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Inside Vegas - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. Visit his website at:

My reasons for concern

INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller
October 29, 2007

The following two documents were never meant for public view, but I believe the public needs to be familiar with their contents in order to protect the public's safety in regard to who will be allowed to reopen the Crazy Horse Too.
The first document dated August 13, 2007 indicates that U.S. Attorneys want Rick Rizzolo  -- from his prison cell -- to SECRETLY be allowed to approve the buyer.
Thank God United States Federal Court Judge Philip M. Pro denied their MOTION!
The second document dated October 4 indicates that a buyer is using Rizzolo's lawyers to try to get Steve Wynn to invest in the strip joint.
The letter from Mark Hafer of the highly prestigious law firm Patti & Sgro also states that the three "approved" buyers have "failed to perform," and now one would like Wynn to invest $34.2 million to keep them in the running.  
It also reiterates the U.S. Attorney's position that "the seller" (Rick Rizzolo) will have control of who is the approved buyer.
I don't recall reading that he would be given such a privilege in news stories about Rizzolo's conviction and the subsequent seizure of his assets.
I can't imagine why Steve Wynn would give Hafer's solicitation the time of day. Maybe it's because he's possibly interested in buying the infamous "Crazy Horse Too" name, and then, when they get out of prison, hiring Rick Rizzolo, Vinny Faraci, Al Rapuano, and Rocco Lombardo as "cast members" like the actors who dress up as Micky, Donald, Pluto and Goofy at Disneyland?
Its not that far fetched that a "Crazy Horse Too" could open inside the Wynn Las Vegas with "cast members" Rizzolo, Faraci, Rapuano, and Lombardo greeting guests as the club's hosts. I don't think hosts have to be licensed, and they already have their costumes. The only thing missing would be the GHB, bogus credit card bills, stained seat cushions, and steroid bouncers waiting to beat the shit out of anyone unwilling to sign inflated tabs.
Back to reality. Take a look at the following documents exclusively shared with INSIDE VEGAS, and you be the judge of whether the Rizzolos et. al. are still involved in who is about to be selected by the government to purchase the Crazy Horse Too.

My suspicious nature caused me for the second time to take this opportunity to share these self explanatory documents with my readers because both clearly indicate a willingness and desire by the government to allow a convicted racketeer to remain in a position to determine who will operate his former business -- something never allowed until now by the United States Government in forfeiture cases.

We should know the answer by the middle of November.

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