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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:


Federal Judge goes after Rick Rizzolo's jail house lawyer,
but ignores Rizzolo's cash that was hidden off shore
by the brother of another Federal Court Judge
appointed for life by Senator Harry Reid.

Meanwhile, the IRS sits on their hands.

Could someone very important be running
interference for Rick and Lisa Rizzolo?

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
December 7, 2009

LAS VEGAS - According to a June 1, 2006 press release issued by the U.S. Department of Justice, Rick Rizzolo agreed to pay approximately $1.73 million in restitution to the IRS, along with agreeing to forfeit $4.25 million, which he acquired unlawfully from racketeering activity or unlawful debt collection at The Crazy Horse Too topless bar.

Rizzolo agreed to these conditions in exchange for a light prison sentence, and to keep his fatherbrother, and sister from being prosecuted.

Forty-two months have passed since his plea bargain, and Rizzolo has not paid the IRS one penny,  He's also been out of prison for twenty-one months of that period.

Has the IRS become impotent?

Had Rick not agreed to pay the $6.23 million to the Internal Revenue Service, plus $21 million in other assorted restitution, fines, fees, liens, loans, penalties and interest, he'd still be locked up.

Here's what he agreed to pay in exchange for less than a year in prison:
All of the United States Marshals Service's costs, expenses, and private counsel's attorney fees for the real property transaction related to the care and the sale of the Property and the Trademark and Trade name Crazy Horse Too, including but not limited to the maintenance, the protection, the repair, the service of process, the publication, the utilities, the insurance, the CB Richard Ellis real estate commission, the escrow, the closing costs, the real estate transfer tax, private counsel's attorney fees for the real property transaction, etc.;  
The Clark County Taxes owed on the Property with penalties and interest  
The City of Las Vegas sewer lien  
The Security Pacific Bank ($5 million dollar) loan with attorneys' fees, penalties, and interest  
The restitution of US $9,000,000.00 plus interest to Kirk and Amy Henry  
The restitution of US $1,734,000.00 plus accruals to the IRS  
The assessment of US $500.00 plus interest  
The fines of US $750,000.00 plus interest  
The forfeiture of US $4,250,000.00 plus interest  
The City of Las Vegas judgment lien of US $2,192,000.00 plus interest  
The IRS tax lien against Rizzolo for the 2006 individual income taxes of US $1,032,535.26 plus accruals  

But instead of eating prison food, Rick is regularly seen living the Vegas high life in some of our town's most expensive clubs and bistros while his fortune lies safe accruing interest in a Cook Islands bank.

Just imagine what would happen to you or me if we welched on our taxes and kept spending money we're not supposed to have?

"Hello IRS. Hello! Is anyone there?"

Since 2006, a number of Las Vegas lawyers have been watching the Rizzolo case and wondering when the IRS will finally come down on Rick and Lisa Rizzolo. Because it's taken so long for the IRS to act, some speculate that the Rizzolos have an angel in the federal government that's watching over them. The name Senator Harry Reid has been mentioned more than once.

Senator Reid has a Vegas business partner with connections to Rick Rizzolo, and whose name has surfaced over the years in organized-crime investigations.

       Jay Brown                    Senator Reid                  Judge Dawson       John Dawson          Rick Rizzolo

In 2006, fifteen of the Rizzolo's former employees got off with slaps on the wrist after Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Johnson and the New York Crime Commission informed the judge of the mob status of several defendants. The trials were held in Federal Judge Kent Dawson's court. It's not widely known that he is the brother of asset protection lawyer John Dawson who arranged to hide the Rizzolo's cash in the Cook Islands. The reason few knew the connection is because the judge failed during the fifteen trials to make a full disclosure of his brother's involvement with the defendant's former employer.

