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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

The Perfect Crime
Hundreds of millions of dollars legally stolen from
wealthy Las Vegas retirees and disabled residents

All Complaints Against Jared Shafer Dropped
No Further Charges Pending - LVMPD

"Your case was concluded and closed last week with no criminal findings." - Sgt. Troyce Krumme,10/31/2017

"This case has already been processed in criminal court." - Sgt. Jerome Milton,11/7/2017

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
November 13, 2017

LAS VEGAS - "Its completely legal in Nevada."  Those were the words of CBS Sixty Minutes senior producer Bob Anderson in September 2014, after spending the entire summer filming a comprehensive Sixty Minutes segment on guardianship fraud in Las Vegas.

Anderson came to Sin City in response to my November 13, 2013 AmericanMafia INSIDE VEGAS column "The Grave Robbers," the story of the bilking of the estate of the late Leann Peccole:

Sixty Minutes reportedly followed private guardian Jared E. Shafer around town, took statements from several of his victims, and interviewed Shafer's former assistant Patience Bristol in the Nevada State Prison. In the meantime, a cadre of CBS attorneys were researching NRS Chapter 159, the Guardianship Laws of Nevada, many authored or sponsored by Jared Shafer -  - laws designed with no teeth or criminal penalties. 

Several weeks prior to the October 2014 scheduled airing of Bob Anderson's Sixty Minutes segment, I received a call from him with the shocking news that the segment had been canceled.  Anderson told me that his network's attorneys determined that everything Shafer does to his wards of the court is completely legal in Nevada as long as its approved by a Clark County Family Court Judge, and to the best of their knowledge, no Nevada laws were broken, so there was nothing to report.

I responded that that was the main story, for over thirty years Jared Shafer has participated in the drafting and passing of laws that decriminalized almost every immoral action a private guardian could imagine doing to his or her ward in order to enrich himself and his attorneys.  I explained that Shafer, through his political advertising company, Signs of Nevada, Inc, and his fiduciary business PFSN, Inc., was very instrumental in picking and choosing what lawmakers and judges would win or lose local and state elections, and faithfully do his bidding after they won election or re-election with the help of his portable signs.  Nonetheless, Anderson apologized, and I have scarcely heard from him since.

                                     Shafer's political advertising signs

The CBS attorneys may have missed something.

According to a legal scholar consulted by INSIDE VEGAS, "The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has a war chest of criminal statutes they can charge the subject perpetrator(s) with, including, but not limited to: Nevada Revised Statutes 207.400 (Racketeering); 205.380 (Obtaining Money Under False Pretences); 200.5092, 200.5099 (Exploitation of Older/Vulnerable Person); 205.060 (Burglary); 205.0832 and 205.0835 (Theft). In addition, it can be argued that many more sections of NRS chapters 199, 200 and 205 are applicable to the perpetrator conduct currently masquerading as legal guardianship in Nevada."

"LVMPD, Nevada Attorney General, and the Clark County District Attorney have had these statutes and others at their disposal for decades. Together, they form a virtual arsenal of applicable criminal statutes, found in three separate chapters of the NRS, appropriately referred to as Crimes Against Public Justice, Crimes Against the Person, and Crimes Against Property."

During the years following Anderson's scuttled report, numbers of citizens have taken their complaints against Shafer to the local office of the FBI, the Nevada Attorney General, or to the Las Vegas Metro Police Abuse and Neglect Detail - to no avail.  Recently, several of those who filed complaints against Shafer with LVMPD received the disappointing news that their complaints had been dropped with no Requests for Prosecution filed with the Clark County District Attorney or Nevada Attorney General.  However, this may be a blessing in disguise because the lack of local criminal investigation and prosecution opens the door for the FBI and other federal agencies to step in, something federal law enforcement avoids doing unless called upon by local authorities while active local investigations are going on.

Though the LVMPD does deserve praise for requesting prosecution of the "low hanging fruit," specifically private guardians Patience Bristol, April Parks, and attorney Noel Simpson (Shafer's proteges), the police refused taking action against the mastermind who for over thirty years enabled the bilking of hundreds of millions of dollars from wealthy local seniors and disabled persons who had the misfortune of falling prey to the Clark County Family Court system and their cartel of ultra greedy for-hire court appointed "guardians" and their lawyers.  Notice I mentioned "wealthy," because poor people are not afforded the luxury of court sanctioned guardianship. 
Some believe the arrests of Patience Bristol, April Parks, and Noel Simpson indicated they were used as fall guys to distract attention from their mentor, Shafer, and make it look as though Metro was doing their job during their three year long cursory "investigation" of the guardianship racket. 

