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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

Turn the Crazy Horse Too into a church, then tear it down
Ex-pro wrestler discourages Mob buyers with his Nikon
Mob Museum wins support over Veteran's Memorial
and US Senator ignores injured skateboarders

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
February 4, 2008

LAS VEGAS - A federal government official who requested anonymity told INSIDE VEGAS that the difference between the Gold Club in Atlanta and the Crazy Horse Too in Las Vegas is "The City of Atlanta wanted the Gold Club torn down. The City of Las Vegas wants the Crazy Horse to reopen."
City fathers in Atlanta went one step further. Before the building was razed in 2004, they allowed the shuttered topless bar to be converted into a church according to the March 6, 2004
New York Times story "Where Strippers Held Sway, Now the Gospel Does."
What a fitting tribute to the Mob!
The Gold Club's owner, Steve Kaplan, and more than a dozen others were indicted on charges including racketeering, prostitution and credit card fraud. Kaplan pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 16 months. He also had to give up his club to the government.
In the Crazy Horse case, 16 persons including the club's owner were indicted on charges including racketeering and credit card fraud. All plea bargained down to tax evasion, and three including the club's owner Rick Rizzolo ended up in Federal prison. The club was also seized by the government.
But unlike the City of Atlanta, the City of Las Vegas has no appetite for seeing an infamous saloon permanently closed. This is "Sin City" after all, and the Crazy Horse Too was a perfect fit with the new Las Vegas image of "What happens here, stays here."

This is also a city where our mayor has so far raised $15 million to convert a post office into a museum devoted to the legends of many of his former mob clients.
Mayor Oscar Goodman is successfully raising private and public funding for his Mob Museum to be located next to City Hall.

It's not yet known whether Rizzolo has contributed to insure he'll be included among the displays. In the late 1980s, Goodman got him off on a gross misdemeanor after he beat a Crazy Horse patron almost to death with a baseball bat.

But last week, the LV City Council silently turned down a request to fund $800,000 for a city park devoted to honoring our fallen war heroes. A discussion about the proposed "Veterans Memorial Park" was quietly removed from this Wednesday's council agenda after Mayor Pro Tem Gary Reese told representatives of local and state veteran's organizations, "We don't have the money." Meanwhile, Goodman is forging ahead with raising over $45 million to honor the scum of the earth, and give himself a permanent place in LV history.

Vegas is blessed with a former (current?) Mob lawyer running the city, and our mostly brain dead citizens love him according to popularity polls. Goodman and his law partner Jay Brown once served as Rick Rizzolo's corporate agents, and he and Brown (a business partner of US Senator Harry Reid), along with their law partner David Chesnoff represented other Crazy Horse employees, some who were associated with the late Tony "The ant" Spilotro (shown with Goodman in photo above). Spilotro is expected to have a prominent place in the museum near displays devoted to other Goodman Law Firm clients including Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal and  Joey "The clown" Lombardo.

                                               Goodman's future Mob Museum

In the new Las Vegas, honoring the Mob takes preference over honoring our city's war heroes!
Goodman and his minion Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian recently bent over backward to insure that the Crazy Horse Too does not meet the same fate as the Gold Club. But at the same time, Tarkanian was turning her back on the pleas of local veterans.
Goodman is behind the scenes at city hall telling his stooges on the council to cooperate with Rizzolo's lawyers. Tarkanian, at the behest of Rizzolo's Newport Beach, California cronies in December sponsored a custom made ordinance to extend the time the Crazy Horse can remain dark and maintain its non conforming adult use and subsequent higher value.
Instead of the bar having lost its grandfathered zoning on December 30 of last year, "Tarkanian's Law" now allows the shuttered building to remain zoned for adult use for an additional six months until June 30, 2008, hoping that given the extra time someone will step forward to pay enough to cover the Rizzolo's $28 million dollar court ordered obligation and negate the need to go after his hidden personal assets.
Nonetheless, the federal government is finding it impossible to sell the carcass of the Crazy Horse to a legitimate buyer for the outrageous amount they're asking. Only Mob straw men are interested in over paying enough to bail Rick and Lisa Rizzolo out -- possibly with Rizzolo's own money.

Even with the Tarkanian's help, the Feds may not approve an eleventh hour buyer to pay Rick and Lisa's debts in which case the court will have no other choice than to go after the couple's hidden assets.

But no one at city hall wants that to happen.

