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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

What a way
to run a business!

Former mob lawyer-turned-Mayor suspected of collusion

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
November 10, 2003

The attempted murder civil trial of Rick Rizzolo and the Crazy Horse Too is scheduled for early 2004. As the trial nears, I found the following essay in my files that I believe may add valuable insight into the goings on in Mr. Rizzolo's place of business. It appeared for a short while on a website called, and was purportedly authored by an employee of the Crazy Horse.

Though I can't vouch for the authenticity or accuracy of the following report, the writer's account of what happened to Kansas tourist Kirk Henry that morning in 2001 coincides with reports of eyewitnesses.
   Kirk Henry in front of Crazy Horse Too         Rick Rizzolo                 Henry on life support                       Suspected assailant
            (Photo by Jim Barrier)                      (LV-RJ Photo)                     (KVBC TV)                                  (KVBC TV)

Link to KVBC TV News Streaming Video

Crazy Horse Too Robs and Nearly Kills a Customer
Author not named

On September 20, 2001 at approximately 7 a.m. Kansas businessman Kirk Henry entered the topless cabaret "Crazy Horse   Too" on Industrial Road in Las Vegas Nevada. The Kansas City gentleman paid for his admission, entered the establishment, and proceeded to the tip rail where he was approached immediately by a waitress about drinks. He bought his two drinks and then proceeded to enjoy the entertainers on stage during their set. While he relaxed at the tip rail waiting for a dancer that he was interesting in getting some laps from, he was constantly barraged by girls that were bouncing around like crack monsters.

 Now, remember, it is a week after the September 11 attack. Vegas is a ghost town! The ratio of strippers to customers is literally 20 to 1. Girls are desperate to pay bills. Henry sat at the rail for approximately fifteen minutes until he was convinced by one of the dancers that she gave the best dances. Since she seemed to be the best looking one to him, he followed her as she took him by the hand to the back room.

 After he received two topless dances from this stripper, which cost, what he was told $20 a piece, he let her know that he was done and offered her $50 which she took. Just editorial notes, dances at Crazy Horse are $20, and he left a ten dollar tip. The room she escorted him to was the VIP room which is not calculated in dances. It is $130 for 3 dances, and the air dances in there are no different from the air dances on the regular floor. In other words, the VIP at the Horse is a rip off for customers and it always has been. Henry was stopped at the door of the VIP room and questioned about the $120. Henry stated he had no knowledge that he got his dances in a VIP area, and that he had already paid the dancer. While Henry was disputing the charge to one of the managers, the dancer came up to say she hadn't been paid. Oh, boy! Is this even close to believable? Of course, it is.

 What happened next is very tragic to the adult entertainment industry. Every stripper knows there are asshole owners and morons in management positions at strip clubs around the nation that are fresh out of prison and have no educational background in business. Very angry and disgusted with the business practices of the Horse, Henry and his client then started to exit the building with the management in tow. The cowardly 350 pound floater then charged Henry from behind and put him in the sleeper hold. He drug Henry outside and then slung him out into the parking lot, breaking his neck. The floater then went through Henry’s pockets and extracted two credit cards. He went inside to the ATM, made the charge the club wanted, and then went back outside to put his cards back in Henry’s pocket. Henry’s body lied there almost lifeless as the coward went back inside and the cabbies acted like nothing had happened.

 At this time a certain gallant person working at the Horse that night dialed 911. Emergency workers were able to keep Henry alive, but were not able to save his mobility. Henry has a completely broken neck, and he has no feeling from the neck down. Henry is now a quadriplegic. When asked later what happened, the bouncer stated that Henry disputed the charge, but paid the bill before he left. One small good thing about what happened to Kirk Henry is that he had one of his business clients with him who witnessed the assault and has been very cooperative with Henry's attorney, Don Campbell. Go get them Henry! I hope you don’t think all of us strippers are like the cut throat beast you had the misfortune of encountering.

 Crazy Horse Too owner and world famous Gambino crime family lieutenant, Rick Rizzolo, proved he was a fat liar when he said Henry didn’t even have a problem when he left the club. You will remember Rizzolo as the man who put the finger on Ted Binion. Rick Rizzolo stated that Henry left the club without any altercation and calls the whole story crazy. When asked how he knew so much about the incident Rizzolo stated that he had “conversations with staff members.” Rizzolo said his floater that night is ready to take a lie-detector test to prove he did not rough Henry up. Oh, yeah, RIGHT! What a laugh. These guys can’t even put one and one together. First the story is the guy disputed the account, and now he didn’t. It is a wonder this town was built by them using a numbers racket. The crooked cats in this town get funnier and funnier every time they f- -k up like this. I am just surprised a naked city councilman wasn’t somehow involved. Note to all business men coming to Las Vegas for conventions: Save your neck and stay the hell away from the goombah shit over at the Crazy Horse Too. They have a different way of doing business there.

 What is my take? The stripper is well know for adding dances to the customer count and subtracting them from the house count if you know what I mean. The little slut tried her little VIP room hustle and the customer was man enough to call her on it. She got prideful and turned her bulldog on the business man. Gomer the bouncer friend gets heroic and gets a little too rough. I don't think the floater meant to hurt the customer, but I think that it is a shame that these owners get away with hiring morons. Can we get some educated people in this industry? How long can we continue this type of crap?

 The cops raided the Horse on Thursday morning October 4, 2001 looking through whatever records they wanted to because they had pretty much free reign. Can you say search warrant? This is not good news if you are a regular dancer there. Many of the dancers, doormen, managers, etc. were interviewed at the Horse, but they were well prepped by the owners on what story they should tell. None! That same number is also how many of the people questioned were in Vegas working at the Horse the night of the incident. It was two weeks after the assault and one month after the World Trade Center Attack. Let me make it easy for everyone who might not know. Uncle Rizzolo and his few well trained flunkies were not ready. The pigs got nada on the case they got the warrant for, but they score a big one in the mobster games that make this town stink to the high heavens. (End)

Since the above essay was published, several witnesses have come forward and identified Crazy Horse Too floorman Bobby D'Apice as the alleged assailant of Kirk Henry.

And the "beat" goes on...and on...and on...
  8 AM, Friday Nov. 7, 2003, police and paramedics respond to discovery of well dressed man found unconscious in front of bar
                                                                       (Photo by Jim Barrier)
                                                  More Crazy Horse victims, 2001 -2003 (Photos by Jim Barrier)

In spite of Rizzolo's total disregard for local Alcohol Awareness laws, the City of Las Vegas, evidently under orders from Mayor Oscar Goodman, has stubbornly refused to bring the Crazy Horse Too up on an administrative action to defend its privileged business license. The Crazy Horse has received over 700 police responses in the past three years including 9 assaults and 6 batteries involving club employees. Nevertheless, serious problems continue to be reported at the bar including a shooting on Oct. 30, and a man found unconscious on Nov. 7.

In the face of continuing problems, there's no response from Mayor Goodman!

However, while ignoring violent events at the Crazy Horse Too, Mayor Goodman is presently requiring the owners of Cheetahs, a bar that is competitive to the Crazy Horse, to come before the city council to defend their privileged license for admitting to bribing public officials in California and Nevada. In contrast to the life threatening events at the Crazy Horse Too, Cheetahs has had no record of violence.

Meanwhile, Goodman unabashedly maintains his connection to Rick Rizzolo and his associates.

For more information, go to The Rick Rizzolo Connection.

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