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Detroit, MI
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By Mario Machi
Investigative Journalist
      The Detroit family was founded in 1921 by Gaspare Milazzo. The family was under his control until 1930, when he was murdered by a faction led by Gaetano Gianolla. Gianolla led the family until 1944, when Joe Vitale took over the family. Vitale was the boss until 1964, when Joseph Zerilli took over upon Vitale's death. Zerilli was the head of a committee that led the Detroit family. When Zerilli died, he was succeeded by the number two man on the committee, Jack Tocco. Tocco became the official boss in 1977. The Detroit family was stung by indictments in March of 1996 against 17 members and associates. The cases are set to go to trial in early 1998. Tocco was among those indicted in the case. However, all of the men indicted are free on bail and awaiting bail.
      Tocco is 69 years old. He is a resident of Grosse Point Park who graduated from the University of Detroit in 1949. He is retired, although he has been involved in many businesses. He was a part-owner of the Hazel Park race track. He has owned restaurants, investment companies, real estate firms, the Warren Tennis Club and was partners with his brother, Anthony, in Cadillac Overall Supply. He also owned Melrose Linen of Detroit and Robertson's Laundry in Saginaw with Anthony Joseph Corrado. In the past, Tocco has picketed the federal courthouse in Detroit, charging the government with slander and harassment of the Italian-Americans.
Another man indicted in the massive case was the underboss of the family, Anthony Joseph Zerilli, 68, of Sterling Heights, MI. Zerilli also graduated from the University of Detroit. He owns an Italian restaurant in Roseville and an Italian food products company in Warren.      
Four alleged capos of the family were also indicted. One was Anthony Joseph Corrado. As I earlier stated, he was a owner of Melrose Linen with Jack Tocco. Corrado, 60, of Clinton Township, was identified in 1974 by the Nevada gaming commission as one of a few Detroiters to receive "lavish" treatment at the Las Vegas casinos. Anthony Joseph Tocco, 65, of Clinton Township, was another reputed capo. He was among 30 Detroit men placed on the record of the Senate Labor-Management Rackets Committee by Robert F. Kennedy who said Tocco either was a delegate to a crime convention in Apalachin, N.Y., or among "their contacts and associates." Vito William Giacalone, 73, is a reputed capo along with his brother Anthony, 77. Both live in Clinton Township. Each brother has served prison time for tax fraud. Anthony "Tony Jack" Giacalone is one of the men suspected to be responsible for the death of Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa. Hoffa told family and friends that he was going to visit Tony Jack when he disappeared.
These men were also indicted in the case as members or associates of the Detroit Mafia:
Paul Corrado (son of Anthony), Nove Tocco, Peter Corrado, John Sciarrota, John Jarjosa, Norman Bagdasarian, Paul Joseph Tocco, Thomas Lenhard, and Frank Whitcher

UPDATE-All of the men indicted in Detroit were brought to trial and convicted in March. The men are set to be sentenced later this year for their crimes. It is not known how these prosecutions will affect the Metro Detroit Mafia.

by Mario Machi

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