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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

Don't Mess with the IRS!
INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
February 14, 2005

Vinnie Faraci deserts Crazy Horse Too

Tony Sgro, Vinnie Faraci, and Bart Rizzolo talk
during the FBI raid of the Crazy Horse Too on
 Feb. 21, 2003
 ( photo by Mike Christ)

Hey Steve:

I just heard that Vinny (sp) walked into Rick's office Thursday to give him 2 weeks notice that he was quitting and going to work at Caesars Palace in a new club called PURE. Rick didn't take it very well and told him to leave then. I've always thought that Vinny was Rick's "buffer" for the cash that was likely skimmed from the club. Vinny always collected all of the "tip outs" or "house fees" from the entertainers and split them with the floor men. I've always suspected that only a small part of this money was reported and that Vinny funneled a sizeable (sp) chunk of it to Rick. "House Fees" or revenue earned from dancers is a fundamental part of the "strip club formula" for profitability and normally goes to the house. I therefore surmised that Rick's policy of giving it all (at least 15% of all the dancer's earnings) to his floormen (sp) was not just a grand act of generosity. An educated guess of this revenue would be somewhere between $30,000 - $45,000 PER DAY. Many girls that have worked at the Crazyhorse (sp) tell me that they each gave Vinny about $150 per night. The Crazyhorse averages from 200 - 300 girls per the math. That doesn't include the tips that are turned over from guests and other sources. I have heard that the 10 - 12 floormen at the Crazyhorse earn an average of $1000 per day. I wonder where the rest of it went. And is the Nev. Gaming Commission going to approve Vinny to work in a casino? Maybe we'll hear a Paul Harvey like "and now you know the rest of the story" soon.

Name withheld

(And they said the mob no longer runs Vegas?)

An insider at the Crazy Horse let INSIDE VEGAS be the first to know that Vinnie Faraci and his sister Phyllis were jumping ship. Vinnie was the undisputed muscle in the club along with Phyllis who managed the VIP room -- a room where alleged credit card rip off's regularly occur. But most interesting is the insider's description of an alleged skim operation that may have gone undetected for almost twenty years.

If my information is correct, the IRS will have a heyday gathering up the operatives and proving their case during the upcoming trials of those who have apparently been operating under the protective umbrella of a few local politicians, a couple of crooked judges, the DA, and a small band of corrupted cops whose names are sure to surface within the next several months. These revelations are expected to come from ex-loyalists who are reportedly busy making deals with the feds to try to save their own necks.

In the meantime, purported club owner Rick Rizzolo is still the proud holder of a million dollar line of credit at Caesars Palace, and is often seen losing hundreds of thousands in cash per night.

This obviously explains why Caesars Palace has for years allowed Rizzolo to use their logos, fonts, and proprietary names without protest. This is the same Caesars Palace that sued a humble beauty shop called “Scissors Palace” for copyright infringement, but lets a sleazy strip joint in a converted warehouse pretend to be an extension of their classy digs.

Names copied from the world renown casino include “Circus Maximus,” the name of Caesar's legendary main showroom: “Cleopatra’s Lounge,” taken from Caesars Palace's famous "Cleopatra's Barge;" and “Emperor’s Room,” all located inside the blood soaked topless bar.

How much was gambled to warrant the use of these logos?

Photos from Crazy Horse Too website

 The official logo of Caesars Palace
             Note the similarity?

This could only happen in Vegas!


Its my party, I can cry if I want to...

Newly elected Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian comforts recalled Janet Moncrief
(Las Vegas Review-Journal photo by K.M. Cannon)

Mike McDonald spent his two LV City Council terms doing favors for members of organized crime and became the subject of a federal political corruption investigation. Nonetheless, he had a million dollar war chest and was a sure bet to be elected to a third term. Because of this, extraordinary measures were taken to remove him from public office.

Former Stratosphere owner Bob Stupak enlisted nurse Janet Moncrief to run against McDonald, and asked me to help her win. Stupak secretly poured over a hundred thousand dollars into her campaign to pay for a "stalking horse" candidate to tell of McDonald's mob connections, along with funding the printing and mailing of misleading mail pieces falsely sent in McDonald's name.