In the meantime, neighboring business owner Buffalo Jim Barrier is monitoring all engress and egress to the property now owned by the United States of America, and providing INSIDE VEGAS photos of all persons who enter the building accompanied by agents with C.B. Richard Ellis Realty Company or Federal Marshals. Within minutes of their arrival or departure, I post the photos in my daily INSIDER E-BRIEF. Then I'm amazed how readers can respond immediately with the names and associations of the persons who have up until now all had ties to organized crime.

That's probably because my E-BREIFS are received by every law enforcement agency and newsroom in this state and beyond, and under the Nevada Shield Law -- the strongest such law in the nation, I can guarantee
anonymity to my sources.

Therefore, I'm proud to provide this public service.

Barrier said, "I feel the same as those folks did in Atlanta. A toilet like this needs to be torn down, not reopened by the Mob."
"A legitimate businessman won't mind me taking his picture on property owned by the citizens of the USA. So far, the real estate guys the Feds hired are only showing the place to more Mob guys. When they see me, they turn and run."

C.B. Richard Ellis Realty Company stands to make a $1.5 million dollar commission if they can sell the property for $28 million, so it's become more than obvious they have let down their guard when it comes to checking out the backgrounds of potential buyers. And it's also obvious the Feds assigned to sell the property are becoming anxious and may also be letting down their guard.
In the meantime, Rick and Lisa Rizzolo found a brilliant way to hide their personal wealth and inspire the court to substitute the Crazy Horse building and property as a means of generating the $28 million. They hired the brother of a Federal Court Judge to provide them "asset protection," and evidently steer all other Federal Judges away from going after the assets he so cleverly hid.
The lawyer with the firm Lionel Sawyer and Collins illegally transferred the Rizzolo's assets into shell trusts and LLC's. After that, no federal official or fellow judge felt comfortable going after the Rizzolo's personal property in fear of offending the judge whose brother arranged the asset transfer -- the same judge who also neglected to disclose that his brother was Rizzolo's lawyer during trials in his court of several Rizzolo co-conspirators.

The Dawson brothers - Fed. Judge Kent,  and asset protection attorney John

Instrument: 20060829-06026 Book/Instr:  
Document Type: Trust Deed  Recorded: 08/29/2006 16:25:41 Pgs: 5
ReRecorded: N Remarks:  
Requestor: LIONEL SAWYER ET AL (attorney John E. Dawson)
1st Party:   RIZZOLO, LISA M EE
Legal Description:  ParcelNum: 16305711072

So instead of immediately seizing the Rizzolo's personal assets worth much more than the $28 million they owe, U.S. Federal Judge Philip Pro allowed the couple to use a substitute asset; the shuttered Crazy Horse building and real estate, then make beating victim Kirk Henry wait and wait and wait for the money to pay his medical bills. The only catch is that the Crazy Horse property was appraised at only $5.4 million if it reverts back to the original warehouse zoning, hence the "Tarkanian Law."

That's why Councilwoman Tarkaninan stepped in to insure the government would have additional time to try to market the property as a topless bar -- a much more valuable use.-- and to protect the Rizzolo's ill begotten hidden assets as a favor to her husband and several of Rizzolo's neighbors in Newport Beach, California who contacted her on Rizzolo's behalf.

Her only response to my exposing this favor was to deny it was for the Rizzolo's benefit, question why I'm "attacking" her family, and ask that I not publish this information in Newport Beach, "because that's where most of Jerry's friends have vacation homes (including Rick Rizzolo)."

The grandmotherly councilwoman is the last person you'd expect to be promoting the sex industry. But upon closer examination, the reason became apparent.

Her husband former UNLV basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian is a one of Rizzolo's closest friends. Jerry hung out with the racketeer until Rick's incarceration, was often seen in Rizzolo's private sky box during sporting events at the Thomas and Mack stadium, and
attended his Going to Prison Party in Newport.

Through her action, Lois has proven she will unconditionally do anything her husband asks her to do no matter what the consequences may bring.

Unrelated but still of interest is the fact that another sex industry, massage parlor/brothels, have been allowed to establish a foothold in Tarkanian's ward. Ward One is now the home of the highest concentration of these illicit businesses, and each council agenda usually includes applications for additional massage permits that Lois Tarkanian rarely protests, nor has she ever questioned if massage therapists in store front locations hold licenses from the Nevada Board of Massage Therapy?

With people like this running our city, it's now easy to see that persons with business acumens similar to Rick Rizzolo feel they can drop roots in our town, especially those who want to get their hands on the shuttered topless bar before the June 30 deadline.