Judge Dawson was appointed for life by Senator Harry Reid.  Reid is the business partner of Jay Brown.  Brown was Rick Rizzolo's corporate agent  along with Brown's law partner (LV Mayor) Oscar Goodman.  Brown's name has also surfaced in a major political bribery trial. Goodman got Rick Rizzolo off on an attempted murder rap in the late 1980's when he and Brown were law partners.  Their firm was famous at the time for charging its  criminal defense clients a one-half-million dollar retainer, and Goodman was rumored to share part of his retainers with friendly local judges including his former law partner and mentor Federal Judge Harry Claiborne who was impeached by Congress in 1986.

Coincidentally, two of Senator Reid's sons work at Lionel Sawyer and Collins, the same law firm that employs Judge Dawson's brother the asset protection lawyer. One of the Senator's sons, Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid, is running for Nevada Governor. Senator Reid and his son are expected to spend over $20 million dollars in advertising within the state for their 2010 campaigns. Hence, the absence of local news coverage of the Brown/Reid/Dawson/Rizzolo connection.

If it became known that the U.S. Senate Majority Leader appointed a Federal Judge whose brother makes a fortune in legal fees hiding cash derived from racketeering, and if that information became known during the upcoming hotly contested U.S. Senate race, it could affect the Senator's chance of reelection.

And if this connection became public information, it could cast a cloud over the legitimacy of the United States Federal Court for the District of Nevada -- the court in which unpaid beating victim Kirk Henry's case is languishing.

I believe that Senator Reid put the kibosh on the IRS' efforts to collect their money from the Rizzolos. I also believe this case has become moribund because the Senator does not want the conflict of interests of his hand picked Federal Judge exposed.

If there is an angel lurking about in D.C. that's keeping the IRS at bay, and stalling this case for years and years, he should take a look at the latest Las Vegas Review-Journal poll that came out on December 4.  Even while the S.E.I.U. is currently spending millions on Nevada TV ads trying to bolster Senator Reid's image, it doesn't look like Nevadans are impressed, and he may not be in office much longer.

In the meantime, Nevada Federal Magistrate Judge George Foley just threw the book at Rick Rizzolo's former jail house lawyer James Kimsey, alias "Spud." He did this instead of going after the real culprit, Rick Rizzolo!

Rizzolo hired the former Hell's Angel to represent him back when he was claiming to be so broke he couldn't afford a real lawyer. Then Rick Rizzolo intentionally signed his name on fifteen bogus documents Spud authored.

Instead of going after Rizzolo for contempt of court, Magistrate Foley went after a much easier target, poor Spud. On November 30, Judge Foley issued a harshly worded ORDER commanding "Spud" Kimsey to appear in federal court on January 29 to show cause why he should not be prosecuted for impersonating an attorney. Since then, Rizzolo somehow found the funds to hire a new, licensed attorney.

Who cares about Spud? It was Rick Rizzolo who signed the fifteen documents that offended the court including a SUBPOENA "commanding" Henry's attorney Stan Hunterton to appear for Deposition at one in the morning! He did so fully knowing Spud was not a lawyer.

Going after Spud instead of Rizzolo is a ridiculous waste of time for the court, and unless Rizzolo paid Spud handsomely for his work, and is paying for his defense, Rizzolo may have made a bigger mistake by messing with someone with outlaw biker connections.

Spud's fifteen court filings have already stalled this case for months, while Kirk Henry spends his 9th Christmas confined to a wheelchair waiting for the remaining $9 million he's owed.

Now, with Judge Foley going after the wrong man, Henry will have to wait even longer.

Though he's not a lawyer himself, Rizzolo has paid enough in legal fees to send at least a dozen worthy students to Harvard Law School. He knew exactly what he was signing, and he knew the effect those documents would have on the timing of Mr. Henry's case. It's too obvious that Spud's inclusion was intentionally meant to stall this case for months or years.

In the meantime, John Dawson can use the lull in the case to switch his client's cash to other off shore banks that are even more obscure than the one in the Cook Islands.

Kirk Henry has been imprisoned in his wheel chair since October 2001. Rick Rizzolo served less that a year in prison. And the IRS has been waiting over forty-two months to get paid! What gives?

Someone very important must be running interference for the Rizzolos for justice to take this long!

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