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Robby Grondelle, Crime JournalistCrime Journalist -Robby Grondelle

Rob Grondelle, age 35, married (this year) to Pamela (no, not the famous one) living in Utrecht, The Netherlands,Europe. Work for pay-roll administration at a big transport comp. Intrested in the Mob since 1980. Likes 50 ties music, clothing, cars etc. Almost since the start of Rick and Thom's website, a visitor on a daily basis. Now writing for the European Section. Email paro.grondelle@planet.nl
Past Issues

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  • Mafia = Mafia Part Two - filed 7-24-00
    La Stidda is, out of five, the most recent organization known in Italy. La Stidda, or The Star, has itıs home on Sicily. The first man to speak about it and gave itıs birth to the media was Francisco Marino Mannoia in 1989 and later in 1992 Leonardo Messina, both members of La Cosa Nostra. Both claimed that La Stidda was formed out of former LCN members. These members where outcasted or they had left LCN, bacause they did not want to follow orders by the dictator Toto Riina, the last capo di tutti capi .

  • Mafia + Mafia = Mafia - filed 4-10-00
    La Cosa Nostra is not the only organized crime group who is operating in Italy. There are in fact a few more. Who are they? What are they? Where lies their roots?

  • The Dutch Connection - filed 12-13-99
    removed at Author Robby Grondelle's request on August 8, 2004.
    content subsequently removed again 5-25-10

  • The True Man of Honor - filed 11-8-99
    Words of a man of honor, but yet he was busy betraying the law of ŒOmerta² of La Cosa Nostra, or Mafia if you will. In his own mind it was Toto Riina, the last Capo di tutti Capi, who betrayed the Mafia and not him. Toto Riina was hiding in Sicily at that time.

  • Robby's Photo Page! - originally filed 11-1-99
    1. Murder scene of Camorra boss Antonio Ranieri in Napoli
    2. The arrest Pietro Aglieri.
    3. Police foto of Bernardo Provenzano.
    4. 70-year-old Anthony Spero is the former acting boss and consigliere of the Bonanno crime family.
    5. Check for more.

  • Click to see FULL SIZE - filed 11-1-99
    Murder scene of Camorra boss Antonio Ranieri in Napoli

  • A Meeting Must Take Place. - filed 10-1-99
    Robby Grondelle's First Feature -A meeting must take place. The idea came from Charlie Luciano. He was in 1957 still the top boss of the American Mafia, while living in Napoli and Palermo in excile.


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