But even these potential buyers dread having their photos featured on these pages thanks to Mr. Barrier and his Nikon, therefore most are keeping their distance from the property, at least during the daytime when Barrier is present at his auto repair business next to the defunct bar.

Now that this nonsense in exposed, it's finally time for Judge Pro to look beyond the embarrassing effect his decision may have on his colleague Judge Dawson who's brother hid the Rizzolo's assets, and pierce the phony trust and corporate veils to pay the IRS, beating victim Kirk Henry, and others that the Rizzolo's personally owe for their years of criminal activity, and the pain and suffering they caused. And I'm getting very weary telling this endless story!

But this story isn't over until the taxpayers are relived of the burden of paying to keep the lights on and paying for around the clock security at the Crazy Horse to help it sell for enough to bail out the Rizzolo's.

But only bulldozers can put an end to this sordid chronicle because the Mob and their city hall stooges aren't going to give up their gold mine without a fight. In the meantime, they know the Feds are tired, want to close this case, and might be prone to influence.

And when our soldiers return home to Las Vegas, they'll be greeted by an expensive tribute to murderers, cowards, and crooks, instead of a simple park with monuments to honor our fallen soldiers who gave their lives so people like Oscar Goodman could have their way.

What has our town become?
From the ridiculous to the sublime...

On February 1, the Reno Gazette Journal featured the story "Harry Reid speaks in support of NFL veterans."

The story described Nevada Democrat Harry Reid (above left with glasses), the Senate Majority Leader, taking the Senate floor in support of National Football league veterans petitioning the league for disability support.

"This Sunday, families will gather in living rooms across our country to watch Super Bowl XLII in Glendale, Arizona." Reid said. "Those Sunday heroes will soak up the cheers of an adoring nation.

"But there are hundreds of former NFL players who no longer hear the cheers. Instead, they suffer great pain as the result of life-long injuries from their days on the field. Some of them are stars and legends. Some are wealthy, some live comfortably. But most others never hoisted a trophy or earned a spot in our memories. Many were faceless figures behind helmets, lost to history but for yellowed photographs and dusty highlight reels. They helped build the league but never earned much from their on-the-field days."

The senator's words drew the ire of former professional athletes from across the nation who "silently suffer the pain of injuries incurred to cheers of an adoring nation," according to retired pro-wrestler Buffalo Jim Barrier (above right with beard).

"Me and my buddies (left to right:
Psycho Sid, Bill Goldberg, Barrier, Rick Steiner - photo by Mike Christ) were Saturday night heroes. We got our heads bashed in while familes gathered in living rooms cheering us on. No matter our pain, we soaked up the cheers of an adoring nation and fought on," stated Barrier.

"The wrestling business is just like football, but we don't have padding, helmets, or play on grass. We play on concrete," said Barrier.

"But after the cheering stopped, many of us went home to suffer great pain as the result of life-long injuries we don't like to complain about."

Barrier went on to say, "
Some of us are stars and legends. Some are wealthy, some live comfortably. But others suffer in silence without the means to pay for acupuncture, pain killers, and theraputic massage by licensed massage therapists. Where is Senator Reid when we also need a little help paying our medical bills?"

We are the veterans of the WWE, WWF, BWE, NWA, and GLOW (Georgous Ladies of Wrestling), leagues we helped build, but where is Senator Reid when we have to pay our medical bills?"

That same question is also being asked by professional hockey players, race drivers, jockies, snow boarders, rodeo stars, and skate boarders who have suffered life-long injuries from their days on the field.

Professional skateborder Dave "Anti-gravity" Rosinkowski (below) lost four of his front teeth and suffered permanent testicular damage during a nationally televised skateboarding championship.

"I fell on that hand rail in front of an adoring nation. I busted my balls and got my teeth knocked out for those adoring S.O.B.'s sitting in their living rooms, and I didn't let them see my pain. Now I can hardly take a pee or chew, and I may never be able to have kids."

"Some of my bros are stars and legends, but most skateborders never hoisted a trophy or earned a spot in memories, but we get hurt too!"

Rosinkowski went on to tell INSIDE VEGAS, "I'm now a toothless figure behind a helmut, lost to history for yellowed photographs and dusty highlight reels.
Where is Senator Reid to help find a way to pay my medical and dental bills for the rest of my life?"

Rosinkowski ended by saying, "This is so F - - - ING UNFAIR! Skateborders deserve the same respect as football players. This is for Harry (displaying his bloody middle finger."


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