The Last Time The Feds Intervened

Interestingly, this is not the first time I have predicted federal intervention in a politically charged local scam.  In the early 2000's, an adult night club was busy paying off local politicians to turn their backs and allow the continuing beating and robbing of club patrons.  The club, the Crazy Horse Too, was caught paying $5,000 per month to then-LV City Councilman Michael McDonald, and throwing lavish political fund raisers for then-Clark County District Attorney candidate, David Roger.  The payoffs became so blatant that the Las Vegas Weekly, a subsidiary of the Las Vegas Sun, wrote this about our then-DA:

In October 2002, one week after I broke the story of the crippling of Kansas tourist Kirk Henry over a disputed $80 Crazy Horse Too bar tab, I received a call from LV Metro Police Lt. John Alamshaw.  He told me that Metro had completed thorough investigations of fifteen Crazy Horse Too employees, and filed five Requests for Prosecution with outgoing DA Stewart Bell. He said it would now be up to Bell, or his successor David Roger, to prosecute the thugs who beat and robbed Henry and so many other hapless Crazy Horse Too victims.  I looked forward to the long awaited justice, and the closure of the strip club before anyone else could be harmed.

David Roger, now a partner in the law firm that once represented
Crazy Horse Too, and once employed Family Court
Guardianship Commissioner Jon Norheim

In December 2002, I interviewed outgoing DA Stewart Bell and asked him about the five LVMPD Requests for Prosecution. He told me that he found probable cause to prosecute all the Crazy Horse Too employees named in the police complaints, but since he was leaving office to become a Clark County District Court Judge, his elected successor David Roger (above) would be the one to act on the police Requests for Prosecution with Bell's full recommendation that Roger proceed with the prosecutions.

On January 6, 2003, David Roger was sworn in as Clark County District Attorney.  On January 7, the new DA discarded all five Requests for Prosecution of Crazy Horse Too employees which infuriated the dedicated street cops who conducted the investigation.

During that time, Kirk Henry was in the hospital trying to recover from the beating that left him a quadriplegic, and in 2017 took his life.  When I reported that Roger had dropped all the Requests for Prosecution, I received a call from Mr. Henry.  He asked for my suggestion as to how to proceed legally against the Crazy Horse Too.  I recommended he hire recently retired U.S. Federal Prosecutors Stan Hunterton and Donald Campbell who had opened law offices in Las Vegas.  I told Henry that I believed the two attorneys still had connections with the U.S. Dept of Justice, and might be able to inspire FBI investigations and federal criminal prosecution.

Three years after DA David Roger dropped all complaints, the FBI had succeeded in getting fifteen Crazy Horse Too employees and the club's owner convicted of federal felony crimes

Skip forward to the present day.  In the case of the botched LVMPD investigations of Jared Shafer, certain police officers, not the DA, are the weak link in the chain of justice. For over three years, these officers have ignored all mention of Shafer and kept the feds at bay, possibly on purpose.  Current Clark Co. DA Steve Wolfson has said he would "enthusiastically" prosecute any private guardian brought to him for prosecution by the police, but no such requests were forthcoming while certain detectives bided their time.

Even with overwhelming evidence of guardianship fraud having occurred and state Racketeering charges appropriate, it appears to many observers that a favor has been done to keep Jared Shafer out of the headlines.  A favor that only a few detectives in the LVMPD Abuse and Neglect Detail could have rendered.  However, if my suspicions are correct, that favor may be about to backfire!

As was the case with the Crazy Horse Too and a compromised DA dropping all Requests for Prosecution, today its not the DA or state AG who may be compromised in the case of Jared Shafer, its the police officers who the DA and AG rely upon to do their job who may have dropped the ball, and possibly stalled justice for at least three years.  You see, the DA or AG cannot do the work of police and initiate investigations.  Both prosecutorial agencies must rely upon local police to bring Requests for Prosecution documents before they can act.

We have one of the finest police departments in the nation, and it is out of character for me to criticize the service provided by our dedicated police officers, but in the case of Jared Shafer being brought to justice, I have no other choice.

I  believe that some Metro Abuse and Neglect officers are obliged to Shafer.  My suspicions are based on the comments and possible actions of at least one Abuse and Neglect Detail detective.  She reportedly criticized one of Shafer's victims for firing a Legal Aid Society pro-bono attorney who had refused to sue Shafer and his cronies, and again reportedly criticized the victim for hiring a new private attorney who filed the needed lawsuits.  The same detective also reportedly criticized myself and Becky Schultz, daughter of Shafer's victim Guadalupe Olvera, falsely saying we were motivated by personal grudges against Shafer.  The detective reportedly claimed that I was a life long friend of Shafer, and that we had a recent falling out, therefore I was trying to settle a score by writing about him.  But the best evidence I have to date that the Abuse and Neglect Detail has been compromised is that confidential information only they possess was provided to Shafer's attorney. The attorney filed court papers in October 2017 identifying LVMPD as the source of private information about a plaintiff in a lawsuit against his client Jared Shafer, and the attorney had the information entered onto the record (against the wishes of the plaintiff's attorney).

Based on the above,  I have reluctantly stopped recommending that victims of guardianship abuse and exploitation file complaints with this LVMPD detail, and that victims wait for a federal investigation to begin before providing additional information.  I believe information given LVMPD Abuse and Neglect detectives in complaints against Shafer has been shared with him or his lawyers thereby further damaging exploited wards and their loved ones.

That said (painfully), I am looking forward to a new chapter in this ad nauseam
story, a chapter where uncompromised federal criminal investigators take over from local authorities as they did in 2003, and bring about long awaited justice. 

The coast is finally clear to go after the mastermind in a federal venue. A strong legal example can now be set.


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