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August 2005

A New niche in Organize crime: Italian Mafia bosses "making millions" as crime consultants.

By Clarence Walker, Investigative Journalist & Organize crime documentary producer. (Houston, Texas)

     To avoid the spotlight and the ongoing war by law enforcement against the Sicilian Mafia the crime bosses and other high-level members of crime syndicates has taken on a new role in the underworld.

     According to U.S. and foreign investigative services crime bosses are "making millions" as consultants to Sicilian mafia as well serving as senior advisers and consultant to new established orgainze crime syndicates.

     Like a corporate mentor the more experienced gangsters offer different groups their expertise on operating an organize crime enterprise and how to avoid sensitive traps by police informants and elaborate police investigations.

     In recent years the Italian government and law enforcement has cracked down on organize crime in Sicily area. Experts on global organize crime insists the Sicilian mob and their underworld allies remains a force to deal with.

     For more information on the Sicilian mob operation read the following details on this site:A Special Investigative Report: American Mafia Recruits Sicilian Mafia(August 2004).

     Frank Ciluffo, deputy director of the Center for Strategic and International organize crime studies, said Mafia dons are acting as consultants for other criminal entities, reaping a share of the proceeds from different groups in exchange for their connections and expertise.

     "They're sort of like consultants", Ciluffo tells

     "They're not getting their hands as dirty but they certainly have their finger on the pulse and coordinating with criminal entities throughout the world".

     Specifically, he says, the Italian(crime consultant) bosses have been known in recent years to make large fees providing years of expertise to Russian organize crime, Albanian Mafia and Polish crime families.

     Services range from how-to launder 'dirty' money into foreign and U.S. banks, smuggling counterfeit currency, drugs and weapons trafficking. Some organize crime groups are making 'millions' providing weapons to paramilitary forces and to America's most threating enemy the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization.

     According to research studies from the Matthew B.Ridgway center for International security, foreign organize crime groups have been identified as suspects in theft of weapons-grade nuclear material.

     As for the decline of the American La Cosa Nostra due to aggressive law enforcement Ciluffo stated:

     "The FBI deserves a lot of credit in dismantling American organize crime.

     "That doesn't mean the mob is extinct by any means, but the old Mario Puzo-type American Mafia is not what it once was". Only time will tell if the mob is dead finish.

     Meanwhile the American public' fascination with the Sopranos and the Italian mob will live on.


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Clarence Walker, is a true-crime journalist, civil law investigator and news reporter. A native of Arkansas-Mississippi he currently lives in Houston Texas. A veteran writer of 15 years he has written for Texas newspapers and National magazines as well serving as associate story producer and researcher for Court TV, American Justice(A&E). He currently write and produce stories for America's Most Wanted T.V. show and crime magazine. Journalist Walker also write extensively about organize crime for He is collarborating with a producer and publisher to write a book series of cold-case murders.

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