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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

Rizzolo still too sick to be sentenced
while partying at Park Towers

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
December 11, 2006

LAS VEGAS - As quadriplegic Kirk Henry's health continues to deteriorate while his family waits for the ten million dollars convicted racketeer Rick Rizzolo promised after a Crazy Horse Too manager broke Henry's neck over a disputed $88 bar tab, Rizzolo is observed partying in a six million dollar Park Towers penthouse reportedly owned by the ex of the former mayor.

Kirk Henry's 12-year-old son, Jared, checks his father's blood pressure Friday morning after Henry felt light-headed. Since his neck was broken, problems with low blood pressure have threatened Henry's life repeatedly. Photo by REED HOFFMANN/ SPECIAL TO THE REVIEW-JOURNAL

Park Towers Las Vegas is nestled away in the quiet southwest corner of the Hughes Center, and is easily one of the finest luxury condos in the world. Las Vegas Blvd. is just two blocks away, and the panoramic views from the tower are breathtaking. Park Towers luxury condominiums range in size from 2129 to 10,000 square feet. Park Towers has all the amenities you might expect: pool, spa, tennis, a business center, a wine cellar, beauty salon, fitness center, screening room, library, lush gardens, 24 hour security, underground parking, concierge services valet parking and much more.

Rizzolo's sentencing was first scheduled for September 15, then it was postponed until December 8. Now it's scheduled for Dec. 18, purportedly for health reasons. Meanwhile, fellow elevator riders in the Park Towers and Turnberry Place condominiums report Rizzolo's late night movements, and their stories corroborate the impression that he's anything but sick.  Meanwhile, Henry and his attorneys haven't received a dime.

As late as Monday, November 27, Rizzolo was seen in the company of strippers at the Hilton and other hotels chain smoking and drinking while gambling  hundreds of thousands of dollars -- money pledged to the Henrys and the IRS.

, 47, is reportedly telling friends his heart condition has been "upgraded," and he's on heavier medication. His friend also said it would be a miracle if he lives long enough to go to prison.

But those who recently observed his late night cavorting say he's constantly smoking; being followed around by scantily clad females (possibly nurses); and never without a drink in his hand. (Heavier medication?)

As for his alleged new digs, the county assessor lists the condo Rizzolo is reportedly occupying as belonging to Fletcher Jones, Jr., the ex-husband of Jan Jones -- former Mayor of Las Vegas.
Fletcher is also listed as having an interest in Turnberry Place.

Mayor Jones, who left office in 1999, was accused of doing Rizzolo favors including letting him add 6,000 square feet to his club without required building permits, traffic studies, or increased parking.

During a council meeting when citizens challenged the expansion, Jones produced a recent issue of a weekly newspaper which featured a front page story I penned.
"For ... Mr. Miller to use this for political purposes is inappropriate," the Review-Journal quoted Jones saying. Then in spite of numerous citizen complaints and a lawsuit brought by nearby businesses that complained of overflow parking, Jones granted her friend all his building and occupancy permits after the expansion was completed and illegally opened for business.
She even went so far as to tell the attorney representing the neighboring businesses that he was "out of order" for asking if a parking or traffic study had been conducted?

Not long after the hearing, Jones was observed at Rizzolo's home celebrating Christmas with a number of his organized crime associates, paid off judges and politicians.

Rizzolo insists he'll only get probation instead of the minimum 15 months in Federal Prison he plea bargained for. His excuse will obviously be health related -- that's if Judge Pro falls for the scam.

In the meantime, his neighbors at Park Towers include Steve Wynn, owner of one of several casinos that classify Rizzolo as a "whale." Guys like Wynn must have their fingers crossed hoping their goose that lays the golden eggs doesn't go to prison, and the eye candy in the elevator doesn't go away. We'll know on December 18.

And if Rizzolo does get away with only probation, it will be a miracle of modern medicine.

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