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July 2005

FBI target "Growing up Gotti" actor
Peter Gotti Jr.

By Clarence Walker, Clarence Walker, Investigative Journalist & Organize crime documentary producer. (Houston, Texas)
Research assistance: Samula E.Coleman, (Houston Texas)

     Executives and producers of the hit series "Growing up Gotti" may soon decide whether or not if they should drop Peter Gotti Jr., the brother of Victori Gotti and uncle of Victoria's sons from the show. Peter is the younger son of the deceased Gambino boss Teflon Don Gotti.

     According to FBI reports, Peter Jr., affectionally known on the show as uncle Pete has been identified as an official member of the Gambino family. Rumors of mob connections, if proven true might jeopardize Gotti's acting career.These allegations against Gotti recently surfaced as the reality show has become increasingly popular among viewers.

     Its no secret the information about Gotti's Mafia activities came from the 'rats' working as government informants. Since the day that Sammy "Bull" Gravano broke the omerta code by testifying against John Gotti there's no shortage of mob informants repeating the cycle to save their souls. For years mob informants has helped the government to destroy the American La Cosa Nostra.

     Informants on the streets told FBI that Peter Jr. was the keeper of brother John Gotti Jr. Jr.Gotti is awaiting trial on federal charges. Due to Gotti's fame on the show, insiders have said he keeps a low profile but law enforcement has targeted the actor for the last few years. Growing up Gotti is a reality-base show that began airing last August, generating the largest A&E audience(3.2 million viewers).

     On the show Peter Jr.(named after John Gotti brother Peter) is shown helping Victoria sons make dates and taking them on adventure trips and to paintball fights.

     Both attorneys said last year the FBI was able to obtain a court-order wiretap based on the informant' information of Peter Jr. involvement with racketeering and loansharking. The information authorized FBI to monitor Peter Jr. conversations during jail visitation with Jr. Gotti.

     Referring to the 'Growing up Gotti actor' the FBI report stated: "Mr. Gotti has collected money from numerous sources", wrote Manhattan U.S. assistant attorneys Joon Kim and Jennifer Rodgers.

     A spokesman for the show has declined comment.

     Law enforcement and organize crime experts agree that La Cosa Nostra has lost the power and intimidation it once had. The 'rats' has eaten the Mafia into shreds. For anyone to join "today's Mafia is like joining a dying breed".

     As for the rats chewing up La Cosa Nostra, the Gambinos and the Gotti clan a lawyer made this statement: "There's a new rat born every day", defense attorney Mike Rosen recently told reporters who has covered the Gambino Mafia and organize crime.

     "It's becoming a national disgrace". When asked what he thought of the eighty-five percent conviction rate for the feds when they use mob rats to convict other mafiosos, Rosen said: "This must be the informant club".

     Since the death of former Gambino boss John Gotti Sr. and the imprisonment of former acting bosses Peter Gotti Sr. and Jr. Gotti, the Gambino Mafia is in shambles. Scores of members or associates are either dead, in prison, or awaiting criminal trial.

     It seems the family cannot find a suitable boss or underboss to run the family. This past March, 31 Gambino members were arrested after an undercover FBI agent infiltrated the family. Acting boss Arnold "Zeke" Squitieri was also arrested. He took over the family after Teflon's brother, Peter Gotti Sr., was convicted last year on racketeering and conspiracy charges.

     Conversations deemed important for the FBI took place between Peter Jr. and Jr. Gotti on May 7th 2004. During the jailhouse conversation Jr. Gotti ridiculed several Gambino wiseguys and mob defectors scheduled to testify against him next month on charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

     Jr. told brother Peter that Bonanno boss Joe Massino sent message to him that Massino's brother-in-law, Sal Vitale, was a "lying rat" who implicated Jr. in the "Bonnie and Clyde" murders---a husband and wife team who robbed the Gambinos and Bonannos social clubs during the early 1990s.

     Jr. Gotti has denied allegations he was "in the room with Vitale" and Massino when the murders were discussed. Gotti said during the discussion he "took a walk with Vitale".

     For Jr. Gotti, the discussion of the murders were de ja vu. Massino straddled the fence to join forces with Vitale to help the feds convict Gotti. Both turncoats told authorities Gotti boasted as he took credit for the brutal murders.

     Massino earned the distinction of becoming the first Mafia boss in history to become a government rat. He is scheduled to testify in several upcoming trials.

      Maybe Peter Gotti Jr. should try for a role on the Sopranos if the mob rumors put too much heat on Victoria's show. Real live gangsters have played as actors on the Sopranos. Until proven guility in a court of law actor Gotti is presumed innocent of criminal allegations alleged by the FBI.


P.S. Story to be continued on the FBI investigation of "Growing up Gotti actor" Peter Gotti Jr.

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Clarence Walker, is a true-crime journalist, civil law investigator and news reporter. A native of Arkansas-Mississippi he currently lives in Houston Texas. A veteran writer of 15 years he has written for Texas newspapers and National magazines as well serving as associate story producer and researcher for Court TV, American Justice(A&E). He currently write and produce stories for America's Most Wanted T.V. show and crime magazine. Journalist Walker also write extensively about organize crime for He is collarborating with a producer and publisher to write a book series of cold-case murders.

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