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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

Suspicions surface over effort to
sell infamous Crazy Horse Too

"I believe that they USED Cushman Wakefield and
potential buyers to get an internal valuation while
deceiving everyone into believing they were sellers,
and now are trying to buy a Certificate of Occupancy
on a dilapidated death trap with no parking!"

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
December 10, 2012

LAS VEGAS - Sometimes during the holidays, people are distracted and strange things can happen. Back in June 2012, the Las Vegas City Council granted temporary adult use zoning to the shuttered Crazy Horse Too strip club to help its new owners find a qualified buyer. The investment group out of Los Angeles hired a real estate agency, and this ad was placed on the internet and mailed to prospective buyers.

The Offering 
The exclusive listing broker Cushman & Wakefield|Commerce is pleased to present the opportunity to acquire the Former Crazy Horse Too Gentlemen?s Club & Industrial Property located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The property is the recent benefactor of a City of Las Vegas Ordinance which revives the potential to have adult use, tavern, or both uses at the property. Historically the property enjoyed a reputation of one of the top clubs in Las Vegas and with a location less than ½ mile from the Strip is one of the most accessible adult-use properties near the Resort Corridor. 

The property is being offered on an as-is basis and the asking price is adjusted to account for the as-is sale, existing deferred maintenance/repairs, closing on the transaction without full license approval, and down time to commence operations. The property is being sold on an all-cash basis and interested parties shall be required to provide full financial qualification with proof of funds in conjunction with their offer. 

Call for Offers deadline: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 5:00pm PDT 


October 23 came and went, and no sale was announced. A concerned Industrial Road property owner sent me this email.

Dear Councilman:
We have a situation brewing at the CH2 which you need to be made aware of. Specifically, (the California owner) used Cushman Wakefield to try to get a free market valuation of the property by deceiving Cushman Wakefield into marketing the property for sale, then reneging on all offers to purchase saying "they are going to try to open Crazy Horse themselves".

I believe that they USED Cushman Wakefield and potential buyers to get an internal valuation while deceiving everyone into believing they were sellers, and now are trying to buy a Certificate of Occupancy on a dilapidated death trap with no parking!
I saw the property first hand.  The property is in deplorable condition and is a hazard to the community and must be demolished.  Furthermore, the property sits on soil polluted with hydrocarbons that have seeped into the ground from the railroad, auto repair shop, and prior uses; hazardous waste for decades. Accordingly, the entire property must be abated of the hazardous waste and the soil must be remediated from these toxic conditions in order to be safely habitable.
The property must have a Certificate of Occupancy issued by the City of Las Vegas before it can even apply for a liquor and adult use license, yet the property is in tear down condition.  The copper electrical wiring and plumbing has been stripped from the building, the HVAC units have been stolen and stripped, the roof is collapsing, and the sewer system is inoperable; there is no ADA compliance and there is no fire sprinkler system.
I believe the owners have been less than transparent about the horrible building and soil conditions, and I've been told they intend on trying to get through the Las Vegas city inspections and licensing by using a band aid approach and not properly repairing the building nor disclosing the hazardous soil conditions and remediating it prior to opening, causing a health hazard and potential death trap for its customers and the community. I've heard they're talking to operators who they will employ to run the place including cronies of Rick Rizzolo. (The owners) did not disclose to buyers the soil hazards which will cost over $1M to remediate, nor the half million dollars of repairs to the electrical and sewer/plumbing. This shows what I perceive as their sneakiness and lack of transparency and their possible intent to deceive or pay off the city inspectors for a Certificate of Occupancy.
(The owners) obviously think that they can influence someone at City Hall to look the other way and give them an occupancy permit so they can file for licensing without doing the repairs and remediating of hazardous waste products (a Federal Law).  Furthermore the property is not ADA compliant (American with Disabilities Act), nor is the building properly fire sprinklered for public use.  The property truly is a "tear down" and should be RED TAGGED by the city. Again, they are obviously confident they can convince someone at Las Vegas City Hall to let them open!
There is no way that they can fix all of the electrical, plumbing, sewer. HVAC, add sprinklers and ADA compliance, and remediate the hydrocarbons in the soil and get an occupancy permit, then apply for a license and have it heard by (the deadline) June 22nd to try to reopen the CH2 to the extreme detriment of the neighborhood. Furthermore, they don't intend on doing any of this work themselves, and are being secretive about their operator (possibly a Rizzolo crony); also the city can't give them an occupancy permit without adequate parking which this building lacks for club use. Minimum Parking Requirement is a City Law based upon square footage of club to protect integrity of neighborhood. The 10 year lease with the State of NV has expired for parking under the overpass and will not be renewed.
You must expose these facts now. I believe they intend on circumventing the steps to the detriment of the public so that they can try to recoup their lost investment.  You can be assured that Rick Rizzolo et. al. is behind the "third or fourth curtain"...just like the Wizard of Oz, as it is impossible for this club to open by June 22nd (the date the zoning expires for good) with the current repairs, sprinklering, ADA work, roofing, and hazardous waste abatement, parking deficiencies, and licensing that hasn't even commenced.

