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April 2019
New Book With Co-Author John Alite
Takes Us Behind The Wall

      By Nick Christophers

Nick Christophers

Nick Christophers is also the editor of Mob Candy Magazine. The magazine Mob Candy is an entertainment publication whose back bone is peppered with gangster stories. Since he was, and still is, a �mob buff� he fits in perfect with this publication.

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There have been many books written about prison life, either aspects of it or opinions about the hell that it is. Here in the book �Prison Rules� co-author John Alite, ex-bodyguard of John Gotti Jr, takes us on a different kind of prison tour. He guides us on the journey from the time you�re arrested to the time you leave the barbed wire behind.

Prison Rules
Prison Rules by Nick Christophers & John Alite
The book is truly meant to be read by young men and women to educate them on the horrors of prison life and how it can break someone down. John along with two-time publisher Nick Christophers, gives us a personal account of all the steps someone can go through during their stay behind the wall. There is no �sugar coating� here. John tells it like it is from the beatings to the moments of being degraded in front of others. It is an �in your face� tell-all. The book was published by independent publisher Over The Edge Books from California.

�It was exciting to work with John on this project especially for the fact it may be helpful for youngsters globally. John was very candid and forthcoming with all the details of prison life and if anyone knows the guts and gore of it, he is the one,� said Nick.

It is not for the faint of heart that is for sure. It is true we all know that prison is not somewhere we would be in a rush to get too but things happen and you never know. Both the co-author and author have seen the inside a cell. John more so than Nick of course. But just sitting in a dark, smelly, dingy cell is no picnic for anyone unless you want to be there.

John explains the trials and tribulations that go along with prison life. Whether it be fitting in, avoiding trouble or just trying to survive the time you were served. He also talks about how it effects families and children, taken from his own experiences. Nothing in the book is filtered down or sweetened up it is raw as raw can get.

Nick also offers input from psychologists, correction officers, ex-mobsters and even those still in prison. In addition, he offers us statistics on how prisons operate and how they benefit themselves financially while denying inmates any medical assistance. There are graphs in the book that give us the specific prison stats at the time of their publication. For those of us who are not versed in these issues it is an eye opener.

In addition, Nick goes through events of abuse be it from the inmates or the correction officers. These are sensitive and shocking at best, the cases that are discussed either have been solved or still pending. Most of us do not focus on these issues unless we are somewhat connected to them but in reality it would be best that even the general public should be aware of.

John also talks about how others can turn on you within a blink of an eye. How there is no honor on the street anymore. He goes into detail of how and why guys on the outside turn on you when they think your no longer a threat to them. It is unfortunate truth that many on the inside have to contend with. For John this was all too real after he was notified that a long list of �so called friends� decided it was best to connect John to all sorts of criminal acts to save themselves.

Prison Rules - Cover
Prison Rules
by Nick Christophers & John Alite
�This book is very different than my last two. It was my idea to expose the truths of life behind the wall and also the facts of mob life and how the once coveted code of omerta has since died with the fishes,� added John.

This is where John harks on the truth that you are on your own and have to look out for number one regardless of what you hear. Since John has been released he has devoted his time to educate youngsters that the �street life� is not what it�s all cracked up to be. He presses on that education and school is the best place to be than on the street where honor is dead. Prison Rules also has a nice set of photographs of both authors whether it is John in prison in Brazil or Nick and John on the streets of New York.

So far John has published two books �Gotti�s Rules� with George Anastasia and �Darkest Hour� with Susan Pike. Nick�s first book is titled �Destinies� which will be re-published by the London Company Austin Macauley. All three are on Amazon and other book outlets. John has been on numerous TV and radio shows from Fox News to the Daily News. Nick was recently featured on the cable show �Mafia Killers w / Colin McLaren� for five episodes aired by the channel REELZ. The show offered five major individuals who shaped the mafia (John Gotti, Henry Hill, Anthony Casso, Vincent Gigante and Sammy Gravano). Both John and Nick are always on the move to embark on new projects. John is currently working on the next series of �Darkest Hour� and Nick is shopping his new book on the Greek mafia called �Godfathers of the Night, In the Shadow of the Mafia�. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from these interested individuals.

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