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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

An Open Letter to Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman
COMMENTARY: Steve Miller
November 27, 2002

On Thursday, November 21, I sent a letter to Mayor Oscar Goodman asking him to look into public safety related issues at a local business. The mayor did not respond. Based on subsequent statistics made available by KVBC TV News, I hereby resubmit an updated version of my letter to Mayor Goodman, this time in open form for all to see. I sincerely hope his actions will speak louder than his words.

Honorable Mayor Goodman:

On October 25, 2001, you asked me to visit your City Hall office. There, you initiated a discussion about bringing the Crazy Horse Too topless bar before the council on a Show Cause Hearing to defend its' privileged business license.

You told me that you were aware of allegations of narcotics sales, prostitution, robberies, beatings, and a wrongful death at the "gentleman's club." You also mentioned that you are "not doing any favors for Joey Cusumano," though I did not bring up his name. As you know, Mr. Cusumano is the acknowledged "best friend in the world" of the owner of the Crazy Horse and one of your most prominent former clients, though this fact should not be relevant to the case at hand.

Following our visit, you did not call a Show Cause Hearing on the Crazy Horse. In fact, you sponsored a custom designed ordinance so the bar could expand. In the meantime, you participated in 3 Show Cause Hearings that resulted in the revocation of the privileged licenses of King’s Market, Food Fair Market, and the Day & Night Convenience Store, all located on the Westside.

On November 21, the evening after you received my initial letter, KVBC TV Channel 3 News aired a two-part series produced by investigative reporter Glen Meek on the life threatening problems and mob connections at the Crazy Horse. The series can be viewed nationally on KVBC TV's website which includes streaming video. I hope you watched the investigative report because you may now be inspired to change your mind about the Show Cause Hearing we discussed.

Mr. Meek cited Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department statistics indicating that the Crazy Horse received 165 police calls in 1999, 239 in 2000, and 333 police calls in 2001 - more police responses than any business on the Westside that suffered license revocation. Meek also revealed that the Crazy Horse recorded 9 assaults and 6 robberies involving bar employees over a two-year-period. In contrast, Metro Officer Ron Freerksen testified before your council on November 6 that 369 calls to police about Kings Market during a five-year-period was "disproportionate" for a convenience store.

Mayor Goodman, the Crazy Horse Too had a total of 737 police calls in a shorter three-year-period - far more than any other privileged license holding business in your city. Doesn’t that qualify as "disproportionate" for a liquor serving business?

In the KVBC TV News report, Amy Henry, the wife of a man who had his neck broken by Crazy Horse personnel, stated, "I can't understand what kind of city or state would allow a place like this to remain in business?" After having personally sponsored 3 Show Cause Hearings for privileged license holding businesses that had far fewer problems, I concur with Mrs. Henry's observation. A business that endangers the public's safety must be dealt with promptly by the licensing authority. The Las Vegas City Council is that authority. An astounding 737 police calls in a three-year-period along with 9 assaults and 6 robberies involving bar employees over a two-year-period should merit the council's immediate action!

When a business becomes a public nuisance, it reflects poorly on the entire city - the city you have devoted your life to helping. As we discussed on Oct. 25, it is your responsibility as the Mayor of Las Vegas to place Show Cause items on the agenda when public nuisances threaten public safety. Because of a conflict of interest, the councilman for Ward One in which the Crazy Horse is located cannot participate. Therefore, I again request that you, Mayor Goodman, place an item on the agenda to bring this business before the council to explain why they deserve to hold a privileged license in the City of Las Vegas.

Please act before anyone else is crippled or killed.

Steve Miller
Former Ward One Councilman

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