You need to make it clear that you and the City of LV won't stand for any more "preferential treatment" so the CH2 can reopen. The present Mayor is the wife of Rizzolo's former attorney. This group shouldn't be able to pay Jay Brown, ex-Mayor Oscar Goodman's law partner, to skirt zoning laws for parking, ADA, fire sprinklers, and habitable safe interior PRIOR to even applying for the license which cannot occur by June 22nd (unless it's extended), as no parking can be created, and there is likely no time available to complete all the other work and then apply for license investigation with LVMPD.

I have evidence that they have been in discussions with Rizzolo and his cronies which will assure continued robberies, beatings, and deaths if the place re-opens; that's the Rizzolo business model.

Take a personal stand and make sure the laws of Las Vegas will no longer be modified to facilitate the re-opening of CH2 when every other business and property owner in Las Vegas must abide by the strict city ordinances. The owners of CH2 already paid Brown once to modify the City Charter to get 12 months to open the club, and now feel emboldened that they can pay a few more dollars and either get an extension, or completely skirt the city building codes altogether for fire sprinklers and mechanical and electrical compliance, and the insurmountable hurdle of city zoning ordinances for parking based upon square footage. The CH2 would need to be 30% smaller than its current size based upon its lack of parking under current zoning law.

Please take an aggressive stand now as these are facts, and the City Planning Commission and Council must be made aware that they will be under a microscope if they ignore city ordinances and state and federal laws to give further preferential treatment to Jay Brown's (Oscar Goodman's) clients who I believe can buy their occupancy permit and adult use license for the right price.

Put this miserable story to an end. Don't let this cockroach of a club resurrect itself. Protect the general public from a death trap. The owners picked the wrong place to park their money, and the wrong persons to help them get it open, Brown and Rizzolo.
(Name withheld by request)

I submit the above email as one qualified person's opinion, though I have not talked to the seller personally. However, these past and present photos of the exterior of the Crazy Horse Too tell a very sad story that any buyer should be aware of.

                                   Sept. 20, 2001 (Photo by Buffalo Jim Barrier)

              Sept. 20, 2001, Kirk Henry being transported (Photo by Buffalo Jim Barrier)

            11:30 PM,  June 30, 2007, Crazy Horse Too parking lot (Photo by Mike Christ)

        12:01 AM, July 1, 2007, City officials close Crazy Horse Too (Photo by Mike Christ)

                                                               July 2, 2007

                                                            July 3, 2012

Many persons believe that the long sordid history of the infamous Crazy Horse Too, the political corruption that allowed it to operate outside the law, and the lives it destroyed should be enough to keep this scourge from ever re-opening. I agree.

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