I was hired to research and author the factual materials used by Peter "Chris" Christoff that exposed McDonald's dark side, something the nurse did not want credit for. These mailers were sent at Moncrief - Stupak's expense but were not reported on her campaign contribution forms.

I did not knowingly participate in the misleading mailers sent in McDonald's name. When I objected to the falsely addressed mailers, Janet told me, "Don't worry, no one will know we sent them because we're using first class mail with no bulk mail number that can be traced back to my campaign." I told her she was breaking the law. She discounted my advice and removed me from her inner circle. That's when I should've quit, but I still wanted to see the mob out of city hall, so I reluctantly stuck with her campaign until the bitter end.

After Janet was elected she immediately hired the Crazy Horse Too's PR man, Tom Letizia, as her "transition team leader," a job she had promised me. Then she accepted a fund raiser from Billy Walters, a man three times indicted for money laundering.

Janet and I agreed at the outset that she would not associate with such persons. When she broke our agreement saying  “I guess there were rumors I was going to hire Steve Miller for one of my positions. I'm not going to hire Steve Miller, I don't even know him,” Mr. Christoff and I decided to turn state's evidence and confirm the accusations McDonald’s manager had made in his complaint to the Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s office.

With our statements, Nevada Secretary of State Dean Heller realized the severity of Moncrief’s legal transgressions, and asked Nevada Attorney General Brian Sandoval to conduct a criminal investigation. The rest is history.

Moncrief was recalled. This week, Moncrief’s criminal defense attorney and the state Attorney General reportedly struck a deal. She is to plead guilty to several civil violations and pay a $5,000 fine. If she does so, it will also save me the trouble of being the key witness at her trial, something I was not looking forward too because I believe she’s suffered enough humiliation for her misdeeds.

If Mr. Christoff, California printer JC Evans, and I testified, Ms. Moncrief would certainly be convicted of one or more felonies and would lose her Registered Nurse's credentials, something neither Mr. Christoff nor I want, especially during a nurse's shortage. Now we thankfully have Lois Tarkanian representing Ward One, and Janet can go back to being a mentor to new nurses.

Though I'm embarrassed for having lied to reporters about my participation in Moncrief's campaign, the end result certainly justified the means!  As long as Moncrief's misleading techniques are never used again, the result of our efforts will make this city a better place.


Treasures smears egg on the face of
the LV City Council and their handlers

                         Treasures during better days

Closed for almost a year because of suspect action by the City, the fifty-million-dollar Treasures Gentleman's Club has managed to convince a District Court judge that their closure was unfounded and illegal. Not mentioned during the court hearing, but in the back of everyone's mind, was that the club was closed for political reasons -- as a favor to former criminal defense clients of Mayor Oscar Goodman who are now associated with the Crazy Horse Too which is just down the street.

After the Mayor twice refused to bring the crime laden Crazy Horse Too up on a license revocation action, but jumped at the chance to close its competition, a Councilman now wants a "simple procedure" available to revoke Treasure's license "if criminal activity arises."

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Councilman Gary Reese "would like the ability, if the council does grant a license to Treasures, to have a simple procedure for revocation if additional criminal activity arises in the future. 'I would want that type of assurance,' Reese said."


Councilman Reese, there have been MURDERS, ROBBERIES, and MAYHEM going on for a long time at the Crazy Horse, and you've NEVER requested a "simple procedure" be implemented to close THEM down!

Councilman Reese’s remarks help me make my point that Sin City's protection racket is alive and well.

The license hearing for Treasures is scheduled for Wednesday, February 16. I suggest their attorneys have a ready copy of Dateline NBC's August 8, 2004 segment about violence at the Crazy Horse to show to the Council in the event they meet political opposition.

I also suggest that, this time, all the families of the hundreds of displaced Treasures employees pack the Council chambers to let those on the dais know they will no longer tolerate outrageous under the table favors.

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