach house in 1997 for $1.2 million, and today its worth in excess of $3.1 million. Deduct $1,343 from her $7,793.68 monthly allowance from her Cook Islands stash, and Lisa's left with only $6,450 per month to pay for the support of Dominic and Monica along with her personal living expenses.

Unless Lisa is getting a secret supplement from her ex-husband's suspected gambling cash stored in casino cages, it sounds like she's in dire straights which was probably what inspired her to agree to a Partial Settlement:

As of press time, no information has been published by the United States Federal Court as to whether the $3 million dollars illegally transferred to Rick's stepmother Kimtran Rizzolo from the sale of the Philadelphia Crazy Horse Too was subject to the Settlement. Also not mentioned is whether the scheduled March 26 UFTA jury trial will still take place.

A veteran criminal defense attorney who practices in Federal Court told INSIDE VEGAS,  "It's what's not written in the ORDER that's most important. Reading between the lines, I assume that Lisa paid Henry a large sum from her Cook Islands accounts in exchange for being taken off the Defendant's list. Now Rick is forced to stand alone along with his stepmother Kimtran. Lisa's attorneys did the right thing to convince her to settle. Their defense was very weak and they would probably have failed at trial. Now it looks like Kimtran will follow in Rick's footsteps and fail in front of the Ninth Circuit judges when her lawyer tries to convince the Court that the Federal Government should have run the Crazy Horse Too like they did the Mustang Ranch brothel to preserve the value. The only way anyone could have preserved the value of that joint would be to continue extorting people, breaking necks, selling dope and prostitutes, padding bills, and ripping off credit cards. Otherwise, the Crazy Horse was a worthless hole in the ground."

(The former Crazy Horse Too is for sale, but the club lacks required parking, has a heinous reputation, the building has been vandalized and is in tear down condition, and there have been few - if any - offers to date.)

Absent Lisa Rizzolo as a Defendant in HENRY v. RIZZOLO, it will be fascinating to watch what happens in the next several weeks leading up to the UFTA trial.

As far as unseen hands at the Federal Courthouse possibly encouraging Lisa's attorneys to convince her to settle, I believe the Rizzolo's choice of John Dawson, the brother of a Federal Judge, to be their "asset protection" lawyer is the reason so little has happened and why the case is being settled out of court.

John's brother is Kent Dawson, the Federal Judge who let 15 Crazy Horse Too defendants off with slaps on the wrists without disclosing his brother's lucrative ties to the Rizzolos.

John Dawson has been named as a witness at the UFTA trial.

I bet no one at the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse wants John Dawson to face cross examination and possibly be asked why his brother did not make adequate disclosure while presiding over 15 felony trials of goons who had worked for his brother's best client.

I believe Judge Dawson's colleagues on the Federal bench have long tried to protect his reputation in this matter. So the delays and possible encouragement to settle in order to squelch John Dawson's appearance at the UFTA trial, are understandable - but if true - highly inappropriate.

Of course, this is only my personal theory.

And nowhere in any recent Court Orders is the mention of the $3 million dollars illegally transferred to Rick Rizzolo's stepmother Kimtran Rizzolo from the sale of the Philadelphia Crazy Horse Too. Kimtran's funds are currently tied up based on her pending Appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court.

Also not mentioned in current documents are the back taxes and penalties Rick Rizzolo has been court ordered to pay the IRS. Because Mr. Henry was given priority over the IRS and all other creditors, this Settlement does not stop the IRS from soon pursuing the Rizzolos for unpaid taxes and penalties.

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