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Top Ten Things That Will Get You Grounded In The Gotti Household

From the David Letterman Show 8-4-99

10.   Borrowing the good car and leaving dad the one that explodes.

9.     Throwing body in trunk without first putting down slipcovers.

8.     Forgetting to set the VCR on "Sopranos" night.

7.     Using drugs supplied by another family.

6.     Last night, you said the "F" word three times, which is not nearly enough.

5.     Eating at the Olive Garden.

4.     Getting fake i.d. that reads you're already made.

3.     Saying "Forget about it" instead of "Fuggadaboutit".

2.     Forgetting to mow dad's chest.

1.     Parent finding an FBI application under your mattress.

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